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This is part 2 of a serial about negativity and how to transform it.

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  2. Music and sound
  3. Immunity
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  7. Bach flower remedies
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The healing effects of music and sound

What we know and experience as “music” is (here I quote Wiki because I cannot write it better and shorter at the same time): “…. an art form, whose medium is sound and silence.  Further I read: “There is no noise, only sound; tones ordered horizontally as melodies and vertically as harmonies.”

“The word music derives from Greek: mousike; “art of the Muses”. The Muses appear in the Greek mythology, poetry, and literature. They are the goddesses of the inspiration of literature, science and the arts.”  If you are interested in more, read here.

Silence belongs, indeed, also to music. We can hear silence in classical compositions.



Harmony is the essence of music. Harmony is the essence of the Universe. Jozef Rulof writes about music in the seventh Sphere of Light in his book “A View into the Hereafter“. The way the composer Messiaen explains his state of being when he is composing is much similar with the sphere,  Jozef Rulof wrote about. Maybe a lot of composers of classical music are metaphysical? Maybe all?

I am sure that many New Age and Ambient Music composers are metaphysical. The effects of their music are healing.  You can find many playlists with New Age Music and Ambient Music here.


Healing sounds  and songs     

*Singing bowls create harmonious sounds, but not any melody. There is not a composition, not any note has been written for singing bowls. They create a very relaxing atmosphere. They “wash” the aura, the chakras, the room. They transform psychological noise, disharmony, into harmony, balance, well being. It is easy to fall asleep when listening to these sounds. The sounds differ from deep, low bass soundwaves to the highest crystal bright-light ones. The waves go through the bones, through all levels, and touch you in your unconsciousness, your hidden memories, there where all the traumatic experiences have left a blueprint in your soul. Listening to singing bowls is a kind of a sound massage. The Tibetan singing bowls are world famous.  You can listen for a long time to wonderful singing bowls sounds in a playlist that I made for my Multerland YouTube channel. Click here.



*Mantras are sounds, but also songs, because the human voice is the instrument here.  They are like folksongs, sung so much that people remember them easily. They are a kind of a prayer, the words in repeating sentences work like a tranforming tool for what is not in balance in the soul. Our voice is IN the body, in the throat chakra, and creates, sends, while singing, sound waves, sound pulses, through the entire body: physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. The breathing helps to calm down, to come back into the Self, to feel connected with the Higher Self. The vibrations of the sounds and words transform negativity in the chakras, and open the blockades. In the time that I was struggling with too much and when I started singing mantras, I felt a strong energy growing in my throat chakra, it broke open in an outburst of emotions. All the suppressed tears came out. That created a huge relief. Also yawning can be a reaction of singing. Yawning is very good, relaxing, and accepted as a letting go of too much tension.  I practiced singing mantras for a long time, every day. When I am not in balance I still love it to sing mantras. Very nice, very beautiful, very easy. Very healthy for body and soul. For a good mood, and without costs.



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