Russian propaganda?


Edited: July 30, 2020

The publications in the media about the Russian decision to ban Wi-Fi and smartphones from schools, are obviously considered to be Russian propaganda, by “Telecom” [see tweet].


What is “Russian propaganda”?


The propaganda of the Russian Federation is propaganda that promotes views, perceptions or agendas of the government of Russia. The media include state-run outlets and online technologies,[3][4] and may involve using “Soviet-style ‘active measures‘ as an element of modern Russian ‘political warfare‘”.[5]    Read more here.

The new guidelines for schools, and online learning at home, as presented by the ministry of health in Russia, are created by RusCNIRP, a group of independent scientists who have studied EMF and experienced electromagnetic radiation on volunteering humans, in Russia. RusCNIRP has found highly alarming research results concerning the health of all human beings, especially for the foetus, babies, children, and teenagers. Not only for Russians, not only for Russian foetuses, babies, children and teenagers, but for all human beings. Science is not politically interested, not owned by politics and governments.

“Russian propaganda” as it essentially is, is not related at all with what the Ministry of Health in Moscow has decided about schools and online learning at home, but the decision of the Russian Ministry of Health opens indeed a very nice crystal clear view on Russia and the care of Russians for their children.


The “Free West”?

“Russian propaganda” is an expression for those outside Russia who like to influence the opinion of the crowds who live in the so-called “free west”, where all can say what they like to say [but nobody listens]. The “free” west does not exist. In the free west the so-called free people have become the slaves of the industry that rules all the governments, via the votes of these slaves, via a fake democratic system. In the free west people really believe they are free.


Capitalism and Communism

Russia is not different from the “free west”, since also there political systems restrict the people’s freedom: the Tsar was thrown from the throne in 1917 and other types of “Tsars” took over the totalitarian power. The “free west”points to Russia as an unfree state, Russia points to the west for the same. The industry in both East and West has during the era of the industrialisation taken over the reigns of politics[see article]. Capitalism is now also blossoming where communism was and even IS dictated. Communism is essentially an utterly social “ism”, but the world was not ready for it and one cannot force human evolution by violence, as happened in Russia, as happens in China, and why communist countries are factually not communist at all. Capitalism rules also in China, North Korea, everywhere. Also EU is not different from what is happening in Russia, in USA. The industry is the absolute totalitarian power where all world politics are merchandisers for. The crisis we are in is a result of blind capitalism, and the inborn and stimulated by industry greed of human beings.


Painting: Polish artist Zdzisław Beksiński, without a title. For me it is the blind monster industry that eats human beings. All walk in his wide opened mouth, something inside urges them to go in it (greed) and they do not see where they walk into. Their mind is sleeping. They are blind also. Not aware of what is happening: that they will be transformed into the faeces of the monster. Humans are the industry’s waste.



“If freedom is here, what does prison look like?”

The so-called “free west” is scaremongering people for Russia, because the so-called “free west” people could lose their freedom, their free choice, their free will, when Russia is going to become too powerful. Which freedom?


“If freedom is here, what does prison look like?” Source


  • when reading the news about 5G, the way it is rolled out and the speed of the rollout
  • when discovering the total absence of any industrial scientific research of the biological effects of 5G
  • when learning about the support of the “free” west of corrupted safety guidelines decision makers groups like ICNIRP, FCC, ARPANSA, Safety Code 6 [See also: wikipedia]
  • when reading about the role of the corrupted WHO
  • when reading about Bill Gates, vaccines, the totally absurd, insane, unnecessary vaccine cocktail of till about 16 different vaccines, where parents of new born babies in USA are obliged to agree with. Read article Children’s Health Defense

…then I wonder in what kind of a freedom we live in. Then I do not wonder which side I should choose if it comes to choices:

I would choose for Russia.


My view on Russia

Choosing for Russia is not a synonym for agreeing with their politics, though I understand the Russian revolution, though I love their hymn, and though I understand the essence of communism. As a child I felt the enormous fear of both my parents, when the news came that Russia invaded Hungary [1956]. I was 8 years old. When there was ever something to be afraid of, later, I translated it automatically into “Russians”. My father hated Stalin, deeply, he hated communism, the communist leaders, and I did not understand it then, but later I did, and I agreed. I learned later that politics is not the same as culture. I learned from my mother the love for the Russian dances and music, but I also felt and feel love for for instance Spanish dances, Hungarian dances, all traditional dances and music. I dislike the music of the American cowboys however, their arrogant view on the American indigenous people, and their  “country and western” music. I can not listen to it.

I love nature. As Russians do. Love for nature is deeply rooted in the Russian soul. I feel the same. When it comes to choices, I choose for Russia. If I had to run for my life, I would run to Russia, not to the USA.


My view on the USA

America was a glorious country, for me, Americans were heroes: born some years after WWII out of parents who witnessed the war in the Netherlands, and who experienced Americans as liberators, I only heard positive words, and deep respect. America was glorified. My view on America changed during my life and on a certain moment I really did not understand why people would like to go there, to live there, or to go for a holiday there. The American glory of 1945 must have created an addiction in Americans to glory itself, to play the role of the liberator everywhere in the world, and to interfere finally in politics where they did not have the right to. The greed of their ancestors, who invaded America, was and is obviously in the DNA of the Americans: they never stopped to invade, and their out of the cowboy-guns derived advanced war industry helped them to win insane cruel wars. During the last decades the American glory faded out. Then there was Trump with: “We Make America Great Again!”
His politics have speeded up the rotting process of USA that started when Columbus arrived on that continent. He exposes the enormous numbers of far-right voters, Trump voters, the fake holiness of Christians in USA, who made it happen that Trump won. “It was meant to be, and a sign of God”. Most probably all this could happen because white supremacy America has no authentic culture, with roots far back in history, from the beginning of mankind: Americans of the present are the heirs of the fortune hunters from Europe. All what was authentic American has been stolen, killed, removed, ridiculed, humiliated, and this has not stopped yet: the indigenous people of America who are still alive still live in reservations and have no rights. The white supremacy overruled not only the indigenous people, but also the by white supremacists from Africa into America entered black people, the white man’s slaves, and all other human colours that appeared in USA, and are trying to enter right now the USA: “Go back where you came from!“. But the new Americans are awaking already a long time, and times and American society are finally really changing. The white supremacists feel backed into a corner, and act in the same way as those who invaded America, and killed all who were trying to defend their property and were opposing them. There is a revival of the cowboy mentality and it is supported by their self chosen pro-cowboy government. But much more intense: it is now a political movement.
That Americans [together with the British, Canadians, Polish and Russians] liberated Europe from Nazi Germany, stays a fact where we, Europeans, are eternally grateful for. The new fact is that Nazism is now experiencing a new dawn in the USA itself.

It is the world wide governing American, by politics funded and supported industries, and out of this American industry mentality born Russian, Chinese, Iranian, African, South American, Australian, Canadian, and European industries, which rule humanity, life on Earth. The shallow life-style in industrial countries is comparable with the shallow lifestyle as presented in the many Hollywood films, which have polluted the view of humans on sexuality and respect, world wide. The seed of the rottenness of the entire world started to grow in Hollywood, and infected via the Hollywood films all peoples of the world. Telecom industry is derived from America’s film industry, and America’s war industry, that found propaganda for it via the film industry and nowadays via the gaming industry, a side product of the film industry. Telecom uses psychological ways to hide its own propaganda by blaming Russia for what it is doing itself. Wake up, peoples of the world, stop to be sheeples [for those who think I wrote it wrong: sheeples is combination of sheep and peoples].



The claim of the telecommunications industry that the in Russia banned smartphones and Wi-Fi from schools should be considered as Russian propaganda, is a dirty lie, and propaganda itself, merchandising, manipulating the mind of the “free west” peoples, in order to achieve that the sheeples will say no to a sane, ethical decision of Russians. Sanity and ethics are missing in the telecom industry, in all industries, the multi nationals. Everywhere. Governments should disconnect from the industry and their catastrophic economic fetishism. The Russian Ministry of Health did. If there is a future, it must be in Russia. The signs are there that they can think.


Note: the mentioned tweet in the first sentence was published by Susan Foster. Susan Foster lives in Colorado, USA, writes articles for Children’s Health Defense, and is Honorary Firefighter of the San Diego Fire Department; US Adviser EM Radiation Research Trust (UK). See: Twitter. Her timeline on Twitter also shows how the situation in the USA is escalating.

One of Susan Foster’s tweets contains the following video. The YouTube channel shows more of the USA, where pro-American governments are willing to cooperate with, and not with Russia. Russian politics are, as all politics, indeed not reliable, but the Russian culture, art and science is still very strong and of a high quality. Russia is part of geological Europe.  So, EU, do not blame me for choosing for Russia. It is born out of your own totalitarian politics, by hiding details about 5G, by mandating 5G, your undemocratic politics about so-called safety guidelines for EMF by choosing for the ICNIRP monopoly, mandating unhealthy, unnecessary vaccines, denying the facts of pesticides, neonicotinoids, that kill life in soils, and by cooperating with a country that is reigned by “Gestapo Trump“. Washing hands in innocence, pretending to be leaders, our truthful leaders, walking like cowardly sheep behind Big “Brother” USA.





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