HAARP, and the Havana Syndrome

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HAARP antenna array Soutce

In his lecture, published in this blog on September 11, 2020, in three parts, Barrie Trower mentions in part 3, Questions and Answers, also the Havana Syndrome. But first:

Who is Barrie Trower?


“Barrie Trower is a military expert from Dartmoor and courageous whistleblower that laid out the surveillance mechanisms employed by secret services long before Edward Snowden did. Barrie Trower started as a career soldier and transitioned into working for the MI5 and MI6, where his knowledge on microwave radiation expanded immensely. Trower is able to precisely share his findings and lays out that the effects of radiation have been known for centuries. The film links his knowledge to current scientific data.” Source

Film about and with Barrie Trower: “Fact Checking – Mobile Phone Radiation“. Protagonists: Barrie TrowerProf. Dr. med. Wilhelm MosgöllerDr. med. Monika KroutProf. Dr. Karl HechtDr. med. Devra Davis,

HAARP, and the Havana Syndrome

Barrie Trower (answering Person 4):

By 1949 they knew the brain frequencies and they were changing behaviour, just by beaming microwaves into animals and human brains. The only organizations I know are the Soviets, the CIA, we[Britain, Admin] but I don’t know that particular acronym, sorry.

Person 5:

Thank you for the evening presentation. I just wonder, is there any truth in the idea that this is also not just about money but a weapon of war and an idea of depopulation, which is their intent?

Barrie Trower:

That is a particularly… is it a deliberate method of depopulation or a method of war. You’ve heard of HAARP, in Alaska, that can be used, I’m not saying it is or has, it can be used, because the microwaves can be any frequency and they only need to turn it in, to tune it to a brain frequency and it can be bounced or reflected off of the ionosphere[part of the atmosphere where the +400,000 5G satellites are being orbited, Admin], which is hydrogen and helium, down to any part of the planet. There isn’t 1 HAARP, there are 16 around the planet. They can be used to change weather, they can be used for bacterial warfare. I can’t go into how and why now: they can be used to cause illness, but yes they have been used, the Soviet microwaves and the Americans, recently in one country: the American Embassy was microwaved in Cuba. We [the British army,  Barrie Trower is a former Royal Navy Microwave Weapons Expert and former cold-war captured spy debriefer for the UK Intelligence Services, Admin] have microwaved the Catholics in Northern Ireland[Statement by Barrie Trower, video, Admin]. The Americans microwaved the ladies at Greenham Common[year 1984, see article 1, see article 2], to give them cancer, to make them sick.

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