Positivity and Negativity



Negativity brings disbalance. Nowadays negativity is overruling the news, mankind, nature, all existance. It can be there as fear, anxiety, lack of trust, black thoughts, negative news in newspapers and on tv, internet, bad videos, bad, negative films, negative books, aggressive computer games, bad words, lies, negative music, environmental polution, psychological polution and more.

It is not a selfish choice to turn your back to negativity. It is necessary to stay healthy, to add positivity to the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual layers of our self, and others, to the development of the growing positive spiritual awareness belonging to our planet earth.

Mother Teresa explained her helpers to take care for their own health, rest, and feelings of balance, to eat in time, to be able to continue the help for those who they were helping. That is an act of love for the self, and indirectly for others as well. Otherwise you lose energy, the positivity which we call love, and instead of real help we drain energy from others in “helping” them with our own lack of positive energy. Then help is not help anymore.



There are people who can be too close to you, too much in your positive auric field, and nourishing their own empty energy fields with it, not able to care for themselves, but more often: because it is so much easier to steal it from others. Finally you can feel lost in emptiness. So: take care for your own borders of letting in people, and don’t spend too much time with them, to avoid that being without any energy, finally.

Positive energy can be found in beautiful videos about nature, in good books, good music, (classical music [Mozart is the best, has been proved], also New Age music [Aeoliah], feeding lecture, nice videos, all what is positive for eyes, ears, senses.. Make the choice immediately to stop a negative book, negative news, negative films: your feelings tell you what is good for you, or not. Listen to your feelings. And enjoy the wonderful experiences..

Avoid lying. Tell the truth. How difficult though, it brings a huge positive energy. It heals the throat chakra. Sing mantras, or that what is nice to sing. Use your voice in a good way. Dont use bad words. Words are vibrations!! Though it can be necessary to speak, and to get rid of bad feelings: you can do it in your own space, alone.

If there is an overload of negativity inside of you, it could be helpful to shout it out as loud as you like it. It is good for you. Cry if you have to cry. Loud. Yawn as much as needed. To open the throat chakra. To get rid of negative energy.

Think positive. Send black thoughts away. Control your thoughts! Every thought has a frequency, all is going into the world outside your head, all is connected, so: be aware of what you think. Read more about this in the book written by Ronald Beesly: Yoga of the Inward Path. Transform your negative thinking mind with positive thoughts about beautiful nature, colours of the rainbow.. all what is beautiful, so, positive. Use positive mantras like: Every day my life is improving.

When you feel negativity from others, send positive thoughts back. Using colours will help. Positive wishes. They feel it, and you can heal others with it. You heal yourself with it. It is the best self protection. You can do this also with the bad energy in houses, buildings. Thoughts are the most powerful energies in the universe.

If all these exercises are not enough anymore, then, or even earlier, it is time to use Bach flower remedies. Walnut helps to protect against the negative influences of others. ====

For more insight in how to create positivity, see the videos with Eckhart Tolle

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