Carl Gustav Jung about the human being and technology

Carl Gustav Jung (1875-1961) was one of the pioneers of modern depth psychology and psychoanalysis.  Born near Basle, and working mostly in Zurich, Switzerland, he first became a physician and then entered the emerging field of psychoanalytic psychiatry.  Through his personal experience, his work with patients, and copious research, Jung developed ideas and methods of inquiry that have deepened and broadened our understandings of personality, psychodynamics, and the shaping energies of social history. Read more

Jung and Technology

When Jung died there were no cellphones, there were only landlines. There were no cell towers, there was no Wi-Fi. In the following quotes you can read this warnings for technology, as it was developing already then, in the time he lived. His warnings have not been taken serious. Will they now? Source of the following quotes: read here.

Jung’s references to technology are few and pessimistic. Jung wrote:

Technology itself is neutral, neither good nor bad. Whether it does harm to us, or not, depends on our attitude towards it, how we use it. But human nature being what it is, it is certain we will use it for evil as well as good.

He thought that technology gendered an “imbalance” in life, dulling our “natural versatility of action” and dulling our instincts.

Technology has given us an illusion that we are superior to nature and that we can do whatever we will to do. Unless we strip ourselves of our false sense of power, nature, both that within us and without, will one day destroy us (CW 18, paras. 1405, 1406) .

We must ask ourselves:

Who is applying this technical skill? In whose hands does this power lie? [For Telecom, wireless radiation: ICNIRP, WHO, EU, FCC, ARPANSA, Safetycode6, GSMA, Big Tech, Telecom, Military, admin] Our technical capabilities have become so dangerous that we must question what kind of people are they who control them. How, we need to ask, can the mind of modern Western man be changed “so that he would renounce his terrible skill” (CW 11, paras. 869, 871).

Video: Carl Jung about the source of evil. Attention: the video recording is very old. Most likely from the fifties of the former century.


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