Excessive hunger, aggression and sexual aggression, symptoms of EMF radiation

An excerpt from: “The Truth About 5G and Wi-Fi“, lectured by Barrie Trower, on February 3, 2020, in Phoenix, UK. Go to 25:54 / 24:46 in the transcript or to the video below.

Attention: In the excerpt Barrie Trower mentions three symptoms of exposure to electromagnetic radiation. In one sentence he names “suicide“, obviously by mistake, instead of immediately using “sexual aggression”. There is a correlation however between EMF /electrosmog exposure and suicide. For studies about this correlation, see a small collection below the video text. The oldest study I found is from 1979. More studies about this correlation are needed.

“The three most commonests from microwaves going into the brain—and I am not a neurosurgeon, I just know from experience—the five most commonests in order, are the same symptoms, the same symptoms that you would receive from morphine or marijuana:

  1. hunger, excessive hunger
  2. aggression
  3. and if the pulse frequency is a certain frequency—which I won’t say on camera—the aggression manifests itself as sexual aggression.

So you can get aggressive from the microwaves and particular port frequency will manifest itself as sexual aggression, particularly from men.”

Complete lecture, with transcript.

PubMed / The correlation between EMF / electrosmog and suicide

Suicidal Ideation Is Associated With Excessive Smartphone Use Among Chinese College Students
Published: January 27, 2022
Conclusion: Considering the widely use of smartphones in Chinese colleges and the correlation with suicidal ideation, excessive phone use among college students should be given more attention by administrators and health workers. It is necessary to obtain more information about the intention of smartphone use, make full use of smartphones for health education, and monitor excessive use of smartphones, while improving social support and coping mechanisms for depression, to identify suicidal ideation and prevent suicidal behavior among Chinese college students.

Association between Smartphone Usage and Mental Health in South Korean Adolescents: The 2017 Korea Youth Risk Behavior Web-Based Survey
Published: March, 2020
Conclusion: Smartphone overuse was independently associated with an increased risk of mental health problems, which did not seem to be mediated by the problems caused by smartphone usage.

Exposure to electromagnetic fields and suicide among electric utility workers
Published: August, 2000
Conclusions: The results of this study provide evidence for an association between cumulative exposure of extremely low-frequency EMFs and suicide, especially among younger workers. We hypothesize that an increased vulnerability at younger ages may be based on a change in the nature of depression with age, with suicide more closely linked to depression among younger workers and physical impairments among older workers. Future research on the effects of exposure to EMFs on suicide and depression is warranted to examine more closely the temporal pattern of exposure, depression, and suicide.

Psychological effects of chronic exposure to 50 Hz magnetic fields in humans living near extra-high-voltage transmission lines
Published: 1997
The validity of several published investigations of the possibility that residential exposures to 50 Hz or 60 Hz electromagnetic fields might cause adverse psychological effects, such as suicide and depression, may have been limited by inadequate controlling for confounders or inadequate measurement of exposures. We investigated the relationships between magnetic field exposure and psychological and mental health variables while controlling for potential confounders and careful characterising individual magnetic field exposures. Five-hundred-and-forty adults living near transmission lines completed neuropsychological tests in major domains of memory and attentional functioning, mental health rating scales and other questionnaires. Magnetic field measurements were taken in each room occupied for at least one hour per day to provide an estimate of total-time-integrated exposure. The data were subjected to joint multivariate multiple regression analysis to test for a linear relation between field exposure and dependent variables, while controlling for effects of possible confounders. Performance on most memory and attention measures was unrelated to exposure, but significant linear dose-response relationships were found between exposure and some psychological and mental health variables. In particular, higher time-integrated exposure was associated with poorer coding-test performance and more adverse psychiatric symptomatology. These associations were found to be independent of participants’ beliefs about effects of electromagnetic fields.

Relation between suicide and the electromagnetic field of overhead power lines
Published: 1979

Other sources:

Radiation Safety Institute of Canada
Information on EMF
Effects on general health Some members of the public have attributed a diffuse collection of symptoms to low levels of exposure to electromagnetic fields at home. Reported symptoms include headaches, anxiety, suicide and depression, nausea, fatigue and loss of libido. To date, scientific evidence does not support a link between these symptoms and exposure to electromagnetic fields. At least some of these health problems may be caused by noise or other factors in the environment, or by anxiety related to the presence of new technologies.

BBC News
Electromagnetic fields ‘raise suicide risk
Published: March 15, 2000

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