1/2. Pseudoscience?

Part 1: Pseudoscience?
Part 2: Stop5G Activism

A series about Dariusz Leszczynski’s Vocabulary.



His C.V. is an impressive, 15 pages long list, which takes much time to read, which takes extra time to digest the overwhelming content, to recover from the overpowering impact, which of course is used as a strategy, a psychological brainwashing of the reader, in order to silence the reader, to eliminate any kind of a question or criticism, and to make the reader bend deep for him, Dariusz Leszczynski[1][2][3][4], in humble simplicity. And all this without even taking time to check the list.

The honest, deep respect and admiration that I once had for the really handsome and good looking Leszczynski, has been totally faded out by what I will name: the Leszczynski vocabulary, which unveils the human being behind the fantastic facade of the enormous PDF, and the pretty face. This so-called Leszczynski vocabulary is to be found on his Twitter account, and also in what he names his “scientific blog”. The language he uses in his scientific blog is not scientific at all. What it exactly is, is explained in this post. This post is an attempt to create an antitoxin for the poison of destruction Leszczynski creates in the media, and is a highly needed necessary cleaning of the truth from the mud Leszczynski has thrown over it. I just take one of the many tweets he sent around, and as you can see: I need a full page to show what the reality is behind Leszczynski’s lies, false accusations, slander, discrimination, bullying, that he masterly compressed in just a few sentences:

“The problem is that activists following Pall’s #pseudo-science behave like a religious #sect. Any criticism of Pall’s outlandish claims is considered pro-industry shill. Pall talks rubbish, incites fear to sell stuff. #CoI. Wake up time for activists. #5G” Source

Update: On July 3 Leszczynski added a new post in his blog and this post was, as usual, republished in Don Maisch’s blog EMFactsConsultancy. The intro to a Polish article contains the sentence: “the Polish article has been translated with google.” Leszczynski is born in Poland in 1955, studied molecular biology, at the Jagiellonian University, in Krakow, Poland from 1974-1978, followed by doctoral studies in cell biology, at the Medical Center of Postgraduate Education, in Warsaw, Poland. This means that the Polish language is his native language, and he masters the Polish language more than the most of the Polish people because of his studies there. I followed him a year ago on Twitter, before he turned out to be the bullying, discriminating, lying one. He published frequently photos of Poland, made by himself, beautiful photos by the way, with magnificent colours. Like this one. See also Shuttershock. So: he stays there frequently, and is able to update his native Polish language constantly. Google Translate is therefore absolutely not necessary.
This means that not Leszczynski has written the post, but a ghost guest blogger, who does not master the Polish language. If not, then Leszczynski is a big pretender, a nice word for “misleader”, and an important add in this two parts series of a person, who tries to hide his pro 5G wishes.


The Leszczynski Vocabulary

I will explain some terms Leszczynski used in the tweet, and comment on it.

Pseudoscience — Many websites and dictionaries offer a description of the term pseudoscience, but the shortest, most exact and clear description is to be found in Wikipedia. I invite you to read the following text with what is published for instance about 5G, by pro 5G groups, ICNIRP, FCC, and GSMA. For more explanations about pseudoscience: see “additional information” (scroll down).

Pseudoscience consists of statements, beliefs, or practices that are claimed to be both scientific and factual but are incompatible with the scientific method.[1][Note 1] Pseudoscience is often characterized by contradictory, exaggerated or unfalsifiable claims; reliance on confirmation bias rather than rigorous attempts at refutation; lack of openness to evaluation by other experts; absence of systematic practices when developing hypotheses; and continued adherence long after the pseudoscientific hypotheses have been experimentally discredited. The term pseudoscience is considered pejorative,[4] because it suggests something is being presented as science inaccurately or even deceptively. Those described as practicing or advocating pseudoscience often dispute the characterization.[2]

My comment: If the tweet would be facts-based, then patients who visit a doctor, a general practitioner, are also behaving like a religious sect. How come? G.P.’s prescribe medicine, that for 50% works because patients believe that what the doctor prescribes works, also when the medicine is not even necessary. This is the so-called placebo-effect. Source: Ulrich Warnke.

Mainstream medicine is derived from what Leszczynski categorizes as pseudoscience, but what is factually evidence based science of plants: herbal medicine. Herbal medicine is thousands of years old. In Europe herbal medicine is at least hundreds of years older than pharmaceutical medicine. Mainstream medicine, big pharma, copied the knowledge from the scientific journals of the monks, and pasted it in papers, after having created the chemical (not natural, but artificial) variants of the healing ingredients, and named it [modern] science. Yes: lots of plants were cultivated in the Middle Ages in the gardens of monasteries, researched according to what is named today the scientific method, for medical purposes. Plants were also studied, researched and applied in the Minoan culture, on Crete, Greece, in Egypt, in China. Read more here: TCM Chinese herbal medicine. The science of plants exists, is real. The pseudoscience of plants did and does not exist. The tweeter is ignorant. PubMed shows over 46.000 research results for the search term: herbal medicine. PubMed shows almost 28.000 research results for vitamins and minerals.

Note: the diseases in our modern time did not exist before electricity was invented and applied. The diseases in our modern time did not exist before wireless devices were invented, and used. There are modern diseases that cannot be healed with herbs [maybe they can, but it is not researched enough]: like cancer, diabetes, heart disease, ALS, etc. etc., because these diseases have passed the border of no-return. It is possible to prevent diseases, the diseases that start because of long-term exposure to EMF, and false EMF guidelines, created by ICNIRP.

Dr. Ulrich Warnke explains EMF as the cause of inflammations, where they lead to, which kind of minerals and vitamins are mostly lacking because of EMF exposure and cause of inflammations, which lead to a.o. cancer, diabetes, heart disease: video / PDF – 129 pages. This underlines the need for food supplements, which restore the natural balance in the body, to avoid inflammations, and all diseases that grow out of chronic inflammations. This underlines the excellent contribution of Dr. Martin Pall to the support of health, when humans are exposed to wireless radiation. And eh….no, I do not use Pall’s supplements, I buy Norwegian products. To learn more about vitamins and minerals, about orthomolecular medicine: search for articles about it on for instance PubMed [235 research results, not so many, but this is because the need of food supplements started not so long time ago, when became clear that chemical fertilizers and the use of pesticides in agriculture created vegetables with a very poor content of vitamins and minerals]. Advice: start reading, understanding, and make your own choice in yes or no supplements. Prevention is better than cure, though.

A person, Leszczynski in this case, who did not study, research, neither read about the evidence based science of plants and food supplements like vitamins and minerals[check his CV], is not able to judge about it, and therefore not even an amateur in the field of research of plants and minerals and their medicinal use. Leszczynski proves to be totally ignorant.

Those who agree with Pall’s ideas about the proven hidden dangers of wireless radiation, and how to protect oneself against it with food supplements, that are utterly helpful to restore the natural balance, harmed by EMF, are sane, clever thinkers. Those who follow Leszczynski on his blog or Twitter account as his “yes men” can be considered to be victims or future victims of a demagogue. Read also: demagogy. In a sect, the leader does not tolerate any criticism. Leszczynski does not either, he protects his demagogic power, via his intolerance of other views, and he “doesn’t debate science with sect members.” Leszczynski has a psychological problem: he is obsessed with humiliating Martin Pall. This started after he found coincidentally, by googling, that there was a document on the web, created by Pall, in which Pall explains an error, made by Leszczynski. The story is to be found on Leszczynski’s blog. You can go there and check it. Leszczynski’s hatred is intense, is growing by the day, and has one goal: the destruction of Pall. Indeed, typically an act of a demagogue.

Religious sect — Leszczynski uses explicitly two words, and that has of course a meaning. There are more kinds of sects and again Wikipedia offers the shortest explanation about sectarianism, where the word sect is derived from. I invite you to keep Leszczynski’s tweet in mind and compare it with the following explanation. You will discover that Leszczynski is making himself guilty of sectarianism. And…., it must be said: science has the same construction as what is explained to be a religion. Read: Science

Sectarianism is a form of prejudice, discrimination, or hatred arising from attaching relations of inferiority and superiority to differences between subdivisions within a group. Common examples are denominations of a religion, ethnic identity, class, or region for citizens of a state and factions of a political movement.

My comment: The two words: religious sect, are used to bully those who respect Pall, and this intensifies the falsely used term pseudoscience. The emotional tone, the mood Leszczynski was in, when writing the tweet, is hatred, the need to spit out his overwhelming disgust, irritation, and underlines his absolute intolerance. His tweet must be analysed therefore as hate speech, a conspiracy theory, discrimination and slander.

Additional : In the Dutch TV talk show Op1 /29 June, 2020, start 7:26, a guest, politician Henk Otten used the words “sectarian thinking” in a discussion about two opposing views. The one has an opinion, if you think like this, you cannot like/love that. That is in my opinion not sectarian per se, because it is also a facet of totalitarianism. To be short: Leszczynski’s profile fits perfectly in both phenomenons.

Shill — The meaning of the word “shill”: “an accomplice of a confidence trickster or swindler who poses as a genuine customer to entice or encourage others.”

My comment: Striking detail in Leszczynski’s tweet is that the one, who has tweeted the to Leszczynski’s tweet attached tweet, is Martin Röösli, ICNIRP member, who has been accused for 5G swindle, and who’s tweets and ICNIRP propaganda are indeed pro-industry shill. Sources: [1] Prof. Hardell, [2] Einar Flydal in the post ICNIRP. Leszczynski ignores this. Reason: ……..hatred blinds.

Pall talks rubbish, incites fear to sell stuff — My comment: Rubbish as it is used here means, most likely: nonsense. Incites: creates. To sell stuff: this is a conspiracy theory. Wikipedia: “The term conspiracy theory has a pejorative connotation, implying that the appeal to a conspiracy is based on prejudice or insufficient evidence.” Additional info: being a Wikipedia contributor myself I know that in Wikipedia the Leszczynski language is forbidden because it contains mood colours, judgements and accusations without referring to any source. In Wikipedia these kind of texts are immediately removed.

#CoI — My comment: This is a hashtag which seems to be popular on Twitter, after searching what might be the meaning: I did and do not know exactly where Leszczynski refers to because there are many possibilities: see source. Probably Leszczynski links it with Conflicts of Interest, because in comments he and others categorizes Pall’s food supplements like that. Is he, are they right? If so, all who lecture about 5G and ask money for it, are guilty of it. Then also Leszczynski is guilty of it. Leszczynski was already a pensioner when he was 62 years, [one can question the reason for being so early a pensioner] but he is active via blog and started lecturing again, in November 2019. These lectures are filmed and made propaganda for via other websites, like EMFactsConsultancy (Don Maisch, Australia), but who paid his flight tickets, his hotel room, dinners, drinks, taxi, and the lectures? If the issue 5G would not exist, Leszczynski would not lecture about it and not earn money with it. If the proven health hazards created by wireless radiation would not exist, the Martin Pall food supplements would not be needed. In one of the comments on Leszczynski’s Twitter post, made by the Danish David Wedege, who claims he is an investigative journalist writes in the same kind of vocabulary as Leszczynski: this. We may conclude, that Leszczynski’s demagogy is creating all kinds of victims. With other words: the Leszczynski vocabulary is an online university for “students” who are without aware of it, studying demagogy.

Activists – The word activism should have been explained in the first place, because the term “activists” has been used in the first sentence. I chose to finish this article with the message that I am going to use the space of a complete new blog post for it. So: “Stop 5G Activism” is my next post, as part 2 of this one.



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