Concentration problems

Concentration needs energy. Energy sources can be empty and need to be refilled by taking a break in time, by keeping the balance between being active and passive, by going to bed in time, sleep deep and long enough to wake up fresh, by taking care for sufficient oxygen in the blood by breathing clean fresh air, by eating healthy food. Energy sources can seem to be empty, while there is enough physical energy. Overloads of emotions can create feelings of being exhausted. Not assimilated emotions, experiences, need time to digest, and the space to be in the own cocoon to work with it, to face the problems. When the process is ready the energy is back. You will feel better than ever. If you notice concentration problems consult a therapist, but you can also go through the list with some advice.


Highly Sensitive  

Many children and adults suffer from the being highly sensitive. Dr. Elaine Aron has a special website about it. Being highly sensitive can create concentration problems as well. 



Some simple advice to create a healthy energy 

  • Open windows in time, to let fresh air come into the house. Sleep in a bedroom with an opened window, if possible.
  • Clean your house, organize your office, your desk. It creates harmony and peace. (Feng shui).
  • Take a daily walk. Thirty minutes is enough. Or go to your work with your bike, on foot. Do your shoppings on foot, with your bike, instead of taking a car.
  • Take a shower or a warm bath before you go to sleep.
  • Take care for clothes which are fresh and clean. It creates a better harmony in your auric field, in your senses.
  • Use essential oils to bring a good smell in the house, in your office. They have a wonderful effect. Examples: Rosmarinus Officinalis, Lavender, Salvia Officinalis.
  • Plants have a good effect on bad energies, and bring more “air” in the house.
  • Ginkgo Biloba is a herb which works excellent on concentration problems (and more) because of her antioxidants. Oxidants attack the physical body inside, make the body aging sooner, create the feeling of being without energy, tiredness, lack of concentration, aching muscles and hinges. Ginkgo Biloba is an antioxidant, and helps you to get rid of old bad stuff in your body, to feel fresh again. It helps very good for concentration problems. You can buy it in good health shops.
  • Avoid too much impressions with the senses: eyes, ears….
  • Eat healthy food. Use food supplements like vitamins and minerals. The food we buy in supermarkets has been cultivated with chemical supplements, in a too fast tempo and therefore they are not as healthy as we think they are.
  • Stop in time with working or doing sports, don’t be too active in the evening. Stop an hour before you go to sleep with computer work. For a good night rest you can buy the herb: Valariana officinalis, or Melissa officinalis, or Avena Sativa, or Passiflora Incarnata
  • Drink enough water: one or two liters a day.
  • Take a break in time. Create a rhythm in your work in being active and passive.
  • Practice yoga and/or sport.
  • Join a group where you learn to clean your mind, body, auric field, your chakras.
  • Therapy: search for a naturopath, acupuncturist, masseur (Shiatsu, zonetherapy), Bach flower remedies therapy.


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