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Depressions, what are depressions? When is natural sadness, or need for attention, need to speak, so blocked, that it is growing into a psychological prison, a reall illness, a depression? Is a depression something so bad that there are so many antidepressants, as there are now in the world? For so many many people?

So bad and to be frightened of and for, to be scared of, that you get immediately an antidepressant, even before you finished your story, in a first session with your GP, your doctor who has not even the time to listen to you, the whole story, what would have worked already as a kind of an antidepressant, just by listening to you…….

Depressions start somewhere. In the deeper layers of the soul. And, so easily to be healed, with natural remedies, before they get worse, that bad that there are cases of huge emergency, even cases of longing for committing suicide. Even in those cases, when losing control, there are natural remedies. But nothing is really helping if there is not a therapist to listen, to the complete story, to guide you, during the time you are using medicine.

Yes, it is very very important to use the chemical medicine, when the doctor, the psychiatrist, or the psycho-therapist, advises them. You need to be controlled, and yes, it is very dangerous to stop with using antidepressants suddenly. You can do this in a kind of a program. And the therapist needs to be visited also after that. For your own safety.

So, because real depressions are indeed very very serious mental or emotional illnesses (disharmonies), you can better start taking yourself, your feelings, your body language, very very serious all the time, to avoid (emotional/mental) illnesses. You can use natural remedies for that what is not feeling good in the beginning, what feels as not feeling happy, as a lack of positive energy, so, depressed.

Medicinal herbs, and other natural remedies, are a kind of a food supplement, are wonderful healers, natural healers, bringing balance again. Medicinal herbs work in the same way though as chemical medicine: they work on symptoms, and do not heal the cause, the real reason. There are no bad side-effects when you use herbs, natural remedies. We know that chemical medicine know sometimes very very bad side effects, sometimes even worse than the original symptoms.

Another reason to avoid chemical antidepressants is to avoid that they get into the drinking water systems: antidepressants cannot be assimilated completely by the physical body, and with the urine it comes later back into the drinking water systems. Measures show and prove that sometimes the values of antidepressants in drinking water are too high, as for instance in London.

There are very good supporting herbs for when you are not feeling well, not in balance, so, search for somebody who is a phytotherapist. There are also the Bach flowerremedies, working on a deep level, and really triggering and healing the symptoms, because they heal the cause of that what is not in harmony.

You can search for a Bach flower therapist. It is too complicated to explain here where the Bach flower remedies work on or at, concerning depressions, and other moods. There are 38 Bach flower remedies. They can be combined/mixed as a personal remedy for you with a maximum of seven remedies. 

Most important: buy Rescue Remedy. For always and ever in your pocket or handbag. For in case you may need it for small problems, things, or worse. And yes, search for a therapist to talk with. Because not being able to talk with somebody who really listens to you and understands you, that is the beginning of the real, serious, depression.

Depressions can be treated also by a different way of thinking, by programming your mind with a mantra. Positive thoughts. Watch art. Listen to beautiful music, classical music, or other positive sounds. Be in nature. To fill your mind and soul with Beauty.

Thoughts are the most powerful energies in the universe. Be aware of what you think. Read for instance the recommended books in this blog. 

The video is created by Humanity Healing, to break through the negative circle.


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