Tiredness as body language

Updated: November 21, 2019


An example of body language is tiredness.
In this time we can get all kinds of energizers, in food supplements, to activate the body, and doing that without any real good understanding of how the energy systems of the body work and cooperate together, you are on the path of no return to collapse, of a complete burnout.
A human body is more than “just” a physical body.
All the other “bodies”, layers, are as important to take care of or for.
They are: the emotional, mental and spiritual body.
All belong to the oneness of the self.
If one of these is out of balance the body sends signals.

Mainstream health care does not take time for a complete diagnose, in many cases one gets anti-depressants even before any real investigation has taken place. Anti-depressants are activators. Being depressed, or what seems to be a depression, can be part of a normal process, and suppressing it, is creating harm, creates an new problem.

Mostly we ignore symptoms of tiredness, till it is too late for a quick recovery.

Tiredness can have many causes. A new (= recently acknowledged, but an older phenomenon already) cause is electromagnetic radiation, EMF’s, and electrosmog. Also lack or absence of healthy food and clean air, and the use of pesticides in agriculture.


Causes of tiredness

If the reason(s) lay(s) hidden in the subconsciousness, it will block the energy systems in a very strong way, and keep it blocked, till you start to work at it with the help of a coach, therapist, or psychologist. Symptoms can be depressions, anger, jealousy, hatred, loneliness, self hatred, fear, tiredness, and many more. Therapy is needed because it is hardly possible to heal this without any help. Reason that problems are hidden in the subconsciousness can be the rusted patterns of the way you learned to show yourself to the world from out of a hidden not being honest to yourself, not even aware of that, denying yourself, or how others do that, that what you copied from your parents, from family, from friends, and which make it impossible for you to live free, according to your own inbeing, your deeper and only true self. It takes courage though to face these problems, to work at them, and to liberate yourself from these chains, to go out of the prison. You can also read the post about depressions.



Books about it can also help to understand more about our deeper self, about the subconsciousness. There is a very good one: “Illnesses, pain, and the human spirit…” but unfortunately it is only available in Dutch.  Dutch readers can go to the page with information about the author of this book, Erik Bruijn.

From all therapies the Bach flower remedies work the most subtle, the most simple, the most easy, and creating insight in the inner conflicts. They bring the hidden problem into the awareness, to assimilate it and to let it go. If you would like to learn more about the Bach flower remedies you can read the information about them in this blog. Important note: Bach flower remedies and the Bach rescue remedy can be used without any problem or danger in a combination of all kinds of medicine: the pharmaceutical and the natural medicine as well.

Medicinal herbs can be also very helpful. Though they work in fact just as the normal medicine: they help you to get rid of the symptoms, not of the cause.  However, they are very excellent to start with and they don’t show negative side effects, like the normal medicine you can get in the drugstore or from your doctor. Read more about this here.

Also helpful is orthomolecular therapy or medicine. In this therapy form the therapist creates an in depth program, with food advice, and food supplements, which are based on the analyse, knowledge, expertise and principles of the latest scientific research in medicine. This is more and more often contradicting the advice of doctors. Example: vitamin D is advised by doctors, while it is advised in orthomolecular therapy not to use it: it has bad side effects and is related with kidney stones.

A significant key-role in among others tiredness, burnout, vitamin D deficiency, depression, anxieties, and much more symptoms, is the mineral magnesium.



The newest researches learn that almost 75% of the world population suffers from magnesium deficiency. One of the most remarkable effects of a low magnesium level is tiredness. Magnesium is a mineral, with a key role to all health systems in our body. Magnesium is of course present in healthy food, but modern agriculture offers food with lower magnesium (and other minerals) levels than the old fashioned (pesticides free) agriculture (which is now getting a revival via biodynamic agriculture). Even when eating perfectly healthy food, having banned all unhealthy “food” with for instance sugar, animal fats, etc. etc. it is because of a lower mineral level in our soils one can suffer from magnesium deficiency. For more excellent information please read:


Electromagnetic fields, electromagnetic sensitivity

Tiredness is one of the symptoms of being electromagnetic hyper sensitive.

The intensity of electromagnetic fields has increased enormously: website Statista. 5G is going to create a planet where no place will be free of radiation. 4G is not tested enough yet, and not any scientific research shows that 4G is safe. 5G is rolled out anyway, while thousands of scientists warn for the consequences on health and nature, also climate change. For more info about 5G follow me on Twitter for the most recent developments. The posts of 2019 are all informing about the scientific researches of the hidden dangers of wireless and cell phone radiation.

Electromagnetic radiation creates several symptoms. Arthur Firstenberg, author of the book “The Invisible Rainbow, a history of electricity and life” and also the founder of the International Appeal to Stop n5G on Earth and in Space, published also a PDF about the history of electromagnetic sensitivity, and a list with symptoms. Check.




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