This is part 1 of a serial about negativity and how to transform it.

  1. Noise
  2. Music and sound
  3. Immunity
  4. Taboos 
  5. Ethics 
  6. Fear
  7. Bach flower remedies
  8. Walnut
  9. Self-tuition


The effects of sound and noise

Music is related with oscillation, vibrations, harmonious sounds. All existance is related with oscillation, vibrations, and when all is in harmony all is in balance. Harmonious sounds create balance, and heal disbalance.

Disbalance is the cause of many diseases, illnesses. Harmonious music has healing effects on us, but also on animals, also on so called dead matter like houses, rooms we live in. It is a fact that the walls of hospitals, even more of hospitals for mental illnesses, have absorbed so much negative vibrations, subtle energies, thoughts (every thought has its own frequency and color, vibration), that it should be a must for the patients and the nurses, that after a while the hospital should be broken down completely and rebuilt on another place. Rudolf Steiner wrote about this.

Very sensitive people feel the tiredness in a room where people live(d) who were/are tired. Or a patient with for instance cancer was/is dying. The lack of positive energy is so huge that it will be taken from those who have positive energy. Tiredness is a negative energetic auric field around tired people, and for sensitive people it feels the same as being hugged by a person who worked in a coal mine, or as a chimney cleaner, as an unwashed person who affects all people around.



What the eyes can see is accepted, what feelings experience is still too much “nonsense”: a lot of people don’t have healthy developed senses, are blocked, cold and closed. Sensitive people experience the negative auric field of people as psychological noise. They “hear” it, receive the signals, loud and clear, and it is hurting. They go in the pain, the disgust, the hatred, the irritations, and cannot get rid of it unless they leave. It is not possible to talk about it because the people with psychological noise are mostly not aware of it themselves. Unbelievable, but true. They are used to it and don’t know how it is to be “clean”, neutral, in balance.




Even souls of people who died can still be in a room (spirits can even be photographed), influence you, make you aware of their presence. The energyfield of a murder or a fight in a house stays there for a long time, and is not so easy to be cleaned. Also good energies can be felt, of course.

In 2012, today, we don’t accept people use the living room as a toilet, open, to be smelled by everybody; we don’t accept it, don’t like it, that sweated, bad smelling people sit next to us, neither those who smell too strong in what we say “nicely perfumed”, but it is still accepted that people who did not clean their dirty energy systems and bad moods are joining a company of people who did clean, are clean, neutral. Then the mix starts, the merging of the auric fields, and it is true that the bad moods are so incredible strong that one person can affect the good mood of many others, because negativity sucks from positivity. It is natural, logical, but better would be that people learn to take the responsibility for their moods, their way of living, their emotional, mental and spiritual energy, aura and chakras. Not accepting an invite because of your being too tired is taking responsibility for yourself AND for others as well!!

Water is always running down. Energy is always going from what is too much to what is lesser, and not vice versa. This is also the reason that only therapists who have a higher frequency than their clients can help. That is also one of the reasons that the one will find effects with that therapist, others not. This is also the reason that contacts between people must have a limit, because of the different energy levels. Some go home after a visit, completely empty, tired, and others who went inside tired go back home fresh and fruity. Opened windows help to balance the energy level in the room, to bring in positive energy. Read here about negative ions and the effects on health.


Take care about your choices: where (rooms, houses, cities, streets, shops) is it okay, who are okay? Observe your body language and respect the signals. Take your own responsibility for your own health and well being.

The healing effects of music are not really new but not well known either. Scientifically it has been proved that classical music, and most of all the music Mozart composed, has wonderful effects for balancing, mostly mental balancing.

The disbalancing, ruining and damaging effects of what people call music but what is not music at all, just noise, is also frightening huge. And ignored. Hardcore “music” belongs to noise, not to music. Combined with drugs, overcrowded places with disbalanced people can even create a mental handicap. It cannot be healed because psychiatry does not acknowledge astral worlds and does not have therapies or medicine that work on aura and chacras, not on the deeper layers of the soul. They suppress, cure the symptoms, don’t heal the cause. Also the handicap of becoming partly or completely deaf is one of the effects of that noise.

Living creatures, all kinds of life forms, are utterly sensitive, and, like water, we as a life form with a high percentage of water in the physical body, take over the frequency of the waves, called music, or the derailing energies of noise. Drugs, also soft drugs, open the mind and the senses and all energies, frequencies, good and bad, of the astral worlds are able to connect with you. Good energies, spirits, will never take over your free will but inspire you. Bad energies, spirits, will take over your own free will. Finally you will not have any resistance left. Young people should be warned for this, by explaining them what is really going on. Too many people mark this information as nonsense, because they don’t have thought deeper, not sensed deeper than their own level of awareness. They still rule the world however and influence others, because they (still) belong to the majority.



The original post was published on March 29, 2012

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