Prostate cancer, rectal cancer and EMF

 Updated: August 5, 2020

Comment on: Night-time exposure to blue light associated with increased risk of colorectal cancer
Published: July 30, 2020
By: Barcelona Institute for Global Health


What is missing in the “blue light” research

For insiders, professionals in the field of EMF, it might be clear that “blue light” is a sign of electromagnetic fields, but we are not all professionals, but not even the most professionals are aware of what creates cancer in the first place. The danger is permanently present, also without the blue light. Therefore a list with all what is missing in the “blue light” research:

  • Where do you keep the cellphone? Prostate cancer and rectal cancer are most probably caused by the bad habit of men, to keep the smartphone in the pockets of their trouser: in front, or in the back pocket. Even the sportswear industry for men advertises where to keep the smartphone when sporting. Some women wear a smartphone in their bra[the sportswear industry shows even in advertisements how to keep the smartphone in the sport bra]: so, exactly on one of the breasts, or both, in the middle, on the heart, or on the backside, on the spineexactly ON the central nervous system. One can expect that people have integrated these examples, and are keeping their cellphone in all other kinds of trousers and bras. Even the term: pocket dialling exists because people wear the mobile in the pocket trouser.

When enjoying night-lifethe study is about blue light, in the nightthe use of any kind of handbag is of course annoying, therefore the unmissable smartphone has to be put somewhere else. The cellphone in the pocket in the trouser, in front or on the backside, is irradiating constantly the entire zone of the pelvis, the zone between the hips and the upper legs, and the most near to the two zones where the researchers found cancer. The smartphone in the bra is constantly irradiating the breast of the woman. If she wears the cellphone in a trouser pocket, in front or back, her ovary, follicles and egg cells are constantly irradiated, which creates even harm to the DNA in the egg cells. Men: sperm loses quality, and the DNA will be affected as well. This has consequences for future children. Birth defects can be a result. See chapter 8, Children are at risk, in the interview of Dr. Zac Cox with Barry Trower.

Further is missing:

  • AgeSee therefore for instance this very excellent article: Colorectal Cancer Soaring in Young Adults; Are Smartphones in the Mix? Epidemiologist De-Kun Li Wants To Know
    Published: June 3, 2019
    By: Dr. Louis Slesin, in MicrowaveNews—”According to the National Cancer Institute’s most recent annual report, released last week, colorectal cancer is the most common cancer among men between the age of 20 and 49.”
  • Work – how high is the radiation in the workplace? See: Electromagnetic Radiation Due to Cellular, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Technologies: How Safe Are We?
  • Education – The research results about education would certainly show that ignorance about EMF exists in all levels of education, even in those who have the highest titles in science.
  • EMF in generalproefopstelling-thermische-belasting-500x375-1 The total of cell towers and antennas in the researched areas, plus the population density: the collective of cellphones create a highly concentrated EMF radiation cloud, which has the volume of the entire city in cubic metres, m³, 3-dimensional: including also the space above the city reaching the heights of the highest office buildings, trade centres and apartments buildings, and far above these. ICNIRP, FCC, ARPANSA, Safety Code 6, Telecom worldwide, investigated the effect of just one cellphone, kept to the head of a doll, for some minutes, per day and based their safety guidelines on just this. That is the main reason why these guidelines are false, and why the graphics with numbers of illnesses and deaths are skyrocketing.
  • Pollution – combinations of noise pollution with EMF pollution, light pollution and air pollution. Each single pollution harms and attacks our health. Combinations are even more violent.
  • Lifestyle
  • Graphics, tables


Prevention is better than cure

The first step to support your body is to ban all what harms the body, what is making the body ill, or to reduce it.

Keep your smartphone at distance! Cell phones are dangerous. More: Phonegate Alert

Insight about the dangers – Another step in the right direction is to get insight: men and women, parents, grandparents, youngsters, even doctors and professors who really believe that the EMF safety guidelines as created by ICNIRP are safe[see for instance this research, information about EMF is absent] can only be convinced by education, insight in what EMF is, and why it is dangerous. See: The Hidden Dangers of Wireless and Cellphone Radiation. In the following paragraph you can find information of Dr. Ulrich Warnke: he shows why it is important to use food supplements: vitamins, minerals and herbs: these prevent all kinds of diseases, related with inflammations and a weakened immune system. The list is long!. You can also find information about EMF in my blog: see EMF links.

Why food supplements are necessary
Next to stopping or reducing all diseases-creating factors as much as possible, the body needs food supplements. Why? The vegetables and fruits of today, even when cultivated in a “green” way, are not the same vegetables and fruits as before the era of pesticides, modern agriculture, over-exploited and poisoned soils, and electromagnetic fields. Vegetables and fruits are also cultivated in greenhouses with EMF devices, or in fields with celltowers in the surroundings, radiating the fruits and vegetables and harming their structure, and their vitamins and minerals.

What is not in the soil, cannot be in the vegetables. Pesticides and neonicotinoids drip from leaves down, to the earth, and are absorbed by the soils, where worms, insects, beetles live and create a healthy structure. These die. Also the so highly important minerals disappear from the soils. This means that vegetables and fruits are harmed beneath the surface of the earth and above it, in the open air. Food supplements are therefore highly needed to stay healthy and strong:

EMF harms not only vegetables and fruits, but also our body, attacks organs, systems, and all this together this creates an exhausted immune system, not well working organs like heart, liver, kidneys, a need for vitamins and minerals which are not in the vegetables and fruits any more. Dr. Ulrich Warnke explains which vitamins and minerals are needed, also which herbs, in a lecture of 2014: “Mobile communications boost chronic inflammation which lead to diseases, e.g. cancer.” (in German)
PDF, as used in the lecture:
Title: Inflammations
By: Dr. rer. nat. Ulrich Warnke

Body language – Cancer is a secondary disease[German: Folgeerkrankung], which follows a chronic inflammation, a weakened immune system: this means that cancer does not suddenly start to exist, one has symptoms a long time before cancer is diagnosed. It is necessary to learn to listen to your body signals and languagelike unexplainable tiredness, pain, the language of your moods unexplainable bad moods like irritations, anger, fear, fury, stress, anxiety, depression. These are an indication that something is out of balance and when these signals do not stop, one should consult a doctor. Unfortunately general practitioners do not have much time to listen to you, just ten minutes, and they often send you home with mainstream medicine, most probably with antidepressants, which do not solve the problem: they only suppress.

Avoiding illnesses by preventive and supportive therapy and/or healing methods – Big Pharma medicine is polluting the body as well, and creates harm. When you get unexplainable signals, or you do not feel well, do not wait for worse: you could consult a registered naturopath, or therapist. They are able to help you with methods like acupuncture, chiropractic, osteopathy, reflex zone therapy, herbal medicine, blossom remedies, classic massage, Thai yoga massage, Ayurvedic massage, art therapy, orthomolecular medicine, and able to offer you professional analyses, advice and insight. They know perfectly if it is necessary to consult a general practitioner, or eventually a colleague who works with other, for the symptoms more fitting healing methods. Prevention is better than cure! See also the additional information.

Extra: Chapter “The incredible partnership between the miraculous human immune system and nature” – in the article about the role of Nutritional Science, by Dr. Alan Palmer, in The Children’s Health Defense – Published August 4, 2020



To spend the time and costs in a research only about the eventual role of blue light in the night, the effect of it on the circadian rhythms, and the possible cause of blue light on the development of prostate cancer, rectal cancer, and breast cancer, is in my opinion pure waste, and most probably offering the same results as researching the same, without the focus on the blue light, but focussing on the fact that these people live a night life, are missing a healthy life style, are missing Vitamin D, created by sunlight, an essential vitamin to conquer inflammations, and therefore part of the cause of secondary diseases like cancer.

Telecom has made the smartphone a part of the oiled machine named modern society. The smartphone is the modern wallet, modern calendar, laptop, cinema, gambling hall, photo camera, etc.. Therefore the focus should not be in the first place on the blue light, but on the place where people keep their cellphone.


Additional information:

  1. Night-time exposure to blue light associated with increased risk of colorectal cancer
    Published: July 30, 2020
    By: Barcelona Institute for Global Health
  2. Colorectal Cancer Soaring in Young Adults; Are Smartphones in the Mix?
    Epidemiologist De-Kun Li Wants To Know
    Published: June 3, 2019
    By: Dr. Louis Slesin, in MicrowaveNews
  3. Dr. Zac Cox, PhD, talks with Mr. Barrie Trower [2010]
    Interview with videos and transcript
    Published: April 15, 2020
  4. Protect yourself from the radiations of your smartphone
    By: Phonegate Alert Team
    Published: July, 2020
  5. Video: Keep your distance with your smartphone!
  6. Traditional Chinese Medicine  Note: Traditional Chinese Medicine is a university study; folk “medicine” is information that has passed on through history from the beginning of mankind from mother to child, and has degraded into a soup of myths, shamanism, religion, black magic, conspiracy, myths, a flawed knowledge of herbs and mostly even total ignorance. Wikipedia contributors are obviously ignorant about the difference between TCM and folk medicine and reason why on the page about SARS-CoV-2 (virus) – COVID-19 (disease) they write in the chapter: Reservoir and zoonotic origin: “Pangolins are protected under Chinese law, but their poaching and trading for use in traditional Chinese medicine remains common in the black market.” The term “traditional Chinese medicine” is an error and should be named folk medicine, because TCM, Traditional Chinese Medicine is an academic study, and does not work with products derived from animals.
  7. Herbal Medicine
  8. Future Learn: Soils
  9. In the Joseph Mercola website video “Metabolic Health” Mercola discusses with Paul Saladino the impact metabolic health has on COVID-19 outcomes.
    Paul Saladino is a psychiatrist, who dares to write about metabolism a medical science subject that has not any link with his studies, and the, what he falsely claims, positive effects of eating meat (see review of his book: The Carnivore Code) on a healthy metabolism.
    However, a not healthy metabolism, and the with metabolism linked activity in the mitochondria, is caused by electromagnetic radiation: see e.g. The Hidden Dangers of Wireless and Cellphone Radiation, part 3 [transcript is available]/ Also Dr. Martin L. Pall speaks about the impact of EMF on metabolism. Also Dr. Ulrich Warnke links the impact of electromagnetic fields with metabolism: Entzündungen, page 86/129: Mitochondriopathie / page 88/129: Causes: 1. electromagnetic fields.
    A not healthy metabolism creates indeed a weakening of the immune system. A weakened immune system makes people vulnerable for all kinds of inflammations caused also by viruses. See Ulrich Warnke: Entzündungen. Covid 19 is a virus. Nobody has ever checked the levels of radiation in areas where Covid breaks out. Cruise ships, holiday camps, cities, everywhere where people are near to each other are amidst a high concentration of mobile phone radiation, and other wireless radiation, cell towers, not only 5G antennas, but also 4G-LTE antennas, and it would be interesting to research the role of these concentrations in the start of a new Covid 19 revival.
    Saladino’s views on the cause of a not well functioning metabolism are false. Dr. Ulrich Warnke specifically mentions red meat as dangerous for our health. I have, because of the good reputation and excellent researches of Dr. Ulrich Warnke, not any doubt about his insights and knowledge. For the Mercola video, go here. I added this info because Mercola has many followers who believe that all he presents is quality and truth. That is a misconception.

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