« It is good to walk in nature, to go near waterfalls and rivers, to drink water from springs and bathe in lakes and seas. But you will not receive great benefit from the water if you do not know how to really connect with it, how to speak to it and form a link with it.
Water is a living world inhabited by very beautiful, very pure entities, which will only be well disposed toward you if you have the right attitude toward them. So, when you go to meet them, remember especially to greet them with respect and love. If you want to bathe, particularly in a lake, be careful; do not do so unless you are in the right state of mind. Ask permission of the water entities, for when you bathe it is like leaving your impurities in their home, and you must be aware that you might antagonize them. So be vigilant. »
Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov



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