International Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity (EHS) Awareness Day – 16 June

Posted on June 13, 2022 by Stop Smart Meters Australia

The aim of this day is to inform the general public about the different sources of artificial electromagnetic radiation (EMR) they are confronted with on a daily basis and to explain how to avoid unnecessary exposure to them. We need to create more awareness of EHS, the health effects of EMR exposure and to support people suffering with EHS.

At present, many EHS people are suffering alone; let’s show solidarity, think of them and give these people the visibility they deserve. 

Because of lack of awareness and official medical acknowledgment most sufferers of EHS don’t understand the cause of their symptoms and continue to use EMF-emitting devices. Some develop different theories to explain their condition and symptoms, are often mistreated and undergo medical procedures that in some cases can even make their EHS condition worse.

The lack of awareness and official acknowledgment leads to more people suffering from EHS as EMR usage continues uninterrupted and with people not taking precautions.

While industry continues to profit from the uptake of polluting technologies, more and more people are becoming sensitive to EMR and electromagnetic fields (EMF), and more people with EHS will continue to suffer. Improvement in the EHS condition of a person will most likely occur after a few days/weeks of exposure reduction. This can happen only if an EHS person understands the source of his/her symptoms and is willing to take steps to stop their use and reduce exposure. The lack of acknowledgment, both by medical professionals and government, not only makes it harder for EHS to be accepted, but also makes it more difficult for people to find out the cause for their symptoms. These people unknowingly continue to use their devices and continue to be exposed to EMR, while their condition deteriorates.

EHS awareness day was created to change this.

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