Nature is filled with colours. Colours are a phenomenon of Life, Nature, All Existence. Colours can be found even in the dark parts of the seas and oceans, only possible to be seen when (artificial) light shines on fishes, chorals, weeds and.. water! Colours are there in the Universe. In the leafs of plants and trees, in the flowers, in our eyes, our hair, our skin. Our clothes. Our house. Our computer. Colours are there to fill us with Beauty.

Also in the Hereafter/Spheres of Light are colours. Those who are that perceptive, sensitive, can receive colours from there, which are not the same as from the earth. Colours in glass art, or stained glass, are the most comparable with the colours in the Hereafter.

The composer Olivier Messiaen saw colours while he was composing. And, yes, indeed, in the Hereafter/Spheres of Light are also sounds, there is music, they are one, so, music, the Sound of the Spheres, is connected with all aspects of our receiving soul, when we are IN the experience of the Spheres, and opened with all senses, at the same time. As a ONE experience, which is eternal, so, timeless. Time belongs to the earth, where we circle around the sun, and experience night and day, and measure that into years, decades, centuries.

Colours can bring beauty, healing. Visualising colours helps to clean our mind, our body, by visualising colours in our chakras, our auric field, our physical body, its systems, its organs.. It helps to overcome feelings of anger, of sadness, of pain.

It is a wonderful natural remedy. The meaning of each colour is depending on your own feelings, of experiencing them. There are wonderful colour therapies. Aura Soma for instance. You can find more about it on the website of Aura Soma


Colours in Josephine Wall’s Art




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