How alternative medicine works

This post was originally published in December 2010


When starting with alternative medicine, with wholistic therapies, one should know that one starts with working at causes of illness or disharmony. Not suppressing them any longer, as happens in the mainstream healthcare. This has consequences: it takes a longer time before the cause has been found, analysed, discussed, guided, and transformed via therapies and alternative medicine. On the longer term it saves time and guarantees true healing, in the most of the cases. Instead of finding immediate relief it is possible that the situation seems to worsen, that one feels even more miserable, and this belongs to it as a normal way to clean up all systems, layers, levels of your being.

In “normal” medicine, school medicine, people (patients) get pharmaceutical medicine which stop the complaints, the symptoms, immediately, or at least soon. That is one of the reasons why it is so popular.
This is not more than stopping the voice of nature you are yourself.
I explained this in bodylanguage ….
The effect will be that after a while you will get other symptoms of feeling not well, or maybe even worse.
And you might need heavier medicine to get rid of them.
In this way you are creating a negative spiral.
This is one of the reasons that more hospitals are needed, the already existing hospitals have too many patients on lists, waiting, and the practices of the general practitioners are more and more overloaded.  The pharmaceutical industry is making booming business and healthcare insurance companies ask more and more money. Healthcare has become far too expensive and it does not work. Not as it should.
If you would decide to start with alternative medicine, then you will have to go through a period of cleaning the body systems, not only the physical system, but also the emotional, mental and spiritual systems/layers.
Compare this with a house in which you live, and that you never clean it, not enough. You don’t feel good because of that but you don’t realize it.  You can go to somebody who advises you something that you will not feel so bad anymore, but the dirt will grow. You feel miserable. So you go back, for other medicine. You will have to search for stronger medicine, but you will not feel good. You will get sick(er), or more depressed. It is the same with our body. And there has been collected more physical, emotional, mental and spiritual dirt than you can or want to admit. That is creating also a lot of  underestimated and often even dangerous psychological environmental pollution in our selves, and in the interaction with other people.
If your body has not been too much damaged by using it in a bad, unnatural way, by overloading it, or because of an accident, you can get physically well again, really well, really healed, when you start in time with alternative medicine. Alternative medicine is there as a kind of a prevention, as a way to stay healthy, but not able to heal you when or if you are already too sick, physically, emotionally and/or mentally, if you started to suffer from a real disease, so in a case of a real emergency! In that case you have to go to your doctor, and use the medicine he or she advises!
Alternative medicine will clean all your “bodies” ( you have not only a physical body) and layers, also the more subtle ones. This counts not only for the medicine, the tinctures, pills and  so on, but also for the holistic massages. You can ask all registered therapists working in alternative medicine for advice if you want to start with it. also when you already visit your general practitioner or the doctor in the hospital. A registered naturopath knows the rules, and also, which mainstream doctor or psychologist you should visit first. 
Diseases have to be understood. Healing in the deepest meaning has to be understood. You will understand it more and better and finally completely when you learn more about nature, your own nature, your own body, your emotions, your mental state, who you are spiritually.
Healing is cleaning, is growing into the awareness of all what made you ill or sick, out of balance. If not, then you will continue with your bad habits, with that what is not healthy, with that what is negative behaviour, or a negative condition.
It is the cleaning of the body what creates the feelings of “alternative medicine makes it worse!!”
It is as with cleaning your cupboard which is filled with too much, not organized. You will have to take everything out, leave that away what is not needed anymore, or what needs to be cleaned, and to put back what is necessary.
This is what alternative medicine does.
It is really working, and you don’t need to do more then to let it work, to give it time.
Alternative medicine needs more time in the beginning, to find the real cause of the symptoms you have, to clean and to bring into balance all the systems, but that apparently lost time or waste of time will be got back, and even more than that, because this kind of healing will win, will make you a winner, living a happy/happier life.
Alternative medicine does not create (over)crowded waiting rooms in healthcare practices. The pharmaceutical industry does not like this at all, and that is why they do everything to create bad information about alternative medicine. They have the big money, so they have the power and the possibilities to kill alternative medicine, to create pollution around it and about it, bad comments. They name it even “pseudo science”. However, more and more scientific publications about for instance the healing of medicinal plants is published on PubMed. 
Big Pharma can even create illnesses; by advising the wrong medicine, unnecessary medicine, addictive medicine (natural remedies are not addictive and do not pollute the waste water: all ingredients are bio-degradable). Pharmaceutics are not bio-degradable. And: suppressing a symptom is not healthy. As explained earlier in this post: a society with only alternative medicine is not possible (yet). Too often utterly serious illnesses have to be treated with heavy medicine, since the time that a disbalanced condition could be treated with naturopathy, is gone. It is too late for mild natural treatments. Some natural treatments can support a person anyway. like for instance the Bach flower remedies, or relaxing gentle massages. Every well- trained and registered naturopath can help you in such cases, knows what is safe to use, even if you would use pharmaceutical medicine. Never experiment with alternative medicine and do nut consult a not registered practitioner. Especially experimenting with medicinal herbs can be dangerous, since they interact with pharmaceutical medicine, and create dangerous mixes. Also the dosage is utterly important.
The time is coming that more and more scientific evidence is published about the benefits of alternative treatments. Big Pharma is supported by politic. Politics support industry, and multinationals and vice versa. This is the reason why it is going so bad with this planet, with nature, and the nature we are ourselves. That is why I am here to inform people how the true healthcare works.



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