Sinusitis, pharyngitis, cold, flu

Prevention is better than cure – The best is to avoid these, by keeping the natural resistance in a good condition, because it is this wonderful army of natural “soldiers” named immune system, that battles all diseases. These soldiers lose power when we do not live healthy. We help our immune system by eating healthy food: if possible products from bio-dynamic farming and agriculture, eating their fresh vegetables, fruits, using herbs in food, but also as a balance-restore-supplement when needed (herbal medicine), brown bread, quality water, breathing fresh air, sleeping enough, avoiding stress, taking care for our physical condition, for our emotions, to learn to master our mind, to empty a too busy mind via yoga, keeping our mind active with healthy brain exercises via reading and studying. Preventive medicine like medicinal herbs, Bach flower remedies and alternative massages, next to meditating and yoga practices, sport, are unmissable to stay healthy, and to create a strong immune system.

The houses we live in are mostly very well isolated but we forget to open a window for fresh air, to let go the infected air, the “dead” air. It helps also to keep the right humidity in the house, to keep the natural environment in nose and throat healthy.


A too dry house (because of central heating) creates a dried nose environment and this creates openings for bacteria to settle there, and create inflammations. The best would be to have a constant air-dynamic between two points in a room, which creates a flow of coming in and going out air, but not so strong that you can sense it: you would get ill of it. Also plants are helpful.


Air conditioning is not healthy but not always possible to avoid. To create a healthy atmosphere one can use a casserole with some water, heat it up till it starts damping and to use some drips essential oil, like lavender, or in case you have a cold: eucalyptus, tea tree oil, pine, mint, thyme or oregano. Important note: though natural, essential oils are not all so harmless. Get informed about the oil you buy, and ask for instructions.



Source of infection: Contact with an infected person. So: take care for your hands! Bacteria have a great life on our hands. Via our unwashed hands we infect and re-infect our selves, and others, and therefore we have to wash them frequently with water and soap. This is not a kind of mysophobia! This is very sane self protection, against infections, and it avoids illnesses. This is healthy hygiene. Clean door-handles also frequently, all what is often used to hold with our hands, or to touch with our fingers. Think about your door- and car-keys, steering wheel of the car, mobile, and the keyboard of your laptop or computer: use a very good wrung kitchen cloth that you stirred in some hot water with soap, and go over the keyboard while the computer is off. The cloth must not drip the soap-liquid: your computer will get destroyed. Be aware of all places where people are: buttons of elevators, railings of stairs, money (coins). Further: Also a kiss is a way to infect somebody else, or to get infected. Coughing into the direction of somebody else is sending lots of bacteria into the breathing space of the other: the other will breathe your infected air. A good hygiene keeps the doctor away.

Helpful tips when having a cold: the best help to get rid of a infection in nose, frontal sinus, throat and/or ears is to use the so called rhino-horn or neti-pot. It works really excellent, and you will get rid of the infection very quickly. Here you can read all about it and how to use it.


Other helpful tip: start inhaling damping water, in which you added some mint, eucalyptus or oregano essential oil. Hang a towel over your head: you create a private small cheap but great sauna for your head, nose, ears, frontal sinus, lungs, throat, bronchi.



Drink much water, or tea, fresh orange juice with also lemon juice. Vitamin C helps to regain your natural resistance and lemon has lots of it.

Avoid white food. Like sugar, milk. Sugar should be totally banned from your kitchen.

A healthy food product to avoid illness is cocos oil or fat. Read here an excellent summary.

Keep warm feet! Take a warm foot bath, add some drips eucalyptus, pine, mint, just what you like to smell. Dry the feet, keep them warm, cream the feet with vaseline (with some drips essential oil), massage your feet, or ask somebody to massage your feet, and put on some warm socks after. Maybe double socks. Dress yourself warm. Sleep much. Take time to get better.



Important detail: when you do not take time to recover from a cold, your resistance will not be able to battle a virus. A flu is an infection of a virus. A cold is an infection of a bacteria and easier to battle. Taking time to heal from a cold is preventing a flu, and though it might seem that you spoil time: you gain time, because your body needs much more time to recover from a flu.



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