Though it is not really a new phenomenon, (the oldest article I found dates from 2002) and though I knew it was affecting some people’s life and health, it was always something I never could imagine it would hit me myself, once, and that I would feel the need to write about it, because it would have become finally a highly discussed health issue, not stopping, not diminishing, but worsening, worldwide.

In 2010 I moved from an overcrowded and in several ways polluted Netherlands to a wonderful mountain village in Norway, surrounded by wilderness, on the border of a national park: Hallingskarvet, and I would never have believed it would be a dangerous place to be:

Electromagnetic field pollution on the one side of the house (photo), on a distance of 700 meters created by “E-CO energi”, who collects the created electricity into high-voltage bundles in a crackling field of low masts (5 to 7 meters high), and sends it from there via high-voltage power lines forward to Oslo. On the photo you can see the “E-CO energi” power station, with on the right, next to it, this field of high-voltage masts. This photo is taken from the kitchen window. 



The one website writes that within a distance of 1500 meters (one mile) they are dangerous, the other writes that the minimal distance has to be 200 meters. With the distance of 700 meters from where I live to the power station, I may live safe according to one website and dangerous according to another one. Fact is that there is an increasing (possibly because of too cheap turbines and pipes, creating a faster decreasing of sound absorbing materials) noise pollution from there, created by the resonance in the downward going pipes (wherein the water from the plateau on the mountain, streams down to the power station) caused by the turbines of the hydro power plant. On the other side of the house also electromagnetic field pollution caused by a cell cite. Distance: 200 meters.

I knew all this, but never believed, as I said, it would hit me. I am after five years being here, finally also sensing that it has affected my electromagnetic field. I do not feel well. Reason to write about it. 


What is electrosmog?

Electrosmog (dirty electricity) is the total of the invisible, though powerful, utterly unhealthy, even dangerous for life, disharmonious magnetic radiance of what has leaked out, the left overs, the electro magnetic rubbish, pollution, created by all what needs electricity, and leaked out by all what is used to transmit electricity: cables and high-voltage power lines. Also: all kinds of transmitters, wireless internet, apps on mobiles and i-pads, and the masts, named cell towers or cell cites, which make you able to receive data information on your devices, create electrosmog. Electrosmog affects your personal, human, natural and harmonious electromagnetic field, and during years, slowly slowly, it affects your healthy state of being, till your natural, harmonious electromagnetic field, your life shield, is partly, or finally completely, imprisoned in the killing spider web named electrosmog. More in my post: More in my post: electromagnetic field pollution. The diseases, related with electrosmog, are without return to health. Therefore some advice about how to reduce electrosmog in the house. The original text in Dutch can be found here.



How to reduce electrosmog in the house

*In terms of high-frequency radiation (of wireless devices)

1. Make sure your Internet goes via a cable from the router and turn off the Wifi!
Would you still need Wifi, choose Eco Wifi and turn it on only when you’re using it.
Turn off always everything, at night.

2. Make sure you have no Dect phone or Dect baby monitor in your house.
Use a telephone that works via a cable. Each call is 100% radiation free. Choose a low-radiation baby monitor if necessary.

3. Use an old mobile: because they only create radiation when you call. If you have a smartphone, turn off internet (via settings). If you have a smartphone the best is to turn it into airplane mode as often as possible, especially when your smartphone is very nearby at night. Make short telephone calls, keep the phone on speaker mode, or use a pneumatic head set.

4. Remove any smart meter in your house or have him replaced by a simple one. Do not buy neither use a digital TV, and do not use wireless devices.

5. In terms of radiation from phone masts: measuring is knowing! Borrow, buy or rent a radiation meter and check how much radiation there is, and from which side exactly. Use the guidelines based on healthy environmental living and building: up to 1 microwatt, pm2. If the radiation is coming from one side of the house, often something is possible in terms of shielding (window shielding with foil, or paint your wall with radiation-resistant paint or both). If it comes from all sides, this is difficult. Consult a specialist in radiation measurement.


*In terms of low-frequency radiation (which is electricity-related)

6. Use equipment, if needed, the minimal possible near your bed. For a quiet bedroom this is the most important!

7. Make sure the power points are earthed.

8. Do not use induction cooking (especially for pregnant women or who plan to become pregnant).


*Distance is your friend

9. If you use Internet via a cable to a computer or laptop, avoid using it directly on your lap. (Laptop on lap, dead sperm!)
Radiation diminishes very quickly by distance, so keep distance to devices. Distance is your great friend in this case.

10. Would you like ultimate peace, and vitalize in your own home …: search which button keeps your refrigerator going, and turn off all the rest at night.




.Additional information:


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