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Self-healing energy as a facet of the life-energy potential source of Nature

Why does the one recover sooner from a disease than the other? Why do some people consider the problems in their life as a challenge? Searching for an answer on these questions the American sociologist and academician Aaron Antonovsky developed the concept “salutogenesis

After having made several examinations Aaron Antonovsky (1923-1994) concluded that every human being has the “power”, “ability”, an inner source filled with life energy, that he gave the name:  sense of coherence
This energy is closely related to the self-healing of man and consists of three factors. To begin: understanding plays a role. This is the ability to place the things you are going through: that what creates disbalance in the whole of your life. The second factor is handling, and has to do with skills and motivation. A third factor is the ability to give meaning to situations in our lives. This is the extent to which we give events a place and experience that we rule our life with our own will.

All these factors appear to influence our health. By treatment based on these three factors, the self-healing ability of the body is stimulated. Therapy, but also medicine can support this process.



Antonovsky viewed his work as primarily addressed to the fields of health psychology, behavioral medicine and the sociology of health. The term has been adopted in the medical fields of healthcare and preventive medicine. It has also been adopted as a term to describe traditional concepts in alternative medicine, naturopathy, homeopathy and anthroposophical medicine.

(Information from Weleda’s website, from Wikipedia and my own life experiences)

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