Professor Yuri Grigoriev, former chair RusCNIRP


In my former post: Barrie Trower, Lecture “The Truth about 5G and Wi-Fi”, Barrie Trower names Professor Yuri Grigoriev “probably the most knowledgable person on the planet concerning microwaves and harm”.


The name of professor Yuri Grigoriev is to be found worldwide in the references of many scientific papers about EMF, and the harm these create. The name Yuri Grigoriev is also present in one of the articles in this blog about RusCNIRP. Why exactly am I so much interested in RusCNIRP?

RusCNIRP creates on medical science based EMF safety guidelines for Russia. I consider it as highly necessary to create an important bridge between RusCNIRP, and the rest of the world, whereto I also belong, to be a possible urgently needed eye-opener for governments, healthcare institutions of all countries which have implemented the on industrial science based ICNIRP guidelines, which are essentially false, and the cause of the abyss where Barrie Trower speaks about in his lecture, and which is factually the conclusion of the UNESCO 2016 report, for Mount Nardi/Mount Matheson, a World Heritage Site, but according to Barrie Trower not only a local threat in Australia, but a global threat, because of all what is going on in and with nature, world wide.

My open-mindedness towards all what is related with Russia is also part of the “Why?” The not-political Russia attracts me: its language, history, culture, anthropology, orthodox music, classical music, traditional music and dances, literature, art, and nature. I do not speak the language. I do not have family or friends in Russia. I do not have any interest in the theatre of the Russian government, which is similar with the theatre of all other governments in the world, which are just following the interests of those who belong to the board of directors of the industries with the Big Names, like telecom and pharma.

My ICNIRP investigations started in 2019, when I discovered that EU and WHO, under which EMF guidelines I live, have implemented the ICNIRP guidelines[See article: EU guidelines are fraudulent]. My interest for RusCNIRP started when I discovered that professor Oleg Grigoriev’s “CNIRP”, RNCNIRP, or RusCNIRP has ICNIRP contradicting views and research results in his tweets on Twitter and in all the articles where he refers to, or is speaking himself. [See list with articles in this blog.] With other words: RusCNIRP stands alone in the battle to create the U-turn in human’s speeding up run towards the abyss.


Professor Yuri Grigoriev

Professor Yuri Grigoriev is the former chair of RusCNIRP, the Russian National Committee on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection, and once the teacher of the present RusCNIRP chair: Professor Oleg Grigoriev. They are not relatives. See article.  On August 14, 2020, professor Yuri Grigoriev celebrated his 95th birthday! Photo: the young student Oleg Grigoriev together with his teacher: professor Yuri Grigoriev. The photo is published in professor Yuri Grigoriev’s autobiography, and to be found on page 13. The photo shows a close connection between them:

Григорьев–Григорьев — за «круглым столом». / Grigoriev-Grigoriev – at the round table.

Professor Yuri Grigoriev writes on page 13:

My students
Of course, the problem of training young scientists – my students – was of particular importance in my life.

In 2002, Oleg Alexandrovich Grigoriev defended his Ph.D. thesis. I actively helped him as a scientific advisor. It was my 67th student. This event actually brought me back to the process of preparing each dissertation candidate. All the details were considered: access to the podium, the form of addressing the Council members, the style of the report itself, and even clothing. All 67 defenses passed unanimously.

There is a very modest stand in my office, which is of great importance to me. These are photographs of my students and the titles of their dissertations from 1964. All these very dear faces of my students are in front of me every day.

It has already been 20 years since my 60th birthday, but I still remember the meeting with my students on that anniversary day. My state of mind is difficult to convey. More than 20 of my students, young, beautiful, but already mature scientists, with a smile on their face, with flowers came to my home. When I saw them, I thought to myself: I had not lived my life in vain, “I not only planted a tree”.


Professor Yuri Grigoriev’s Friends

When starting this blog post I was focused on translating the entire biography Моя жизнь среди проблем / My life is amidst problems, 13 pages long. A lot, but worth it, since I found all so interesting. Then I saw some other links at the bottom of the first page, and when translating these, I found out that there was an article published by professor Yuri Grigoriev with the title “Friends”, Друзья. I clicked on the link and when scrolling down to see how it looked like, not in the last place because I was curious to find photos, I suddenly stopped scrolling down, when watching into the face of Mike Repacholi, the professor who created ICNIRP, who was ICNIRP chair, and now ICNIRP chair of honour. There were in total 6 photos with Repacholi.

On these photos he is amidst a group of what professor Yuri Grigoriev names friends in the subtitles of the photos, and clearly celebrating each other’s company. When translating the subtitles of the photos I could not doubt any more. Michael Repacholi belongs indeed to the friends of Yuri Grigoriev, at least then. The most fresh photo is from 2005. Repacholi was ICNIRP Chairman from 1992 until 1996. Member Emeritus since 1996. Repacholi is ICNIRP chair of honour ever since. Until 2006 Repacholi headed the International Advisory Committee in the EMF project of the WHO, so, on the moment the picture was taken, in 2005, Mike Repacholi was and chair of honour, who never abandoned ICNIRP, only defended ICNIRP and his role in it, and he was chair of the International Advisory Committee in the EMF project of the WHO. Therefore I have questions for professor Yuri Grigoriev:

What contract was Mike Repacholi signing on photo 3, in 2004, (see following list)? And…. what was agreed on photo 4? Is this contract public? Where is it available? The photo page: (scroll down a long time there): here

  1. Майк Репачоли / Mike Repacholi
  2. Майк Репачоли, Лика Хейфец и Юбиляр. / Mike Repacholi, Lika Heifetz and Jubilar
  3. Совместная работа над контрактом. 2005 г. / Collaboration contracted. Year 2005
  4. Договорились! / Agreed!
  5. Встреча у меня дома зарубежных друзей. Слева направо. Б. Гринбаум с женой Нэнси, М. Репачоли с женой Кристиной, Ю.Г. Григорьев, М. Мерфи, Б. Клауенберг. / Meeting of foreign friends at my house. From left to right. B. Greenebaum with his wife Nancy, M. Repacholi with his wife Christina, Yu.G. Grigoriev, M. Murphy, B. Clauenberg.
  6. Слева направо. М. Репачоли (Швейцария), Ю.Г. Григорьев (Россия), жена Репачоли — Кристина, жена Мак Мануса, Мак Манус (Ирландия), жена Бена Гринбаума — Нанси, Бен Гринбаум (США), сидя: Майк Мерфи (США), С. Онкубо (Япония). Это была одна из встреч друзей в доме у Репачоли, Франция, 1998 г. / From left to right. M. Repacholi (Switzerland), Yu.G. Grigoriev (Russia), wife of Repacholi – Christina, wife of Mac Manus, Mac Manus (Ireland), wife of Ben Greenebaum – Nancy, Ben Greenebaum (USA), sitting: Mike Murphy (USA), S. Onkubo (Japan). It was one of the meetings of friends at the house of Repacholi, France, 1998.


Professor Grigoriev should have travelled to Mike Repacholi

These photos have blocked my plans to translate the entire biography. I am questioning some very serious facts, related with professor Yuri Grigoriev. For instance the lecture of Barrie Trower, where he speaks about professor Grigoriev[see video at the top of the article], his journey to Europe, to lecture about Wi-Fi, to warn the governments for Wi-Fi in schools. This brings me also to professor Yuri Grigoriev’s words: “5G is a slow Hiroshima”. And: “Man conquered the Black Plague, but he has created new problems – EMF pollution”. Source. I speak now to professor Yuri Grigoriev, as if he is in front of me:

Dear, respected professor Yuri Grigoriev, you planned the wrong journey and spoke to the wrong people. Instead you should have visited your friend Mike Repacholi, and have spoken your warning words to him! Because:

Mike Repacholi is the cause of your worries and warnings, professor Grigoriev. Mike Repacholi is the one who influenced and influences governments, via his self-created group ICNIRP, and his role in WHO, as the ICNIRP chair of honour. People or groups with conflicts of interest with the industry do not belong in not any advisory group of not any government, national or international healthcare system, and therefore not in the WHO.

ICNIRP “science”, dear professor Grigoriev, is factually making a fool out of you, because of your work. Didn’t he tell you about ICNIRP when he visited you? I guess not. Because, if you would have known, dear professor Yuri Grigoriev, if you would have known who Mike Repacholi is, what ICNIRP is, you would not have published photos of Mike Repacholi in that article about your friends, not have signed any contract, not have collaborated with him, not invited him. Now you know, and you can change your article about “friends”, and throw him out. His presence there affects your own credibility.

For you, professor Yuri Grigoriev, and all readers who are not informed: three pages with articles about Repacholi, published in Microwave News, by Dr. Louis Slesin, and you can find another respectable collection of articles about ICNIRP, Repacholi, and some ICNIRP commissioners and SEG members, here.

It would be fantastic if you would forward this information to Ben Greenebaum, who published the book Biological and Medical Aspects of Electromagnetic Fields, and who is also on the photos 5 and 6, together with Repacholi, and you. Ben Greenebaum should send his book to Repacholi, to ICNIRP, to WHO, because they do not understand where medical science is talking and writing about, and warning for. ICNIRP, you believe it or not, advices guidelines based on the thermal levels which have been written down in 1953!

Barrie Trower in part 1 of this lecture, at 4:14

In 1965 they adopted an old 1953 thermal level by an engineer by the name of Schwan and in order to prevent to be taken to court the industries and the people who are making decisions they adopted the Schwan 1953 level which basically says: “If a certain weight of your tissue does not heat up by a certain temperature in 6 minutes then everything will be deemed for a lifetime exposure for adults, men, women, children, pregnant women, everybody. The 6 minute level is the one that is still used today.

So, professor Yuri Grigoriev, this is not a joke. For the sake of all of us, the future of life on earth, please contact your friend, urge him to visit you so that you can start to teach him about EMF and the health hazards.


A real-life 5G experiment for Mike Repacholi

The best however would be to take Mike Repacholi into a real-life experiment as was taking place in 1977, and what has been top-secret till 2012, in order to wake him up, because all protests, warnings, writings, etc. etc., fail till today. So in order to wake him up, let him experience himself what it is like to be beamed by radiation frequencies and levels, that are similar with 5G, as experimented in Russia in 1977. Barrie Trower speaks about this experiment in his lecture: Repacholi’s ICNIRP allows even levels that are more than twice in strength as the levels in 1977: part 2, jump to 35:03. Transcript of that detail:


Now, an experiment was carried out on 5G. An experiment was carried out in Russia. In 1977, I have the paper,[this paper is available since 2012, see article Swedish Professor Lennart Hardell, Admin] an experiment was carried out on animals and humans using 5G.[In that time the name 5G did not exist, but it is similar with what we name now 5G, see article Hardell.]

I won’t go into the units but the radiation level unions, the humans and the animals were subjected to was at a level of 62. They were subjected to a level of 62 for 15 minutes a day, for 60 days. In other words: 15 hours. That’s it.


You can legally, under the International Commission[ICNIRP, Admin] and our government, under the thermal regulations, you, and all of the animals and all of the trees, if 62, and I am going to list the illnesses caused from a level of 62 you can legally be given for 24 hours a day, non-stop, for ever, a level of 140: more than twice.


The professors listed damage to the skin, liver, heart, brain, adrenal glands, blood, the foetus, children, stem cells, human sperm, honeybee. and that was just from one paper. There’s the paper, it’s a top-secret paper from Russia that I had sent to me.



I am certain that Mike Repacholi will not survive the suggested 5G experiment, but facts do make it acceptable that this experiment is indeed the only way to wake-up ICNIRP for what they are doing, lobbying, writing, saying, lecturing, tweeting, and therefore highly necessary anyway. As Barrie Trower quoted in his lecture: the estimated total of deaths caused by 5G will be two billion people[See part 1, at 18:15]. My request: the experiment must be filmed! It will be the proof where he himself, and ICNIRP, are eternally asking forbut which is there in tens of thousands of papers, ignored and denied however systematically and consequently by ICNIRP. Factually they even deny the results of the experiment in Russia, in 1977.

Watching a person suffering from 5G radiation, in this case Mike Repacholi, is a proof, the ultimate proof, and reason why it must have been a top-secret from 1977 till 2012. The 5G radiation of 1977 however is just the half of what Mike Repacholi’s ICNIRP allows TODAY, and categorizes as safe, today.

I am sorry, Mike Repacholi, but you, and your ICNIRP, factually scream, beg for a strong comment on what you all are doing. Now you got it. From me. Hope you hear it. All of you, ICNIRP. I hope however, professor Yuri Grigoriev, that you can convince Repacholi, and ICNIRP, and WHO, and EU, the FCC, ARPANSA, Safety Code 6, and also the Russian 5G industry, the entire telecom industry, world wide, so, also in China, without inviting Repacholi, an ICNIRP commissioner or SEG member into this 5G experiment.

They say 5G is safe. I do not believe however that they will believe and accept your words, your explanations, professor Yuri Grigoriev, and start changing the EMF guidelines.

Well, then there is nothing else left than a new Russian-1977 experiment, but with twice the radiation as from 1977, because it is considered by ICNIRP as safe, and therefore it must not be any problem for any ICNIRP member, chair, chair of honor, vice chair, or SEG member to step into this new Russian 5G experiment. So, invite them, professor Yuri Girgoriev! They can prove that they really believe themselves in what they are saying, writing, tweeting, lecturing about, by visiting you, and asking for the experiment.

In case they really step into the experiment, and it will be filmed, the world will watch, wake up finally form the lies of ICNIRP, disband ICNIRP, eliminate 5G, and stop the slow Hiroshima.


Professor Yuri Grigoriev (1925-2021)

Yuri Grigoriev, Russian Biophysicist
And Non-Thermalist, Dies at 95
Published: May 9, 2021
By: Dr. Louis Slesin
In: Microwave News

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