Russia: WiFi and Smartphones Banned From Schools

Today, July 18, 2020, Professor Oleg A. Grigoryev posted a tweet about the Ministry of Health in Russia.

A copy of the PDF of the Ministry of Health in Russia: школа итог 17.07.2020, was sent to me, after asking RusCNIRP,  by Prof. Oleg Grigoryev, chair RusCNIRP. “See p. 3.1.2 about wifi and 3.1.4 about smartphone in school,  and 3.2 general rules for home on-line education.” English translation in the next post: Russia: Requirements for online learning at home (children).

Update: February 20, 2021, via Twitter a repeated confirmation of the total ban on computers and digital gadgets for preschoolers and elementary schools in Russia:



Latest news, published December 1, 2023:

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