Time is an earthly experience. All measures around for instance age, aging, the period between birth and passing away, seasons, speed and distance on earth are related to the time the earth needs to circle around the sun.
In the universe is not such a measurement. Every solar system has an own “time”, related to a center. The universe in its wholeness is timeless.
In a healing process time is also an important factor, and it is related to the systems of every single human being.
Not everybody has the same speed in the bloodcirculation, not the same speed of assimilating traumatic experiences or digest  food, not the same speed in understanding, in learning. We need all our own time to live, to learn, to eat, to assimilate, hours to sleep, to grow physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.
Nature is intelligence and knows exactly how much time it needs and when.
Human beings try to manipulate Nature. Because it would create a better economical profit.
Human beings try to understand Nature, but even on the universities they cannot fathom Life, Nature.
The human brains are not able to fathom Nature. Life. Universe. Soul.
Human beings try to be the Masters of the Universe, of Nature and Life. They pretend they are. Their acts show it. But they are not aware of the impact of their acts on certain Cosmic laws, not even of the laws of Earth, of Nature. These Natural Laws are creating a very complex Cosmic Balance. By breaking through or into these laws, or neglecting these laws, because of a lack of Cosmic Intelligence, they create utterly dangerous effects.
Time shows that Nature cannot be ruled with even the most  intelligent though poor human brains, because brains are just a part of the complete understanding. Nature is always keeping balance within the laws Nature exists, and that what disbalanced it, will be brought back into balance with the intelligent tools Nature itself owns to create balance again. Nature does not handle with pity, or compassion. So let us respect Nature, and the Laws of Nature, the Cosmic Laws.
Children, people, learn to think in a rational way. Not with the connection between head and heart, with the deep inner source, known as intuition.
Time learns that people overestimate brains, brainwork, and the more this happens/happened, the lesser the emotional intelligence has been acknowledged. There is still unbelief, a neglecting and even fooled High Intelligence we all have inside of us, called Intuition.
When the western materialistic world and its way of thinking started developing and growing, the total catastrophe was rising at the same horizon, because of these reasons.
Time. How much time do we have left before it is too late to restore that what we, humankind, destroyed with that materialistic, one eyed, cold and foolish, not wise scientific and therefore destructive mentality?
Time. How much time do we have to reinstall the emotional intelligence in life, schools, universities? It depends on the time it takes to make it the Collective Consciousness, to Whole, the Wholeness of mankind. The one thought in all, the thought of Oneness, and the Awareness of the Oneness. Oneness is an unbelievable immense positive powerful constructive energy.
In metaphysics,  in the books Joseph Rulof wrote, time to go through the Hereafter, the Spheres of Darkness and the Spheres of Light, has been explained also in earthly years, to get an impression. In your spiritual development you can grow older, here on Earth, for hundreds of years, in one day, maybe a second after a period of going through a deep psychological process. An insight can be there in a moment. It is like a rebirth.  A being born on another, higher level and your soul will radiate more Light.
You can be already very old as a soul when you are born, because of all the former lifes you had,  in which you learned, evolved. In this century many children with a very old soul have been, are and will be born. Their intelligence is higher than normal. We need them.
You can be a not so old or wise soul, even when you are sixtynine years old, or older.
Because you did not learn anything on Earth during your life, not in your emotional, mental and spiritual development.
Just breathing. And dying on the same spiritual level as when you were born.
In the Hereafter you can grow also. But it takes more “time” there, because it is easier there to see and hear what is Truth, it is not so difficult then to see how you are, what IS.
You can be a very very handsome man or woman, physically, here on Earth, but spiritually you can look like a monster. In the Hereafter you will not have the dress or suit you would love to wear to hide you. You will get the dress or suit Truth gives you. And that will be as beautiful as your soul is.
Learning on Earth is so much more difficult because of all the masks there are here.
Also the time it takes to go through deep processes. It is heavy. On Earth you cannot go through doors without opening them. In the Hereafter you can go through them by thinking. By using the tool of imagining, by will.
On Earth it takes days to travel to go somewhere, maybe more, maybe lesser. Because of distances. The physical body has to walk, to bike, to go by train to arrive somewhere else, and it is the weight of the body, the law of gravitation, what makes it needing time, and energy of the body.
In the Hereafter you just need your imagination, your thinking, to get there where you want to be.
It is there at the same moment.
You don’t need time.
If you want to say something to another soul, in the Hereafter, you just need to think it.
It does not take time to speak, to say it, or to write it down.
The power of thinking is the strongest energy of all.
Also on Earth.
It is important therefore to watch your own thoughts, your imaginations. Be aware of your thoughts.
Because your thoughts don’t stay in your mind, they go everywhere.
There are people who can “read” them. In fact we all live in the collective of the energies of all thoughts of all human beings. So, maybe you are also one of all who cause, create, bad, negative feelings in others, who add negative energy to the already too negative spiritual energy on and around planet Earth.
Be aware of your responsibility to keep your mind clear, bright. To fill it with positivity.
If the minds of all people are filled with the thought that everything will go wrong on this planet, it will happen.
If we start thinking positive, we can change the world in a better one.
It will take time though, to restore everything.
It will take time to heal your own self.
But we, you, me, we don’t have any time left to make that decision.
It is not about today, tomorrow or next year, it is now.



(The original post was published on January 2, 2011)

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