Words are tools to communicate, to express our feelings.
Words are vibrations, and can be coloured by our moods.
These moods can be happiness, joy, so: positive moods, but also anger, threat, hatred, negative moods.
The dynamics as the source in our soul to express our emotions, our feelings, are also a part of the effect on the other, or others.
Very strong dynamics can be needed sometimes, in cases of warnings. Even in singing, for instance in an opera, the dynamics for using the voice are very very important.
One can use this power without causing damage in the other one.
If one uses that powerful speaking for threatening, or cursing, or to express your bad anger, without any good reason and because one lost control over one’s own emotions, than it damages the good feelings in the other. You create fear, sadness, you break down the vulnerable connection.
You will need many kind words and real regret, explanations, to create harmony again.

Words need to be spoken from a truthful heart, when you are in balance with the calm thinking of the mind and the calm feelings of the heart.
If that is not possible because you are not in that balance, be aware of your feeling not so well, being irritated maybe, being angry, and you can help yourself and others when you keep yourself far from any discussion. It is good for you to get rid of these feelings first. How do you do that? The load of negativity can be released by sport, by walking, biking, by doing physical work, gardening, for instance. By doing some yoga exercises. Dancing. You could use, if you have real problems with this, Bach flower remedies. “Holly” works excellent on anger, fury. “Impatiens” helps to be not irritated, by staying calm. There are 38 remedies which have a positive effect on negative moods. The best is to search for a Bach flower therapist

Words can have a bad sound already by itself. Or a good one. The word Love has a wonderful effect on everybody, because …. yes, why? That is the magic of words.
A word like hatred has a negative effect, maybe subtle, but there. Words affect the soul.
This has been proved also by the tests Masaru Emoto made with water and crystals. Beautiful words create beautiful crystals, bad words create not any crystal at all. Note: the video is not in HD, but the message is clear.



The same counts for music. There is a special kind of, what people say it is music, but it is not music in the meaning of Art, Beauty: it is the hardcore noise, and with noise I mean something else than what trains or airplanes create.
That noise has a very very bad effect on our nerve system, blood pressure, mood, on all we are. It creates a lot of damage. Finally it breaks down the natural resistance of our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health.
Energies from the negative astral worlds (spheres of darkness) are present and influencing people with what is negativity, creating words in their minds to enjoin, to inflict, to stimulate, the commission of crime. This is the pleasure of the souls living in the spheres of darkness. Also trying to influence people, to kill themselves. To use drugs, to use too much alcohol, and while having a contact with them, being one with the human body, even to have the experience of the lust for sex, and stimulating the possessed to rape.
This is reality.
So, be aware of what you do, where you are, who your friends are, and what kind of thoughts you receive. Send bad thoughts away as you would send away a bad visitor, a not wanted “guest”.
If it does not work, ask for spiritual help, via your own thoughts, your own words, by asking Archangel Michael for instance, or Archangel Gabriel.


(painting by Daniel B. Holeman)


I could not believe that it works till I started with it when I was influenced with and attacked by bad thoughts during a dark period in my life.
More about this phenomenon can be read in the books Joseph Rulof wrote. In “The cycle of the soul” you can read that Lantos kills himself because of a negative astral influence, a spirit of the spheres of darkness, making him believe that he would get rid of the deep sadness if he would kill himself.
Clean your house, literally, organize it, create harmony, with calming music, good smells, fresh air. Negative spirits don’t like good smells, don’t like calming music.

Words can be spoken in a very nice way, even when they are criticising. A very good example is the moment that Princess Máxima of Netherlands talked about her beloved Willem Alexander, about an incident that had been in all newspapers. Willem Alexander spoke about what should have been kept in silence.
She, Máxima, smiled to the journalist who was referring to this, and said: This was not so clever of him, no, this was not so clever.” But she said it in a way that the love was there as the one who understands, forgives, not judging in a bad way, and supports, helps to overcome an utterly difficult situation. She handled in a perfect way, by showing her shining positive personality.
And Alexander smiled also. With his complete body. He must have felt grateful.

It is the way you say things. Use words.

Osho speaks about Silence, that is the moment without words.
Yes, it is so good to be without words, maybe twice a day, to come into yourself, and experience that, where are no words for…..



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