ICNIRP’s Eric van Rongen lies about 5G

Eric van Rongen: “I’m the scientist who sets the global guidelines on 5G safety. Take it from me: 5G doesn’t cause cancer or spread COVID-19”
By: Elle Hardy
Published: June 23, 2020
In: Business Insider – https://www.businessinsider.com/scientist-sets-guidelines-5g-safety-conspiracy-theories-debunked-2020-6?IR=T

“Business Insider”. is an American financial and business news website founded in 2009 and owned by the German publishing house Axel Springer. It operates 14 national editions and an international edition. Several national editions are published in local languages. Read on



Lie number one – In the “Business Insider” article ICNIRP’s vice chair Eric van Rongen speaks about 5G, and Covid-19. Guidelines. He updated the guidelines, he says, but we, who in the meantime follow every move or word of ICNIRP, and inform ourselves with in-depth research about ICNIRP, we know that these guidelines are not updated but edited into a new version, a new lay-out, without anything essentially new. Not any scientific research about 5G, that 5G is safe, exists. Eric van Rongen talks about phantom research results. ICNIRP guidelines are fraudulent. Talking about the ICNIRP guidelines as if we are safe, is a pertinent lie. This has been proven. See ICNIRP


Lie number two – The exact role of 5G within the Coronavirus pandemic is still not researched, but the fact that 5G was rolled out in Wuhan, in November 2019, and more, is explained in several articles that are collected here.
Science is about facts. In my article “Peer Review” I write:

Science is about putting all puzzle pieces together. Leaving one puzzle piece out, because one is biased, one believes that something cannot be part of the studied issue by assumption, not by proof, cannot be categorized as a scientific research, but as a self-fulfilling prophecy, a belief, or a wishful thinking, and not science. Of course the industry wishes that 5G is NOT in the puzzle Covid-19! 5G is economic security, capital. Since the total picture does not exist, for as long the puzzle is not ready, and as long the picture even when complete, but in fact just obviously complete, as long it is not explaining all the puzzle parts into the smallest details, the puzzle is not ready. When the puzzle is indeed in all its facets ready, and the 5G puzzle parts are indeed out, because they do not fit after all, only then 5G is proven not to be related with Covid-19. Science is not so far yet.

Conclusion: to state, that the Cornonavirus, in one way or another, is not related with 5G, is an assumption, not a proof, and therefore essentially a lie within the context.


Lie number threeProfessor Oleg A. Grygoriev, RusCNIRP chair, found more lies. In his post on Twitter, Professon Grygoriev reacts on what is written in the article, that Eric van Rongen is a radiobiologist. Professor Grygoriev:
“I know Eric van Rongen for 20 years. Eric van Rongen has no EMF radiobiology experience. He never made any EMF experimental research, he only created meta-analyses and reviews.”
Source: Twitter
Read also the comments in that post.
He reacts on one of these: “Did you meet him? It is embarrassing how he talks about experiments. Eric is a good guy and studied as a radiobiologist, but he NEVER worked in an EMF experiment. The table is his workplace. When we [RusCNIRP] started the EMF harmonization project in 1990th, Eric wasn’t near.”



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