The world is changing

Since 13 November 2015, the world is changing in a dramatically high speed. Too many human dramas, terrifying threats, caused by politics and the reality of the climate change. Tension between states is growing, fear for a new world-war is growing, despair around the refugees is growing: humanity starts to lose control, completely.

All these problems can create overloads of negativity in us: emotionally, and finally also mentally. A nervous break down is possible. Wrong acts instead of right decisions. How to change that inner war between our self and the world around us? Talking about it with friends, helps. Sharing thoughts via the social media, helps. But this might be not enough to get rid of fear, despair, anger, fury, sadness, traumas.

Dr. Bach‘s “Rescue Remedy” is always very helpful, to clear the mind, to stabilize emotions, and to react or not to react on situations in the world outside, with that achieved inner balance.



How to use “Rescue Remedy”

First: it is absolutely safe to use Bach flower remedies, and it is safe as well to use them together with pharmaceutical medicine.  It is safe to be used by babies, animals, but as in mainstream medicine it is important to follow up the instructions for use in alternative medicine as well: these can be found on, and in the box. The best is to consult a therapist, a naturopath, or to contact the Bach Center, via their website. Mostly the Bach flower remedies are sold in shops with a well informed staff. All Bach flower remedies can be bought at “Nelsons USA”, via their website. They can send the ordered remedies to your address.


Walnut, and Mimulus, as the extra, after the recovery via “Rescue Remedy”

Walnut – Because we live in times of extraordinary change it might be needed to get some protection that the remedy “Walnut” can offer. It helps excellent to come back into the own “self”, to create a cocoon against negativity and turbulence. It helps to disconnect from old patterns, to welcome the new situation, whatever it is. At the same time you feel more stable, psychologically rooted, strong with two feet and legs on earth. The base chakra, the first chakra of seven, will be strengthened. The energy in your body will start circling around naturally, because blockades in the first chakra and the auric field will be solved.

Mimulus – This remedy is used in cases of fear, of being vulnerable, anxious, nervous, and knowing where about. One can name it. “I am afraid for….”. The remedy strengthens and creates self trust. One knows what one can. The remedy does not suppress fear, it transforms negative emotions, in this case fear, over-sensitivity, shyness, etc. into courage. It helped me to overcome my fear for travelling with an airplane, after the downing of the Germanwings airplane in France. Together with Walnut it creates a wonderful strong auric field, nourished from a strong inner self, liberated from negative thoughts and self created scenarios. The remedies bring you in a contact with your deeper self. With your intuition. Daring to make to make the best choice on each moment.


WalnutMimulus-1024x364 (1)

Combination of these remedies – It is possible to continue also with “Rescue Remedy”. It depends on the situation. I would like to advice to use two drips Walnut, two drips Mimulus, and two drips Rescue Remedy. These six drips can be added a glass of water, that can be used as frequently as one needs to. Take just little nips. It is also possible, and even better, to start using a special therapy bottle: glass, mostly brown, 30 cl, with pipette, filled with clean water, and adding the advised drips. Use this self created therapy bottle with your own composition 4 times a day, 4 drips per time on the tongue. Continue with this at least three weeks. It may be continued for a long time. If no progress has been noticed, please contact a doctor. It might be possible that you need more strong medicine. Whatever the advised medicine might be: it is excellent to search also for a therapist who can offer Thai Yoga Massage, or Foot-Reflex-Zone massage.



This post was originally published on November 29, 2015

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