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Reason for publishing this article is the urgent need to open the still present iron curtain between the western nations and Russia, not concerning Russian politics, but concerning Russian science. The west seems to consider all what is behind the former iron curtain as wrong, and has stamped all what is Russian as “not reliable”. This is a mistake. RNCNIRP, the Russian National CNIRP, not political or industrial based, opposes the for 70-80% by Germany funded so-called International CNIRP, whose guidelines are based on not-neutral, industrial, and therefore corrupted science, and which are a model despite that for the WHO, UN, EU, FCC, ARPANSA, Safety-Code 6, and other decision makers, with these groups and people related nations, and have implemented the ICNIRP guidelines in their politics, laws, legislation, news media and healthcare systems. The reviewed book is written in the Russian language, but contains also an English intro, and an English index. Antoinette Janssen, editor Multerland Blog, translated the by Professor Oleg Grigoriev written Russian review via Google and Reverso-Context into English, and linked some terms with websites. In this way the not Russian nations can take a look into the Russian medical science, and learn to know Russian scientists, of which a lot rise (far) above the most of the Western scientists. Therefore I added the unique state of service of the author of the book, Yuri B. Zubarev. Also the former chair of RNCNIRP, professor Yuri Grigoriev has an impressive state of service, and is mentioned world wide in the references of western scientific research papers about electromagnetic fields and health. The Swedish Professor Lennart Hardell and the Swedish Dr. M. Carlberg are the most cited in Yuri B. Zubarev’s references[Edition 4, 2019, page 219]. Also Dr. Don Maisch[1][2]  is cited.


Yuri B. Zubarev
Cellphone and Health
Original title: Мобильный телефон и здоровье
(monograph) – 5th edition, 254 p.
In this fifth edition, the 9th section is supplemented, and the book is completely revised.
Language: Russian
ISBN: 978-5-907063-66-2 / Copies: 500
Moscow, Biblio-Globus, 2020

English intro in the book:
The monograph presents the history of Russian regulation of electromagnetic fields of radio frequency range of waves. The use of electromagnetic radiation in medicine for the treatment of patients is considered. The monograph describes the use of electromagnetic fields in radio communication systems, in particular in mobile communications, where the main parameter of the system is the quality of communication.
The quality of the mobile communication system depends on the power of the emitted signal, which is harmful for the human body when using a mobile phone for a long time. In this fifth edition, the 9th section is supplemented and completely revised. It provides statistics on the incidence of brain-cancer in Russians and the factors that provoke this disease, especially in children and adolescents. Measures aimed at reducing the risk or morbidity are also given. In some European countries, issues of the need to reduce the radiation power of electromagnetic wave transmitters and the transition to wired communications in residential, office, public buildings and public transport are already being addressed at the level of state legislation.
The listed measures have a sound basis. They should serve as a guide for the global community and a global revision of mobile communications. At the end there is a draft memo on the use of a mobile phone, which must be apporved by the Government of the Russian Federation.

Keywords: electromagnetic field, radio frequency range, a radio communication system, mobile communication, electro-magnetic radiation, the antenna, radiation pattern, terminal, mobile systems MTS, Beeline, MegaFon, Tele-2, etc., the development of glioma, schwannoma in the heart, thyroid gland cancer, the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), the multilateral carcinogen, radiation power.

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A review by Professor Oleg Grigoriev, Chairman RNCNIRP, Russia 

Yuri Borisovich Zubarev (1938 – )

The monograph “Cell phone and health” has been published. The author is Yuri Borisovich Zubarev, Corresponding Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Doctor of Technical Sciences, member of the RNCNIRP.

Monograph by Corresponding Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences Yuri Borisovich Zubarev is a special edition because of the author’s unique scientific and practical experience, which allows him to comprehensively consider the topic. Yuri Borisovich is well known to specialists in the field of radiobiology and hygiene of non-ionizing radiation, since it was he who ordered the health standards for radio frequencies, published in 1984 and 2003. It is these standards and regulations that today determine approaches to the electromagnetic safety of cellular communications and other radio transmission facilities.

But, first of all, Corresponding Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Yuri Borisovich Zubarev, is known in the telecommunications industry – as the deputy minister of communications in charge of science in the industry, and as the director of the Radio Research Institute. He stood at the origins of the creation of federal mobile communication systems for general and special purposes, for which he was awarded the high award of the Government of the Russian Federation.

The monograph analyzes the application of the electromagnetic field in radio communications, in particular in mobile communications. The author examines the history of the development of health standards for radio frequencies in our country, analyzing the issue from the point of view of the state customer of these standards and regulations, СанПиН. Yuri Borisovich Zubarev notes an important feature of the procedure for developing the maximum permissible levels of radio frequencies – under his leadership, the creation of health standards preceded the development of fundamentally new radio transmitting means or went in parallel with the creation of new technology. The state program for the study of the bio-effects of radio frequencies, adopted in 1984, made it possible to conduct biomedical research with promising modulation methods and a method for organizing complex electromagnetic signals, which provided a scientific groundwork that is relevant even for analyzing the biological effects of a 5G signal.

A significant section of the book is devoted to the prospects for the development of mobile communications. The opinion of Yuri Borisovich Zubarev, as the mind-setter of the scientific and technical foundations of this popular technology, is extremely important for understanding the possible consequences of electromagnetic pollution for the health of the population of our country, and also allows you to analyze and choose the optimal measures to create a healthy environment.

Yuri Borisovich Zubarev pays special attention to methods of protecting children and pregnant women, believing that their health is a task of state importance in the Russian Federation.
The monograph was reviewed by the founding member of the RNCNIRP, Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor Yuri Petrovich Paltsev and Doctor of Technical Sciences E.P. Arzumyan, Chief Researcher ЗАО “МНИТИ”.

The book can be ordered from the author, contact through the Scientific Secretary of the RNCNIRP, V.A. Alekseev, or through the Department of Postgraduate Studies of ЗАО “МНИТИ”.
Imprint of the book: Mobile phone and health: monograph / Yu.B. Zubarev. – Ed. 5th, rev. – M .: Biblio-Globus, 2020 .– 254 p.

Chairman of the RNCNIRP, Doctor of Biological Sciences, O.A. Grigoriev



Information about the author – source

Zubarev, Yuri Borisovich, is Corresponding Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences (1997), Member of the Bureau of the Division of Nanotechnologies and Information Technologies of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Director of the Federal State Unitary Enterprise – Scientific Research Institute of Radio (НИИР, Moscow) since 1992.

Zubarev, Yuri Borisovich, is born on February 9, 1938 in the town of Ostashkov, Kalinin Region, Russia.

Zubarev, Yuri Borisovich, graduated from the Faculty of Radio Communication and Broadcasting of МЭИС in 1960, postgraduate studies at МЭИС in 1964, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor.

  • 1965-1971 – Head of the Research Department of the Moscow Electrotechnical Institute of Communications / Московский электротехнический институт связи (МЭИС).
  • 1971-1979 – Rector of the All-Union Correspondence Electrotechnical Institute of Communications. / Всесоюзного заочного электротехнического института связи
  • 1979-1992 – Deputy Minister of Communications of the USSR, Head of the Main Directorate of Space and Radio Communications, Chairman of the State Commission on Radio Frequencies.
  • Member of the board of the RF Ministry of Communications and Computerization.
  • Author of over 250 scientific works, including 7 books and textbooks, holder of 36 copyright certificates for inventions.
  • A full member of the International Academy of Informatization / Международной академии информатизации (МАИ) – vice-president of the МАИ, academician of the International Academy of Communications, International Academy of Sciences of Eurasia, member of the New York Academy of Sciences, corresponding member of the Academy of Technological Sciences, honorary member of the Academy of Cosmonautics. Tsiolkovsky, Chairman of the Russian Section of the IEEE Communications Society, Chairman of the Expert Council of the Higher Attestation Commission of the Russian Federation.
  • Was elected as a deputy of the Voroshilovsky District Council of Moscow (1985-1990), a member of the central board of the Scientific and Technical Society named after V.I. A.S. Popov (1982-1992), member of the Central Committee of DOSSAF (1984-1991).
  • He was awarded the Orders of the October Revolution, the Red Banner of Labor, the Badge of Honor, and medals.
  • Honored Scientist of the Russian Federation, Honorary Radio Operator.
  • He is married and has children.
  • Hobbies: hunting, fishing.
  • Yu. Zubarev led the creation of large communication and information systems for satellite communications and broadcasting. He made a great contribution to the creation of the Energia-Buran reusable space system.
  • Communication systems “Moscow-Global” / “Москва-Глобальная” , “Галс” systems of digital processing of television and computer images.

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