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Many physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health problems grow out of the way we live: sitting too long and too much, in the office, the school, and also at home.

Of course you could join a sport club, sport school, yoga group, fitness centre, but…. it is also possible to use your bike to do shoppings, to go to school, your office, or to walk every day for half an hour.

You stimulate the body, the bloodcirculation, the lymphe system, the organs. Your auric field has the possibility to discharge the stress, your lungs fill with oxygen….. and yes, oxygen is needed to refresh your lungs, old / used energy in the body. You bring back the natural balance in all the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual layers.

So the best is to have outdoor activities, and nature is the best harmoniser. The air you breath in there is clean, filled with negative ions (that is the opposite of positive ions, which create tiredness, stress, and so on), but besides that the unseen positive energy in and around the natural green areas, radiated by trees, bushes, plants, moss, grass, fills you also.

And… there is also a lack of that, what is too much in cities: the vibrations of the mobile communication, the negative energy which computers radiate, the pollution of the trafic, and….. the spiritual mud in which too many people are contantly living: every negative mood sends signals to others, also the being tired, the lack of harmony in the soul of people: it infects the atmosphere around.

This is spiritual pollution. Be aware of it. Take a shower when you come home: you also get rid of that kind of negativity, even more by a wonderful smelling showercream, based on natural substances. The best is one with aromatic ehterical oils in it, like lavender.

Put on other clothes, and let the clothes in which you were working refresh in the open air.

Take care for the air in your house: refresh the air in your house by opening doors, windows, using aromatic etherical oils to vaporize after adding to some warm water.

When you come home from a walk or after biking, your house embraces you then with a wonderful atmosphere. You will feel relaxed, in balance, sleep better, work better the next day, your mood and your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health will improve, and you will be able to face all the problems which can be there, and solve them.



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