Breakfast or slow


For a good start of the day it is important to wake up in time.
Time to get intot the reality of the new day, the date, the day, what has to be done, or what you might like to do.
Time to fresh up, to get dressed.
Time to drink a medium warm glass of water.
Time to have a breakfast, while you are sitting, somewhere, at the table, on the sofa, does not matter.
Time to give all bodies (physical, emotional, mental and spiritual body) to wake up. To balance them into one Your Self.
Time to do some yoga exercises.
Time to be in time, in school, office, train, bus….. without stress.
Time to create a good mood.
For an easy, excellent and nourishing breakfast you take:
Two or three big spoons with Greek yoghurt, or six spoons with a lesser compact yoghurt.
Make it more liquid by adding fresh orange juice (vitamine C), as much as needed. You can drink the rest of what is left in the glass.
Almonds, hazelnuts, raisins, two times a handful oats, and a handful corn with much fibres (dark colored means much fibres). You can also add one or two teaspoons with olive oil, and… honey!!
To activate kapha (structure power) : use olive oil or mustard oil
To calm down pitta (fire power): use coco oil
To calm down vata (impulse power): use sesame oil
Of course you can add other fresh fruit, like parts of an apple, strawberries….
Mix all chosen ingredients and enjoy eating your breakfast.
Space for your self to build up your energy field
While you are eating you can listen to relaxing music: good to nourish the nerves connected with the ears. Nobody likes to start the day with much conversation at the dinner table. So, stay very close to yourself. And search a place where you cannot be disturbed.
Better than a newspaper with bad news is to read a nice magazine, or to watch a calming, interesting YouTube video. I have several videos in my Multerland channel.
Your eyes get nourished in this way also.
Your heart will be nourished.
Your stomach will be nourished by receiving good food and having the time to digest it.
Your nerve system will be strong for the day in life outside your frontdoor, for your job, meeting disbalanced people, to resist the negativity around you, the crowds in trafic, on roads, highways and railway stations.
Strong enough to welcome your children when they wake up……, and to nourish them. To guide them on their way to a balanced and happy life.
Concentration and other brainwork
Also for them a good healthy breakfast is also utterly important. Many children go to school without it. The concentration will not be good, and the results for studies will not be good either.
(The original post was published on February 21, 2011)

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