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Updated: January 2, 2019

Having been blessed my entire life with a healthy head of hair, curled, much, overloads of hair, easy to handle, last year I suddenly was confronted with hair loss, not just a little bit. So much that it worried me, because for the first time in my then 67 years long life I saw my scalp without using my fingers to put hair aside. The condition was not good, there was hardly any curl left, there was no volume anymore. I looked old and I felt old. In the meantime my hair is in a good condition again and new hair is even coming back, at the start really baby hair, now it is back to normal. This photo does not show me, but the photo represents me, only difference is that I have just started to become grey. That is rather late. 





With this experience I have learned that the condition of hair is a way to control your own health, also psychological health. In other posts I wrote about the problems with the noise pollution, created by the E-CO hydro-power-station, two hundred meters from the house where I live. Also the huge impact of WiFi in the house, and the 4G mast 70 meters from here. There has been an EMF-consult taken place in my apartment, in July 2018, to measure the radiation of several sources, after the smartmeter has been dismounted, in November 2017. Why was this “smart” meter dismounted? I got after the installation of the smartmeter strange awful sensations in the head and body, very scary, like heart palpitations and a huge constant headache, also the being unable to concentrate, to think. Read more about this in my later posts: The Impact of EMF exposure on our health and Clear Evidence of Cell Phone RF Radiation Cancer Risk . When reading the symptoms of Electromagnetic Hyper Sensitivity then I am amazed that my own symptoms (among others hair loss, tinnitus, starting cataract, high blood pressure, itching of the skin, heart palpitations, oedema)  in the  years from the time that I started to live in the neighborhood of a cell tower (from 2003, in Uden, Netherlands, till today, here in Norway), are mostly similar. Note: the strength of the impact of radiation is increasing by the years that followed after 2003. This seems to be normal: E(lectromagnetic)H(yper)S(ensitivity) grows, in steps and phases, slowly slowly. On a certain moment you know it, but then it is too late to restore the damage very quickly. Also the possible lack of magnesium, and the levels of the minerals iron, copper and magnesium, could be part of the problem. In December 2018 I was at the doctor’s practice for a blood test. More about this later, when the results are there.

There were more stressful issues in my life. Altogether an amount of causes, which broke down my natural physical, emotional and mental resistance. I did not have any power left.

In the meantime, January 2, 2019, my being totally out of energy has been restored, after many years of consultations: first osteopathy, then acupuncture and herbs, now reflex zone therapy and special food supplements like magnesium and cod liver oil in a special program, which is not finished yet. The following text has not been edited, to be able to follow my own way to a healthy life, in my own blog.



  1. First step in my personal recovery process was to find a place in the house where I could sleep and work without hearing the constant buzzing tone of the power station.

  2. Second step was to disconnect the WiFi and to start using cables again for my computer.

  3. Third step was starting with Phytotherapy, medicinal herbs: Crataegus Oxyacantha (high blood pressure, oedema, palpitations) and Avena Sativa (nervousness, sleeplessness) and with Bach Flower Remedies: Star of Bethlehem (rebalancing); Mimulus (anxieties, nervousness, hyper sensitive for noise, lack of self trust, to name something); Walnut (a fence against all what is not supporting my deeper self), to work on a deeper level than the herbs. Fourth step was to start with osteopathy. This has brought an important change in my condition. I wrote about it in this post.

  4. Fifth step was to start using Omega 3, as a food supplement, plus Vitamin D. Norway has a huge lack of daylight in winter, winter lasts about a half year. In summer there is more daylight but one cannot stay outside the house the whole day, one has to sleep also. Summers are short here: 3 months. Spring: a few weeks, and autumn a few weeks. Shortly: I got a lack of vitamin D, this was one of the results of a blood test, taken by the general practitioner.

  5. I used already natural shampoos, and as a conditioner I used already organic olive oil mixed with some drips essential oils (Lavender) (More in my post about Aroma Therapy). Of course I continued with that, and massaged the skin of my scalp intensively every day. I also used the hairbrush (hard material) to massage the skin more intense, by pulsing light, carefully, but strong enough. This to support the blood circulation in the skin of the scalp more intense. I never use a hair dryer anymore, my hair dries in a natural way. Takes more time but the result (at least for my curly hair) is excellent.

  6. I used already healthy food, much almonds in my breakfast, raisins, oats, Greek yogurt, and fruit. I ate three meals a day, all healthy food, with all kinds of fresh ingredients, and I continued with that..

  7. I started with drinking mineral water. Though Norway is famous for its wonderful nature, rivers and waterfalls, its drinking water here is not excellent: it is hard because of an overdoses of calcium. I use the mineral water even to make coffee and tea. I drink 4 big glasses with mineral water next to (mineral) coffee and (mineral) tea.

  8. To keep my personal balance I practice my yoga exercises, daily, and I frequently listen to the meditative soundtracks of Tibetan singing bowls. If you prefer a quick jump to singing bowls: You can listen to a serial that I added to the right column in this blog. The vibrations of the sounds go deep into all the levels. It works deeply meditative, relaxing, recovering, healing: physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Note: for the ultimate effect one should use this music as a meditation, this means: after having locked the doors, turned off the doorbell, the mobile, the computer, lay down in a warm room, cover yourself with a blanket, and close your eyes. Of course the video you chose with Tibetan Singing Bowls sounds, started.

  9. Being outside the house as often as possible, in the open air, for walking, hiking, biking and gardening, or just sitting in the sunlight.

  10. Also important is to accept that one is growing older, and loss of hair belongs to it, also that it becomes thinner, generally. But, in my case this was not the reason.

After almost a year the new hair came back: the hairdresser noticed a lot of new short as what she named “baby hair”, on the spots where my hair was gone, and it is growing.







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