Being spiritual is a kind of a fad, in these days. Mostly it has not anything to do with being spiritual though, just a continuing of that what is religion, fanatism, a longing to be a part of that what seems to be very interesting without knowing what it is, floating on bubbles and clouds, imaginations and fantasies, with not any connection to the reality of the now. Some, who say they are spiritual, think they belong to another kind of beings, coming from stars and not here to live, to be human, but to suffer as a martyr, and therefore searching to escape in dreams, because they “don’t belong to the world”. And maybe they ARE coming from stars, but…. the most important is to realize where you are now. That is: planet Earth, with all her problems, and every human being has a task, small or huge, to change the negative spiral, to serve mankind and evolution. That work is spiritual work, even if you “just” wash dishes with a positive mind. Or “just” taking care for your beautiful child(ren): let others have their so called materialistic career, being a mother/father is the most important and most beautiful also most difficult task on this planet. Yes, you can combine it, but you will have problems to have time for yourself as well, time for “to be” with an empty mind, to fill it with Light, to develop also as a spiritual being.

The opinion of people who say that they are coming from stars, is that there has been a mistake. But they don’t realize that nobody is here by mistake, or born by mistake on the wrong place, in the wrong family, and meeting the wrong people, the wrong circumstances. There can be circumstances which are not human at all though, and that is not just their problem, but there for  all human beings, to solve them, together.

Some so called spiritual leaders even think and say they are a reincarnation of Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ does not reincarnate. So: they who say they are Jesus Christ are liars. There are people who think and say that, and act as if they are more than another people. No people on this planet is/are more than another one. “God” does not have preferences. “God” is more than what Bible or Koran tells, more than that what any religion wants us to accept to believe. “God” goes far beyond that. Spirituality is the union of all religions, and spiritual awareness is for members, or old members, of all religions the same (unfolding) awareness. It is not “belief” anymore, believing that what others say you have to believe, it is knowing, without any doubt, though it stays good to doubt at all new or old phenomena in and on this planet, to sense with the intuition if it is good or not. Your intuition is as strong as your development in the process called evolution, and with unfolding yourself as a human being you will experience a growing intuition as well.

You can also be spiritual without realizing that the world calls that what you experience is being spiritual. Spirituality already existed before religions were born. Religions are creating an unnatural being. an unnatural life, and therefore creating blockades to be able to be spiritual. Osho wrote a lot about it. Jesus Christ did not create one religion. People did it: they created popes and priests, vicars, who are using the acts and words of Jesus Christ and that what his disciples wrote to frighten people with hell, death and damnation,”killing” Jesus Christ time after time again by putting words in his mouth he never said. Religions are not meaningless in all their facets though. Just realize that they can be a part of the Path where you are going on to the Awareness of All Existence. But it is not necessary. You just follow your own Path. Your Life is your Path. Just walk. And be good, positive, kind. Or angry when it is needed. If it is there: use your anger in a constructive way. Otherwise it is a horse on the run. Control it. Then it is an excellent power to work with. You see: anger is not a sin. It is a sin not to use it. It is a sin though to kill people with it, or humiliate them with it. If you are a member of a religion or a political system/party which provokes you to kill others or yourself is not a religion or a political party in it’s deepest meaning but just a tool of leaders to make you a slave of their belief-system. Step out of it. Without any fear. Dare to say “No!”, to be disobedient.

Spirituality is not something what can be learned or taught in a weekend, a workshop, or some workshops. Not by just reading books, or following some studies. Spirituality is an infinite unfolding awareness, and accepting life as it is is the beginning of going on the Path. Then changes can be there. But first there is the acceptance. Life itself is the Master Teacher. The unfolding awareness grows, by that what we meet on our Path, how we assimilate it, and grow by it.  Life brings you through many many reincarnations and evolution,  it can bring you in times of isolation, loneliness, darkness, and deeply felt spiritual pain, the so called “dark night of the soul“, it helps you to go through the cycle of the soul, in which spirituality becomes the Awareness of All Existence.

Being spiritual is not connected with difficult names or certain jobs. It can be there in doing “simple” work, lots of underestimated work, disvalued work. Working as a volunteer, for instance, not earning any money with it, is not “work” in the economical beliefsystem of humanity as it is functioning now, but it is work in it’s deepest meaning: to serve with the heart and being creative. Also being the only one of the family, or within a circle of friends, neighbours, who takes care for the one of them who is suffering from a disease, dying maybe. You can be very spiritual without having read any book about it, without having sung any mantra, or made any yoga exercise. 

(Originally posted in 2010)




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