WiFi and health (documentary)

Could WiFi-enabled devices be harmful to our health? You cannot see it or hear it but WiFi blankets our homes, our schools and our cities. Australia’s safety agency says there’s no evidence of harm, but that’s not the same as saying its safe. A growing number of scientists are concerned that the widespread use of WiFi and WiFi-enabled devices could be slowly making us sick. (From the video information)

The following video has been removed from YouTube, for obvious reasons and cannot be found elsewhere.



Comment on this documentary in The Guardian of 16 February 2016, and my comment on this comment

In the online newspaper The Guardian the content of the video has been rejected by the interviewed Australian professor: Simon Chapman. He rejects the connection between mobiles and brain cancer. It is interesting to read but misses what is obviously considered as lesser bad because he does not even mention it. Indeed, brain damage does not lead to death, but to a mental illness, and in my opinion this cannot be seen as lesser bad for the one who will get it. You do not die physically but mentally, partially or completely. What is the life quality when the brains are damaged?

In these times a lot of discussions mention the possibility for pregnant women to abort their child what might be born with the Down syndrome, because their brains are not “normal” developed. But obviously it is allowed to be affected by wifi and other electrosmog to become mentally ill. Alive, yes, but how! The professor could have switched the focus from cancer, reject it, not any problem, but he has to mention the proved brain damage and the illnesses that are created because of that: mental  illnesses, Alzheimer, dementia, etc. but he does not. Maybe this is the intention? Just to break down one point and with that hiding the parade of wifi smog facts, creating discussion smog to mislead you, me, all!? Not me. I am in the consequences of wifi, electrosmog, in the house where I live, and yes, deactivating wifi, also on my computer, in the settings, otherwise it will search anyway and find, also turning off internet on my i-phone helps and more, and using cables again, works, helps to stop the high tension in my head, to lower down the blood pressure.

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