(The bridge to truth, a painting from Daniel B. Holeman)
Where Truth is there is Light, a cleaned atmosphere, liberated from the chains of the imprisonment of lies. Lies imprison.
Lies are tools for those who want to manipulate.
Lies belong to the selfish ones, to the cowards.  To the ones who don’t dare to say the truth, who don’t dare to say “No!”
Afraid to be punished, to be abandoned, to be alone, to be treatened like a fool.
If Truth was a person, a human being, then he or she would be the most hated one ever, haunted to kill.
Let us assume Truth IS a human being.
How many people would invite him or her in their life as a friend? How many live with Truth, ALL the time? How many people can not lie?
How many people ar so strong that they always tell the truth as The Truth would say it is, or as their own truth, as a part of The Truth, tells them, inside?
People say: THE Truth does not exist.
THE Truth exists, it IS there, as the top of the All overviewing Mountain.
Where nothing needs to be disputed anymore, not discussed anymore. Where everybody has to bend the head for the complete Insight, watching, seeing, viewing into all the lower smaller truths below, belonging to people, to an evolving mankind.
You are truth in your deepest Self, and the more you evolve, the more you come closer to The Truth.
Work at your self, watch into your deeper self, your own darkness, bring Light there, as Truth, to find yourself there as truth, as the true one you are really. Dare to watch yourself in the mirror, admitting your own being an imperfectionist, own mistakes, own hatred…. realizing that you kept going on cheating your mind with the illusion that you don’t make mistakes.
Thinking you are perfect is being a hypocrite, belonging to the pharisees, the fake good ones…. taking shelter behind masks, hiding behind a religion, pretending…..
Or… if you thought you were a bad one because others made you believe so, start watching yourself deep in the eyes and see and feel all the good there is. Loving your self is not selfish. It is the beginning of being able to love another one, others. We are not good or bad, we are both.
What is good? What is bad? What did you learn about that? What is your own opinion? What is your own truth about yourself?
Following Truth asks courage, persistence, love, insight, knowledge, strength, and is not,  can not be a slave, cannot say yes to what is not true, what is lesser than (your) truth just to keep “peace”, what is a fake kind of peace because you deny yourself, your truth or even The Truth. Maybe even worse. There is nothing above The Truth, and The Truth is not kneeling down for what is NOT truth or true. The Truth does not kneel. It embraces you when you are on the same level.
Truth is Liberty without taking advantage of those who are not free yet, who are still afraid to be true and honest. Who are not aware of their own deeper Self, or denying it.
Truth is the most reliable friend.
The friend who dares to speak (the) Truth, is a good friend.
Not beloved all the time. Because we, human beings, are used to lies, used to pretending, and we copy and paste behavior, conducts, patterns. Human beings don’t want to be confronted with their negative side.
Following Truth brings Happiness, Happiness which stays. Happiness, real Happiness is a friend of Truth. Truth is a friend of  Unconditional Love.
Truth is not blind. Truth stops blindness. The blindness of the inner eyes.
Truth dares to watch in all eyes. Not judging. Just being there and shining, on the perfectionism and imperfectionism in us. Because The Truth is related to Unconditional Love.
Awakening us.
Opening eyes is hurting those who don’t want to watch Truth, because they prefer to live in lies and dishonest with all others, those who are in the majority on this planet and what kills nature, our environment, mankind. To go with the flow is (still) so much easier, but not bringing any positive future.
Truth mostly hurts, because it shows what is the reality, every detail, also the details to be ashamed of. And is hated for that.
Truth is there to be chosen. With a free will.
Not any God, Super Power or Super Natural is condemning you, never ever, it is your own self which will receive the consequences of your choice(s). This belongs to the Cosmic Laws of Karma, and suffering, or not, is a part of that. You will learn. Finally you will know what is right, what is positive and constructive, or negative and destructive.
The free will is a part of your soul, of your existence. Truth does not interfere in choices as a Power System, it wants to be chosen by free will. Truth is willing to wait. Does not get impatient.
If things go wrong by not making the right choice, then don’t blame any “God”, Super Power, or others.
Things can go “wrong” anyway. Don’t blame yourself then either. If you do your best, with a positive attitude, then it is good as it is. Every job or study takes time. And exercise. Tests.
If you lose friends because of Truth, ask yourself if they were REALLY your friends.
True friends are a friend of Truth also, and willing to learn from you as you are willing to learn from them.
May Truth bring Light in you, in all your chakras, your auric field, in all your layers and systems, in your emotional, mental and spiritual life. In your consciousness. From there into your unconsciousness. In your darkness. Transform fear into courage.
May Truth live and grow in your mind, your thoughts, your feelings, your heart, in your voice, your tongue, your throat, your thoughts, your acts, your honesty.
Embracing Truth is an act of selfrespect, is embracing your Self, and the only way to change the world, to turn the negative spiral. Wikileaks is doing it. More will follow. The Truth will be there, everywhere. Join.
(The original post was published on December 23, 2010)

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