In Spheres of Divine Light

This is the title of a new video I created for the Multerland Youtube channel.
The paintings in it are from Freydoon Rassouli, an Iranian/American painter, born in 1943, and his style belongs to the so called Fusionart. More about it can be read on his website.
The paintings in the video are mystic, spiritual, taking the viewer beyond the beyond, into the Spheres of Light, and I recognize all what has been written about it by Joseph Rulof.
In his 27 books he writes about the Hereafter, and about the reason of our life on Earth.
We, as souls, during our evolution, go through all spheres. Starting in the Spheres of Darkness, the deepest unconsciousness, the deepest level of psychopathy.
The souls which are not ready for the Spheres of Light will not, cannot appreciate the Spheres of Light, will even experience the lowest levels of Darkness as “heaven”, where they can experience all the feelings which belong to those levels: the levels of murderers, rapers, killers, haters, those who are negative and destructive, disharmonious, and enjoying it to be that.
Not knowing or understanding Light, Divine Light. I wrote already about Light.
In all souls is a natural longing for development, for growing: spiritual, mental, emotional and also…. phsycial in a more and more harmonious and healed way, called evolution. More and more the subconsciousness will be revealed, and filled with more and more Light, Truth, Love, Harmony, Beauty. Insight grows through the evolutionary process called “The cycle of the soul“. It is a transforming process, bringing Consciousness, and finally Cosmic Consciousness.
Reason for everybody to be aware of the own past: the lives before this earthly life, but in fact one soul-life in millions of reincarnations.
After passing away on Earth nobody will go straight to the highest Spheres of Light.
As long as we are in the cycle of our own soul, and here on this planet Earth, we are in a process of learning, of growing, of developing.
The most evolved souls, living as human beings on this planet Earth will arrive in the so called “Summerland”, the third Sphere of Light. The third Sphere of Light is the highest to reach for us, earthly beings.
It is not possible to go immediately to the fourth Sphere, or higher. You could not even bear the Light of the Seventh Sphere.
There are seven Spheres of Light, and seven Spheres of Darkness.
When it is not needed anymore to reincarnate on this planet again, then we continue our spiritual life in the Hereafter.
We can develope as souls on Earth and in the Hereafter by self-reflection, working at our self, our soul, cleaning our soul, aura and chakras,  helping other human souls in the right and wise way by explaining, by helping to create insight, bringing knowledge, by guiding, by just being there and creating peace of mind, harmony. By sending the right impulses.
With thoughts, which will be received in the mind and feelings of the one who is willing to be influenced in a positive way.
As I already explained in other blogposts: there are also negative spirits on the Other Side, in the Hereafter, but also on Earth, influencing souls, stimulating them to be negative, to fill them with feelings of hatred, longings for what are or can be addictions here on Earth, using them to experience lust, sex, alcohol, nicotine, food and drugs by taking over the will, the body, and enjoying with them, by them, through them what they, human beings, are practicing, doing, to satisfy their screaming longings. Be aware of that and may this be a highly important reason to conquer your addictions. To be free.
Be aware of your thoughts.
Send bad thoughts away as a not wanted guest.
Keep your mind and feelings free from negativity.
Open your mind for that what is positive, for Spheres of Divine Light, and feel Love, feel beloved, and strengthened by it.
(The original post was published on January 15, 2011)


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