In these December days with diminishing light (because the sun as the source of our daylight is not able to rise high enough above the horizon: I live in northern Europe), the hours filled with darkness are increasing.

Light and darkness are two opposites. Light brings life, activity, growth, the possibility to see the material world around us, and where we can walk, bike, drive, travel….

The dark brings calmness, a going into the house, a going into our Self, to repent, to abate, to make up our mind, to assimilate, to meditate, to go through a process of development, like the fetus is growing in the womb of the mother, like the caterpillar is changing into the butterfly, as the period in which we as human beings grow spiritually, as a Light being.

Growth and birth, physical or spiritual, are not so easy, though it is natural.

Rudolf Steiner, founder of anthroposophy, observed in a meditative way, intense concentrated and focused, the process of growing of plants. He sensed, while being connected with the life of the plant, her inbeing, how much pain it costs to be in the flowering process. As giving birth to a baby is, can be, also painful.

Coming inside of our own deeper Self, maybe we will feel darkness, see darkness, and that can create fear, fear for what might be there, waiting for the Light to be awakened, to become more conscious.

The unconsciousness is darkness. But it is in everybody. We, human beings, are the most afraid of who we are ourselves. To learn to know ourselves we have to go inside, and to embrace every detail of our soul. Also the lesser parts. If we learn to do that, to watch our own imperfections, and by watching them and accepting them as a real part of us, needed to be changed to be more in harmony with Positivity, to feel and be Love, Light, then it is so much easier to love others as we love ourselves, when we know our selves. Then it is so much easier to receive criticism, and to admit what has been said or done as not (so) good, or to deny it because we know our selves, and able to defend our selves in a respectful truthful way.

If we are able to criticize our Self it is also possible and good to criticize others, if needed. If you learn to know your self you will learn to know everybody, every belief system, because we are all the same.  Others are mostly the mirror we need to reflect our Self and what we disgust in others we (learned to) disgust in our self. It is good to realize that, and to reconsider.
The more we bring spiritual Light into our own Darkness, the more the spiritual Light in and around us will grow. It is the best tool against negativity. It helps to bring more spiritual Light on this planet.

Joseph Rulof wrote about the spiritual Light of Mother Earth. When he was out of his physical body, under the guidance of Master Alcar, and studying the universe, watching the universe with the inner awareness, the spiritual eyes, then he asked Alcar about the dark grey planet Earth. He could not understand it because he experienced Mother Earth as beautiful. Master Alcar explained to Joseph, that this was because the lack of spiritual Light of mankind.


May there come Light in everybody. Soon it will be Christmas, the celebration of the Spiritual Light that came and comes into the Spiritual Darkness, the unconsciousness.



Original post was published on December 19, 2010

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