Being already a long time extremely tired, being overtired, makes it hardly possible to fall asleep, finally.
When you have been able to disappear in a sleep it is not possible to get into the deeper layers of the sleep, and to sleep without waking up many times, to wake up too early, not able to fall asleep again. Feeling so miserable, so bad. It is even possible that you feel sick, could throw up. Every muscle in the body can hurt.

If this proceeds then the time might come that you need (strong) sleeping tablets, and even they might not be able to bring you in a sleep.

The quality of the sleep will be bad anyway. Therapy is needed. Not sleeping pills.
Sleeping pills just stop the voice of the symptoms, for a while, after that you will need more strong pills, because you get used to them. Sleeping pills are poison for body and mind.

There are even clinics for people who are not able to sleep anymore. They learn to sleep again, by going into the rhythm of the day their therapists create with a program, but most important: to learn to do not anything at all. Just enjoying to be lazy, to be without any thought, any “you have to”, without any “must”,  just to mooch about, to find the balance back. To heal. To be. Just to be.

First aid:
Bach flower remedies: Rescue Remedy.
Herbs: Avena Sativa, Passiflora or Valeriana officinalis. Or a complex of some herbs.  Ask for it in a good health shop.

Second aid:
Search for a professional therapist, acupuncturist, homeopath, Bach flower therapist, phytotherapist, naturopath, shiatsu masseur, Thai yoga massage masseur, zonetherapist or other practitioner in alternative medicine.
Your doctor needs to be informed as well. You have to speak about it, if the problem does not solve. The best would be if your doctor is an acupuncturist or homeopath as well. In the worst case you can work with sleeping pills for a while, but search for alternative solutions, stay also tuned with yourself and don’t grow into a level without any criticism towards the one who is guiding you, who is your doctor or therapist. Medicinal herbs can help as good as sleeping pills but the herbs don’t create side effects, and you will not get addicted to them. You can get addicted to sleeping pills! So, phytotherapy is wonderful! There are several wonderful herbs which help to bring back peace of mind, harmony, relaxation, strength. YourSelf.

Third aid:
Footmassages…! Just ask your friend, mother, child, brother, sister, anybody who is willing to help you, to massage your feet, daily, or at least three times in a week. Continue with this a long time. After a while it will be enough to have a massage once in a week. You can also search for a therapist who works with the Zonetherapy, if there is nobody else to help you. Footmassages, without working with the reflexzones are easy to practice: just follow your heart, feel the love in your heart, feel the warmth, the friendship, and enjoy the good feelings in your own hands.
You can use olive oil for the massage. Kitchen oil. Simple! Add some drips with lavender essential oil (good health shops).
Before you start the massage you could give a warm footbath with some drips essential oil. Lavender relaxes, brings harmony. Read more about essential oils here.

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