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In this post another view on committing suicide is explained. Generally committing suicide as an act has created during time several different opinions. Each country has its own ideas about it. In the Netherlands it is now in a process that creates aggressive reactions on those who offend committing suicide, with other words: committing suicide  is defended, it is a right to step out of life.

I belong to the category that offends, rejects, committing suicide, because it is not offering any change, and is therefore meaningless. As long there is no understanding of “death” one should not talk about committing suicide as a door to heaven, to escape from earthly pain. There is not a door to heaven or to “nothingness” via suicide. Beyond death is indeed “something”, nothingness does not exist. Even for those who reject the idea about life beyond death, the mentioned book and film further in this article, are worth it to be read and watched. The following lines are based on the book and the film.

Life is eternal, and cannot be stopped by death because death does not exist, only physical death. Physical death does not stop your life.
The soul goes on, and will arrive on a place in the spheres in the hereafter according to one’s awareness on the moment that the physical body stops or has been stopped working.

The soul will not be liberated from the reasons one committed suicide for. The psychological, emotional and mental state of the soul will be the same there, as it was when living in a physical body, on earth.

You create even a negative karma for your future life on earth, in another incarnation, where you will have to go through the same struggles, but more heavy, worse, because there is a new karma added to it: suicide. Karma continues following you, leads you via its law of attraction into new situations and circumstances which are related with, born out of your former lives, and as long life lessons are learned, understood.

Suicide throws you back in your evolution, not forward. Read more about the universal law of karma and reincarnation


Therapists, psychologists and psychiatrists and their views on depressions and other mental illnesses.

An extra problem is that the most of the therapists and probably all psychiatrists, psychologists, do not accept life beyond death, not even the existence of a soul, though they talk about a psyche. 

Mainstream healthcare is therefore not able to create the right approach. Therefore it is right to conclude that the main cause of the existence of suicide is mainstream healthcare itself. 

It is poignant that psychiatry does not even ask what a patient eats and drinks, how the day starts, how a day program looks like, while it has been proven that stress creates a constant attack on our mineral and vitamin levels, which are the support and nourishment of our immune system, our defence system, physically and emotionally, mentally. Stress creates a constant attack on all layers of health, on even our willpower to be able to face the problems of our time, to think sane. A good reader can conclude: damaged mineral and vitamin levels can be the cause of the pain that, if not solved, are the cause of committing suicide in the final end

Hippocrates, the father of medicine, stated that 60% of our total health (physical, emotional, mental) is based on food. How many doctors start a care-program with asking what exactly a new patient eats and drinks? How his or her day starts, at what time, and how the day is filled in, minute by minute? A week? A month? 

How many doctors know about the latest researches about minerals and vitamins, and how essential these are within the total of what is named health? Everybody lives in different amounts of stress, with different power-levels of stress, everybody has another nerve system, other senses, has another body, with another natural resistance, a good or a lesser good or even almost totally destroyed immune system, but all patients get the same vitamin complex (minerals are mostly not even mentioned) and not any diet with advice about what to eat and what absolutely not, in which food the needed minerals and vitamins are naturally present. I am not surprised anymore about the so many depressed people in Norway: just ask what they eat. In supermarkets I can hardly find vegetables that are rich of vitamins and minerals, like borecole, boerenkool, grønnkål. I have cultivated this year my own grønnkål, to avoid mineral deficiency. 

Eating healthy however, because of advice found on the web (the doctor does not offer it)is not enough anymore because the stress factor in our modern time is so extreme high that not any healthy food or right therapy is enough to battle the constant attack on our health and well being. Stress kills for instance magnesium, and other minerals, which are essential for our life energy. With other words: the balance (health) of the psyche can be totally damaged by a chronic absence of healthy food, rich of minerals and vitamins. Mainstream healthcare treats this with anti-depressants or other psychiatric pharmaceutics. Exclamation marks about this are highly needed:

Psychiatric medicine does not solve a lack of minerals, and vitamins. Psychiatric medicine suppresses, does not solve. It can be for a while a “solution”, in a case that is really related with the psyche, and alarming, till there has been found causes related with for instance what I have written.

After that alarm-phase, the pharmaceutics have to be stopped, not continued, as happens now, even without or hardly any check if there is progress, and possibly a time to advise a stop-program, to continue with another more in depth program, based on a wholistic view on health.

Info about stress and the impact of it on our mental, emotional and physical health: here. Also the post: “An overdose of spirituality” offers lots of information, and fair and even alarming criticism on the mainstream mental healthcare.


The Cycle of the Soul

There is a book about committing suicide, not as a novel based on narrow minded earthly views, but as a kind of a “film-documentary”, based on information from the hereafter, written by Joseph Rulof. The book can be read here: “The cycle of the soul“. In this book the main character commits suicide. Explained is how a spirit from “the other side” has influenced the mind of the main character, and has finally made him committing suicide. I am convinced that if one would read this book, one would not commit suicide, even if one does not accept the existence of a hereafter, or doubts about it: because one starts to think, in another way or maybe for the first time, and realise that the human thoughts are often not clear. These thoughts can even be not your thoughts from and of the self, own thoughts, but think-energy-waves picked up intuitively from the collective unconscious or from the enormous think-energy field which is constantly around all of us, created by thoughts of all humans. Thoughts float around, do not stop where your scalp says this is the border. Even by “just” thinking you influence therefore this total, this collective, and attract by doing that good or bad energies from the universe to this lonely planet earth. Therefore you are fully responsible for your thoughts, for the consequences of your thoughts, for the effects of these thoughts on your life and the life of other humans, for this moment, in the present, and the consequences of these on your and our future life on earth. 

The collective is a mix of even old ideas and thoughts of all humans and no, not all humans think clear, wise, are mostly totally unaware of all what life is, live as numbs, who copy and adapt from all kinds of influencers. Not necessarily influencers from the other side, the hereafter, or from the unconscious collective, but also from here, planet earth, presented now in the media and public buildings, even churches and temples, so via videos, games, TV shows, news, imams, popes, priests, teachers, professors, doctors, parents, family, neighbours, “friends”. It is highly important to learn to think really, as an individual, and create own philosophies after having studied other people’s philosophies, having compared, and thought about it, deep and long. Good philosophers are not only reaching you via your brains, but in all probability they embrace your whole being, and open your awareness. Schools teach how to copy and paste, do not encourage self thinking. On the contrary. 

Real thinking goes deeper than brain activities and takes place in our entire body. Mostly we do not listen to what the rest of our body has to tell us, or do not take the time to let words do their work during the therefore absolutely necessary time, real reading time, to expand to knowledge, to connect from inside with the inner world of the other, his or her philosophy or wisdom. The most of the humans live a shallow life, live mostly in the head,  and have learned that brains are THE tools to think, nothing else. Brains are very easy to be manipulated though, by all I mentioned.

Real thinking is not shallow, but deep, a for many disabled or not even activated function in the body that helps to create real knowledge, knowing, understanding, and a higher (deeper) awareness. This kind of knowledge is therefore deeper and higher than university science offers.

For deep thinking (as a contradiction of shallow thinking) one needs more than brains, ratio: it needs also sensing, feeling, meditating, awareness. Feelings, being sensitive, or being even highly sensitive, is not the same as being emotional or experiencing emotions. Emotions are moods, and moods are not you, but a reaction on something, like the surface of the sea reacts with waves, created by storms, earthquakes, and movements of the streams, while in its deep depths all is calm and silent. Bad moods are created out of wrong thinking, wrong food, lack of awareness, a bad life style, wrong friends, wrong influencers. Your stomach knows often more than your by political and social systems, by influenced educators shaped and sculpted brains do, and yes, it sends signals. But you did not learn to listen to these signals, and how to interpret these.

In the stomach is an energy center, named third chakra, and is the source of knowing which does not need an investigation if it is true or not, it knows anyway, immediately. It is named intuition, different from instinct. Intuition is a higher intelligence, but humans have learned not to listen to it, by education, starting as soon one is born. It is related with the third eye, the sixth chakra, in the front head. This third eye is mostly blurred,  smudged, (or not developed yet), by what our two physical eyes are mostly watching and ears have heard, though we are all born with a very clear third eye. Parents are excellent eliminators of the inborn intuition of their children. We, humans, have several chakras, energy wheels, and all these contribute to the complexity of knowing, sensing, and thinking, of an eternal growing awareness.

Thinking and feeling is only then clear when these are not blurred by a mood, or influenced by a wrong influencer, though you might have the idea that you think and feel clear when you experience a mood. A bad mood is a poisoned state of being, created by unhealthy often dangerous chemicals in the body and mind, created by negatively influenced thinking and feeling, and/or unhealthy food, or too much or too few food and drinks. [There are humans who have become masters in suppressing all the signals they got from inside, and finally not any signal is received anymore. These humans have the so-called dead man’s look.]

It is possible to transform the poisonous chemicals by the Dr. Bach flower remedies. Sounds too simple, and indeed: they are so simple, 100% natural, and so incredible effective and so easy in use. They are also helpful in learning to analyse yourself, to learn to understand yourself on a deeper level. These can be used next to any medicine, also psychiatric medicine, because the Bach remedies work on another (deeper) level. 





Heaven, as it is really, is Light. There are seven Spheres of Light.
When you awaken on the other side, after death, (not after a suicide), you will not be at once in heaven: the Seventh Sphere.
You could not bear the Light.
You would be probably where the first Spiritual Rays of Light create a kind of a dark grey.



The Hereafter has also Spheres of Darkness.
The deepest darkness is completely without any Light.
There are the souls with a total absence of awareness.
They need many millions of earthly years before their eyes will be opened and in that period of time they will evolve also. Also for them there will be Heaven.



Suicide brings you to the Spheres of Darkness, also when you have been a wonderful human being, good for others. 
The 1998 movie “
What dreams may come“, is also about committing suicide. An excellent, very interesting and explainable film, with Robin Williams. It did not help him so much to be in that film though, because he committed suicide in 2014. The idea in that film, about the hereafter, is similar with the content of the books of Joseph Rulof, which are full of information from the other side, and transmitted from there via the high level of mediumship of Joseph Rulof, to earth.



  1. The Bach Rescue Remedy can help as a first aid. It is available in every good health shop, and on the web.
  2. List (by country) of suicide crisis lines.




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