Success is a myth

This article was originally posted in my LinkedIn account, to react on what LinkedIn considers as successful, and what I should need to be successful as well….


LinkedIn is doing business with the magic word “success”, making even visible, that only those who are successful (much followers, comments, likes) in writing posts, are worth it to be named «influencers». In what way they influence? In what wayLinkedIn tries to influence the small, hardly visible members (like me) among the giants? By sending even not asked information how to improve the amount of followers! To become as «successful» as those top influencers on LinkedIn. LinkedIn offered me names. I was there to read, study, analyze. I ask myself now:

For what? Why? More and more LinkedIn steps out of the neutral role into the one who wants to push you up, up, up. LinkedIn started to use the system of manipulation that is influenced (manipulated) by the big influencers (manipulators). This is psychological environmental pollution, because everybody knows that everybody wants success (in all variations). Success triggers that greedy feeling. We all know however, or should know, that what is successful today can be failure tomorrow, or even now, because success is in fact based on the failure of others. It is based on exploitation of others.

Is that something noble to be achieved? Or is it the law of the jungle? Primitive instinct? Ethos is a word without any meaning in business. With ethos, ethics, it is in fact not even possible to have success in the way the word success is used, or exposed. It has become a holy word, grown in strength during the history of mankind. Therefore it is a taboo to be against it by analyzing it, by unveiling it as fake. To be against dreams of being successful. Even positive thinking creates success, they say. People are really trying to manipulate the cosmos, life. But: Life, Universe, has not anything to do with success. Positive thinking belongs to a higher category: to awareness, consciousness. Business has nothing to do with awareness, or consciousness, otherwise the world would be a better place. Life belongs to a higher intelligence, and that that goes deeper than the human (earthly) intelligence. Those who want you to believe that they can master (manipulate) life and be successful in it, are liars. Life (Nature) hits back. It is hitting back with the climate change. Not with the selfish business-like feelings and acts of revenge, but as the eternal natural creator of Balance. Nature does not take any consideration for not any human being because human beings are just a little part of the wholeness of nature, and what is against life will finally be thrown out of the system. Not any God can change that.

And I should agree with that system and following up not asked but presented LinkedIn advice in how to become more «popular» in posting? No. Success is like an iceberg. And we know that all icebergs are melting. Success, as they explain it, makes the real icebergs melting: in nature, and as a domino effect, the metaphorical icebergs as success in business as well.

ALL icebergs are melting….!




Success is a myth – I am a humble nature activist, and I use my voice in written words, to post information about all what is concerning us, humanity, ALL. To try to make a little balance. Not making any difference between the one, who has a higher income or a higher position, and the other one, who maybe has not even a job, has to deal with a low monthly income (like me). Including also, who I am supposed to follow on LinkedIn, because they are marked and exposed as successful, in the media, as the big influencers i.e. manipulators, the thinkers for those who cannot think (read: who do not have time to think because they work themselves to death), those who search for big success as well, and fail, time after time again, not realizing that success is a myth. Nobody knows what is behind the big smile of influencers, nobody knows what is going on in their private life, IF they have a private life. Nobody knows their loneliness. Their inner battles. People only see the big smile on the successful face.

I do not want to be influenced (manipulated) by (an amount of) numbers, or the amount of followers, as LinkedIn wants me to believe that it will bring me success, when I write in a similar way as the Big Influencers. I am fed up with influences (manipulations) to create “success”, because they do not lead to not anything else than more disaster. Success is a myth. It is proved, daily, in the news, what the effects are of business, success, worldwide. And nobody stops the madness. Success is a bad word. Used as if it is God. We removed god out of our lives and we created, as humanity, a new God. Success. To hail and praise and kneel for. To sacrifice everything for. I do not kneel for not anything, not anybody. Nobody should.


Big names, big business prove that success is a myth – Nobody on LinkedIN (is it?) talks about that, what makes it possible to stay in business (and to be really successful, but then in the pure way, without greed, by paying attention, and taking responsibility, for the climate change and all its consequences: this message is meant for the multinationals, the big industry, the powerful bosses, with their shining cars and their always running servants, lovers and employees. The greedy ones. This message is for these giants, and their big smiles on their popular faces. Popular because they «made» it, as LinkedIn wants us to believe. Made what? It is arrogance that rules the business world. An industry of dreams, in fact derived from the romantic Hollywood films (also big business!), built up by creating fantasies in people who want to realize that dream, that fiction, to be finally happy for ever after as they, the big names, make you believe. It is the weakness of the mind, the simplicity of the victims that creates the power of these leaders (liars) in business and in politics, and therefore the word dictator fits here as well. Even if it seems to be a democratic government or management, as a total system, it is in its essence dictatorial leadership. To get rid of dictators people must become aware of the power of oneness, of the people against the one who rules them. The real power can only grow from the collective of people to the top, and not vice versa.


The Climate Change as the proof of bad leadership of “business” itself.  – In September there has been a climate change march, on several different places on earth, the biggest march ever in earth’s history, joined by millions of people: to express their justified growing fear about the reality of earth as a place to live, because of the more and more visible and not deniable climate change and its effects on nature and weather.

Everybody goes on, however. Those who should listen, the big influencers of the world, they do NOT listen. Result: Nothing changes, only the climate goes on changing, dramatically and fast, with the speed and impact of an avalanche.




What can I (we, you, they) do? – Stopping the climate change is only possible by stopping the power of greed in each one of us, only possible with looking inside of the own self, deep inside, and to look what has to be changed there. Not anybody is born without negativity, and greed is in the genes of human beings. Waiting to be transformed. This inner psychologically environmental cleaning up creates spiritual processes that lead to a deeper awareness, and a deeper understanding of life and nature, our true nature. That creates insight in how to do business in a conscious way. Within that context the word success has a complete different meaning from what the influencers of today’s business and money making wants us to believe.(Insane). Real success is a united humanity, living within a healthy, healed Nature.(Sane). Mankind walks the path from deep psychopathy to an awakened awareness, consciousness.

Carl Gustav Jung (1875-1961), Swiss psychiatrist, on evil


.And…. WHAT if we change?



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This post was originally published on December 26, 2014


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