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Holistic, wholistic, massage is a therapy, which is bringing balance not just for the physical body, but also the emotional, mental and spiritual body, to make the Self whole again, to bring wholeness, and therefore we name it “wholistic” massage.

The holistic massage as I practise it is a wonderful combination of several kinds of massages, such as the Classical Massage, Shiatsu, Holistic Pulsing, Acupressure, Reflex zone massage, Metamorphose Massage, Energetic Massage, and the Thai Yoga Massage. The results are amazing.



Holistic Massage Therapists (as I am) work also on the nerve system, the chakras and the auric field. They feel and sense the energies in the body in a different way. Without explaining them they feel the blockades, tensed muscles, and go straight to the cause, without any question, and without any doubt.

They are connected with the patient in a different way. They know what is the best way of massaging on that moment. It can be very intensely and physically hard working, but also hard working on another more subtle level, with a deep concentration, always. Intense connected.

Osteopathy is the most accepted massage therapy in alternative (complementary) medicine: they are mostly accepted by health assurances/mainstream medicine.

As told: also the auric field and the chakras can be felt. That is why it is possible that they dont even touch you, in some cases, not on the body, but maybe some or more centimeters, even (more than) a meter or more outside it, around you!

Diseases can be felt also in the auric field, and sometimes the cause is (still) there, as for instance a leftover from an accident, a traumatic experience. It takes too much time to explain it more detailed.

When the therapist is working in the auric field, you can become aware of what you are more than just the physical body, and though holistic massages can also be very very soft and subtle, you will get easy in a deep relaxation, feeling connected with your deeper Self.

Together with Bach flower remedies it is so much easier to create progress in a process of healing. It is absolutely a beautiful natural remedy, our hands are created to touch, to comfort, to ease, to heal. When you follow your own loving and caring heart, your own intuition, you can create happiness!!


More videos in this playlist.

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