In the latest update in my post about the noise pollution, created by the E-CO hydro power station, I wrote about my health problems, that got worse and finally so bad that half of April my total body was blocked: I could hardly walk, had a nervous breakdown, much pain in legs, hips, and lower spine, and was extremely tired. About a month ago I have visited a general practitioner for a blood and urine test, after having followed up all what had to be done, and to offer my body the time to get healthy, maybe, in a natural way, by its self healing energy, but it was not enough. The results of the test were not alarming, but not perfect either. There has to be another test at the end of July. Most important message was that there are too high levels of creatine kinase, an enzym. This could be normal if I was a too active sportswoman. I am not. So: there are other reasons, and they do not sound good: “An elevated level of creatine kinase is seen in heart attacks, when the heart muscle is damaged, or in conditions that produce damage to the skeletal muscles or brain.” It can also be caused by a too low magnesium level, but I eat very healthy, and all what is recommended as natural magnesium in food is present, daily. I bought a box with magnesium tablets anyway and use it daily. What was really helpful to relieve the pain was a visit to an osteopath.




What is osteopathy?

Osteopathy is a manual therapy which belongs to the art of healing. Osteo is derived from the Greek word osteon, which means: bone. The spine is seen as the most important physical “tool” where all structures, organs, systems, are related with. The principle idea is based on a holistic view: all in the body is related with each other, which means that pain here can have a cause there, on a complete other spot. Pain can be physical, mental, emotional or even spiritual, or a mix of these. Pain can become active, because of old, with traumatic experiences related occasions, because the body and all its cells remember.  The osteopath searches for the cause, and when found, this can be treated.



Source: Sutherland Osteopathy


It is partially alternative medicine, physiotherapy, yoga massage, but is near to mainstream medicine, because of long and intensive studies, Post University College level: anatomy, physiology, pathology, neurology; extended knowledge about embryology, anatomy, blood vessels, nerves; specific knowledge about mechanisms, function movements, mechanism dysfunction; extensive palpation and detailed tests.

There is a lot more available on the internet about osteopathy, and therefore I will only write about my own experiences.


The osteopath, and the treatment

After I was welcomed and had taken place on a chair on the other side of her desk, a lot of questions have been asked, and she was listening very concentrated. The answers were immediately recorded in her computer. In total the intake took an hour. Then she measured my blood pressure. After this she asked me to prepare for the treatment, by undressing myself, except my underwear pant and bra.

The treatment started with a check of the spine by stretching and bending, this in combination with several different positions of the legs and feet. The treatment was continued on the massage table, and when she used the laser on my right under leg, a deep relaxation in my entire leg was felt, that was connected with my throat. Suddenly emotions broke open, and I had to cry from very deep within. All the time she asked if it was okay to go on, or that I wanted to stop.

The treatment has to be continued, normally this happens a week after, but unfortunately her agenda had not one free hour before four weeks later. She warned me for much tiredness, as a reaction on the treatment, and this happened, indeed. Some hours later I had to go to bed, and was so cold, that I was even wearing a woolen cap. Soon I slept, and woke up the next morning, feeling so different, as if had lost a lot of luggage, that I had carried with me so many years. In the meantime I know with my full awareness that I have assimilated some traumatic experiences that I have suppressed from the beginning, and forgot them. My body did not. I know exactly where it is coming from and these experiences are related with safety, feeling safe, in fact I lost the base of being, then, in 1971. Now there was and is a comparable situation: I live in a house where I cannot find my place, have to move from the one room to the other to be able to sleep, to escape from noise pollution. Now I live in the other side of the house, do not hear the hydro power station anymore in the night, but I cannot sleep with opened windows here either because of passing cars, and buses, trucks, tractors, already early in the morning, because of summer. I am trapped. As I was in 1971. Not any place to go.


My own contribution to my health

A patient has also his own responsibilities and I take mine.

  • Accepting that I am not functioning as I would like. (Patience)
  • Being in the daylight, in nature, as much as possible
  • Using herbal medicine: Avena Sativa and Crataegus Oxyacantha from Natural Balance
  • Using Bach flower remedies: Star of Bethlehem from Nelsons
  • Using mineral water, 1-2 liters a day
  • Training: yoga and gymnastics, 2 times daily, morning and evening
  • Training: biking, indoors with the home trainer, outdoors with the mountain bike
  • Walking in the forest
  • Resting: laying down, completely flat, and taking time to restore, several times per day
  • Sleep: going to bed in time: 22:00 and sleeping till the next morning 7:30
  • Listening to the music that I like, while laying flat.
  • Reading (legs on another chair)
  • Continuing eating healthy food, three times per day
  • Keeping an eye on my weight
  • Taking the extra vitamins and minerals that are recommended by the doctor
  • Continuing the treatment with the osteopath
  • Going back to the doctor end of July for a second blood test.




Update, August 18, 2016

Last week I was for the fourth time in a therapy session with the osteopath in Norway. There is a deep healing going on, into deep depths. The pain is totally gone but there are still blockades. More and more I get my strength back, also mentally. Totally convinced of this very complete therapy I would like to recommend it to all of you. This video is in Norwegian, but I cannot find a better one, if so, I will add that one as well. Website for the Norwegian osteopati: here.





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