Clear Evidence of Cell Phone RF Radiation Cancer Risk

Update: 27 January 2020


Dr. James C. Lin, published an article with the title: Clear Evidence of Cell Phone RF Radiation Cancer Risk [Health Matters].

Abstract: During 26–28 March 2018, the National Institute of Environmental Health Science (NIEHS) National Toxicology Program (NTP), a part of the U.S. National Institutes of Health, convened a three-day technical reports peer review panel meeting in Research Triangle Park, North Carolina, to review the NTP’s draft reports on its carcinogenesis studies of cell-phone RF radiation in mice and rats.

The full PDF can be read here.

Dr. James C. Lin

Dr. James C. Lin is a professor of electrical-engineering, bio-engineering, physiology, and biophysics at the University of Illinois in Chicago, where he has served as head of the Bio-engineering Department, director of the Robotics and Automation Laboratory, and director of special projects in the College of Engineering.


Update: January 27, 2020

Parts from Einar Flydal’s blogpost: Tidligere ICNIRP-medlem går inn for at trådløst må få strengere kreftfareklasse / Former ICNIRP member advocates that wireless must get a more stringent cancer risk class

Note: I have linked some terms, to create the possibility to search for more information. Text between [] is added by A.J., Multerland.

James Lin was for many years a member of ICNIRP. [For the most detailed information about ICNIRP: go here.]  Lin was loyal to ICNIRP until he left ICNIRP in 2016.

In an article in IEEE Microwave Magazine last November, Lin corrects ICNIRP. He justifies his position that there are now two large, well-executed and solid studies that point in the same direction: cancer from exposure to GSM and to CDMA – two key technologies in mobile communication. He also points out that the data in the large US NTP study, which found a clear correlation between exposure to mobile radiation and cancer rates in rats, shows even greater cancer risk than revealed in the final report. –Here it is possible that James Lin has Arthur Firstenberg‘s note in mind: Firstenberg’s analysis shows that the….

NTP study shows “good” results [in the meaning of, I guess, fitting more with what the industry liked more: to play down the risks] because the differences between control group and exposed group are far lower than they would have been if the control group had been better shieldedblog post 16.07.2018-.–

Lin therefore advocates for WHO-hazard class 1 (carcinogenic), instead of today’s 2B (possibly carcinogenic). It is a an airtight argumented conclusion, with support of an overwhelming amount of research results (see, for example, the reviews in Flydal & Nordhagen 2019).


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