Are anti-5G activists cowards?

In the article:

Four Corners report on 5G breaches ABC’s Code of Practice
By: Stop smart Meters Australia
Published; August 13, 2020

is a remarkable sentence:

“Oddly, despite the purported object of its investigation, the Four Corners report didn’t reveal a single Australian anti-5G activist blaming the COVID-19 pandemic on 5G. SSMA asks if the focus on ‘wild conspiracy theories’ is another media beat-up big on sensationalism – and short on facts?”

This sentence contains a false relationship with Truth, Facts, Science. How? Read again: “…the Four Corners didn’t reveal a single Australian anti-5G activist blaming the COVID-19 pandemic on 5G.”


Anti-5G activists cowards, and pro-5G cowards.

The definition of the word coward, according to Dictionary: “a person who lacks courage in facing danger, difficulty, opposition, pain, etc.; a timid or easily intimidated person.” This fits very well here:

The sentence “…the Four Corners didn’t reveal a single Australian anti-5G activist blaming the COVID-19 pandemic on 5G.” sounds like: “You see? There is not any anti 5G activist to be found in Australia, who links 5G with the Covid-19 pandemic!”

That sounds like: “You see? We, Australian anti-5G activists are not to be blamed! We do not link 5G with Covid-19: the government wants us to keep silent. We are cowards, not daring to speak truth, not daring to talk about facts, not contributing to science, because science is putting all puzzle pieces together, and we don’t puzzle any more because the government does not want us to do so. This is THE taboo of the century and since a while even censured.

Big-Names politicians et al. [et al.: political organisations members, national healthcare institution directors and staff, average and/or industrial scientists, journalists] act worse than cowards do. Cowards see the danger, but do not have the courage to counter the danger. Big-Names politicians et al. are generally of such a low degree in their human evolution, that they do not even have a little percentage of ethics, awareness, and have therefore the intelligence, insight and view that matches with their evolutionary degree.

Cowards get very easy impressed, overwhelmed and blinded by the power theatre performed and used by this type of humans. Big-Names politicians net al. have this power because they know how to successfully manipulate and mislead people. When they lose control, they react in all kinds of threats, in all its variants.


What is denied and/or censored by Big-Names Politicians et al.: The correlation between 5G/4G-LTE, Covid-19 and EHS

Not only Big-Names politicians et al. deny or censor the correlation between 5G/4G-LTE, Covid-19 and EHS. There are Stop 5G scientistsJoel Moskowitz for instancewho made an appeal to stop the Stop 5G activists to talk or write about the correlation between 5G/4G-LTE, Covid-19 and EHS.

Moskowitz claims that talking or writing about it harms the credibility of the Stop 5G movement. What is indeed harming the credibility of the Stop 5G movement, of EHS in general, is Moskowitz’s own public support of ICNIRP commissioner Röösli on Twitter, the one who dared to state that I behave unethically because I write about EHS. EHS does not exist, according to him. See article. So, yes, Moskowitz is a coward, or worse: a Trojan Horse in all what is related with science about the dangers of EMF, and what it creates: cancer. If I was a patient in Moskowitz’s hospital, suffering from cancer, I would confront him with his friend Röösli, and ask him how he can be friends with an ICNIRP commissioner, a person who is because of that responsible and accountable for the false ICNIRP guidelines, plus the cancer that has been created because of that group’s false guidelines. I would refuse Mr. Moskowitz to treat me, and send him away. Not only Moskowitz, but also Mark Arazi and Devra Davis support Röösli in public, on Twitter, but Davis also on the Environmental Health Trust website: she publishes research to which Röösli also contributed.

So, I continue, not despite, but because of Moskowitz’s request not to do it.  

Since 5G was commercialised in China in exact the same month as the Coronavirus starteda quite normal flu virus, and not much different from former versions in its family tree, and where we, humans, have already created immunity for [read Coronavirus: Why everyone was wrong]a completely new phenomenon in the history of pandemics occurred: people becoming ill of a new variant of the flu, a flu that as usual creates respiratory problems, plus the then new 5G radiation in Wuhan: enormous concentrations of wireless radiation from antennae and active cellphones, which create also heavy respiratory problems: asthma, sinusitis, bronchitis and pneumonia in all  variants and levels is also caused by electromagnetic radiation.

Also flu-like symptoms belong to reacting to wireless radiation. Also fever. Wireless radiation creates inflammations.[See: Ulrich Warnke, video, PDF] Even the so-called Covid-toes[see picture in this article] are inflammations, typically appearing now, and by mistake named Covid toes: the cause is not a virus but an overdose of wireless radiation. There are more symptoms that are connected with Covid-19, but which are not a Covid-19 symptom, but an EHS symptom: see list of EHS symptoms, PDF, page 4/8. Picture: Click to enlarge

A normal flu, mixed with a high concentration of wireless radiation, in cities, homes, offices, hospitals, created a soup of extreme never before experienced symptoms and even unusual fatal consequences. The world is in a crisis.

Arthur Firstenberg: “A mix of 5G and flu is deadly.” [See newsletter Arthur Firstenberg, page 5/8.] I would like to say: “A mix of 5G, and/or 4G-LTEin highly EMF irradiated buildings like nursing homes, hospitals, and apartment buildings with a collective of as many smart meters and Wi-Fi’s as there are front doorsand a flu, is able to create traumatic results, like unrepairable damage to organs and systems, and often even death.”

Wireless also creates mutations in a virus. This means that the flu-virus is constantly changing and even infecting people who had the flu, named Covid-19, but that changed in the meantime into Covid-20-plus date of appearance-and person. There must be millions of mutations in the meantime. Every human being with an Internet connection on the cellphone mutates his/her own new flu virus, and so on and so on.

A never mentioned detail of the situation of older people living in nursing homes, the  most vulnerable group within the pandemic, is the wireless device they wear with a cord around the neck, to be able to press on it, to get help from a nurse, when necessary. That wireless device is located in the area of the heart, and lungs. Day and night. The excuse that this device can save their life, is derived from the brain of an ignorant person. It kills them. If not in the short term, it will in the long term[if they have that time], via all kinds of illnesses, that till today are not correlated with EMF, like cancer, heart disease, diabetes, and also Alzheimer’s. God knows how many elderly are suffering from EHS symptoms, and medicated with mainstream drugs, that of course will not help, because the only way to help them is taking away the cause: EMF.

A highly threatened group in the society are also those who are hospitalised. Hospitals are as the homes mentioned in the former paragraph, areas with high concentrations of EMF. Hospitals are in many ways an utterly unhealthy environment. Also for those who work there.[Read scientific PDF]

4G-LTE is also breathtaking. Example: yesterday I was in a building to consult a health care practitioner. Entering the room I got problems with breathing, not heavy, but it felt as entering a room without or not enough oxygen. Because I needed to explain my EHS, because of health issues, the therapist was so alert that she proposed to close the computer and other wireless devices. I proposed first to use my EMFields Acousticom device, to measure the radiation inside. It became almost red near the desk with all these devices. She turned it off. It took some seconds before it went down to amber. Most of the buildings, streets show amber, not green. Nobody checks these public areas on the concentration of radiation, with many people and as many active cell phones, computers, bluetooth, etc..[Read scientific PDF] And it is a fact, the pressure on my lungs went down. As if a window was opened.

Another example: also 4G-LTE cell towers are breathtaking. I experienced this when being at a certain angle under the cell tower. It disappeared when walking from it. There are more complaints about it: Einar Flydal wrote about it.


The correlation between anti-5G cell tower destroyers, the anti-5G cowards, and the pro-5G propagandists

Anti-5G cell tower destroyers are the criminal-anti-5G-activists, and show typical cowardly behaviour: they do their work in the dark, and use the wrong way to try to stop 5G. They do not take the responsibility and accountability for their acts in public. They are anti-5G cowards.

Anti-5G cowards are not anti-5G activists: cowards betray truth, science and facts. Stop 5G activists do not betray truth, science and facts, do not hide themselves, dare to speak and write, in public. There are a lot of scientists among them. They know about the lies, corruption and conflicts of interest, but they do not speak about it. Often they even cooperate with the industry themselves, because they are good paid, and the value of money is for them bigger than the value of truth. The 5G Appeal, an appeal to be signed by scientists and doctors, has been signed 398 times, as of August 10, 2020. Just 398. At least 398 scientists and doctors show not to be a coward.

Also pro-5G propagandists are cowards: they betray truth, science and facts, by ignoring these deliberately, with conscience. Also you, Musk, are a coward. Arthur Firstenberg has tried to contact you, but you do not react.


World population: 7,800,000,000 people = 7,800,000,000 cowards?

The world population in March 2020 was: 7,800,000,000 people. I am really an optimist to dare to hope that worldwide there are about 50.000 real Stop 5G activists. This means that there are 7,799,950,000 “others”. But probably the by me guessed total of 50.000 Stop 5G activists should be 5.000, because at least 45.000 do not dare to talk or write about it in public.

Being an activist takes more than signing the International Appeal, or any kind of appeal to Stop 5G, though it is an important step to sign. 

Being an activist takes more than tweeting about it, or publishing a post in Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and all other media.

An activist dares to talk about it with the most difficult group to talk with: friends, family, children, aunts, teachers: this is so much more difficult than writing, because their unawareness, ignorance and resistance can be overwhelming, offensive, even aggressive, and so discouraging.

Don’t quit.

Get used to not being understood, not seen, lonely, rejected. Growing up means daring to face the reality, and to dare to confront those around with it, for their own sake. A real Stop 5G activist is not a coward. Therefore there are not so many real Stop 5G activists.

The 7,799,950,000 “others” cannot make the excuse that they did not know about it. The sentence: “We did not know!”, in German: “Wir haben es nicht gewusst!”, that was used after WWII by the German people, as an excuse, does not work today: all have the possibility to find information via the world wide web.

Except babies, toddlers, children.

Except those who live in countries where all is censured, even the media, like China, North Korea. Countries with a totalitarian regime.

I distance myself from all who with conscienceturn away from the ant-5G warnings. They are the people who have taken the freedom to be the censor themselves. Censoring truth is only possible when one is spiritually dead. Although they have the shape of a human being: inside is not any individual, but a slave.

Picture: the spiritual evolution of the human being, from being the primitive Neanderthaler to Anthroposthe full human being, which Rudolf Steiner made the keystone of his spiritual science when he gave it the name, anthroposophyhaving reached the top of the pyramid of awareness.


Spiritual evolution



The real Stop 5G activists  are courageous. When Stop 5G activism finally has stopped 5G, when finally will be proved that 5G, wireless radiation, and the virus are indeed correlated with each other, and more facts are proved that are censored today, enormous amounts of cowards will rise and say then, they were all the time agreeing with all we said or wrote. Also the Big Newspapers et al., while they were only promoting 5G, censuring publications about the connection between 5G and the virus, and naming us conspiracy theorists.



In the following video Dr Vernon Coleman speaks about issues that are very important to become aware of the masks of our present time, and how to watch through the masks, in order to find out Truth, and to serve Truth.

Vernon Coleman (born 18 May 1946) is an English author, columnist and former general practitioner. He has written over 100 books, including works about human health, politics, cricket, and animal issues, and a range of novels. He is criticized and even censored because of his view on politicians, and health care systems. He has a YouTube channel where he publishes videos like the one above. Several videos have been removed by YouTube. Though I do not second all what he tells, I notice when listening to his spoken texts, that there are several issues in which I agree with him, and a lot is even shared in my blog Multerland. Reason to share his views.

About Multerland

Multerland is a blog about care for nature, natural health, holistic medicine, holistic therapies, deep ecology, sustainability, climate change, life processes, psychology, spirituality, and awareness. Since 2017 only articles about the hidden dangers of wireless and cell phone radiation have been published. Since April 2023 a new branch has been added: "Sustainable Politics". URL:
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