Intuition Magic

My sister recommended it to me, and I am still very grateful for that.
The book has been the beginning of a new development in my life.
Several “coincidences” followed, and some years later I was on a school where teachers/therapists/counselors/coaches work with Linda Keen’s principles and teachings.
It has been an unforgettable and immense rich physical, emotional, mental and spiritual experience. It helped me to become the Master of my own life, to know what I want, what I know, deep inside, intuitively, and to go through life without any fear, and if there is fear, to face it, to dare to watch in myself, to work at myself, to clean myself, to heal myself.
 Daniella Hagenaars  made me independent.
That is why I would like to recommend Linda Keen’s website, in which you can find more information, where you can find ways to contact, and even to have a healing- /reading-session with skype.
Linda Keen wrote a very important question on her website: “Did you know that amplified stress, including symptoms of depression and anxiety, can occur when you are disconnected from your true self?”
Her books may give you an idea how intuition works, and how easy it is to be in contact with your own intuition. As she says:
“Everyone has clear intuitive moments or perhaps even “paranormal” experiences. Are these phenomena from a confused mind or is it imagination? Fact is that everyone owns these capacities. We have to become aware of these “gifts”, to treasure them and to work with them in a pure way.”
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(The original post was published on December 27, 2010)

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