French court: mobile mast must be switched off – 40 cows have died

Original article in Swedish:
Fransk domstol: mobilmasten ska stängas av – 40 kor har dött
Published: May 31, 2022
In: The Swedish Radiation Protection Foundation: Strålskyddsstiftelsen

Since a 4G mast was put into operation 200 meters from the farm in July 2021, 40 cows have died and milk production has fallen sharply. The Clermont-Ferrand court ruled on May 20, 2022, that the mast must be shut down for two months. In the meantime, experts will study whether the health of the herd improves.

Dairy farmer Frédéric Salgues noted the consequences on his dairy cows within a few days after the telecom operator Orange’s 4G mast was put into operation in July last year, 200 meters from the farm. Milk production fell from 25 liters per cow before the mast was established to 14 liters per cow today. 40 of a total of 200 cows have died to date. Some cows have become blind and most eyes are watery. The entire herd of cows eats and drinks poorly and shows changed behavior. The cows gather in a cluster as far away from the mast as possible (video). Analyzes of water and food have not shown anything that can explain the deteriorating health of the herd:

Today, our dairy herd is in a dramatically lean state. Normally a calf that is 6 months old weighs 200 kg but the one we weighed last weighed only 104 kg. In the last week alone, two cows died, says Fréderic Salgues

Salgues goes on to say that in all the years that have passed since 2008 when he started the business, he has never observed a similar behavior among the animals:

They no longer drink. You do not recognize them. They’re like zombies. They move like robots. The tails no longer move. That’s awful.

Frédéric Salgues believes that there are no other factors than the mobile mast that can explain the sharp and rapid reduction in milk production.

The court in Clermont-Ferrand in central France requested an expert opinion from a professor and veterinarian. In his statement, he considered that the mast should be shut down for two to three months so that experts could investigate the mobile mast’s harmful impact on animal health and behavior. If the shutdown of the mast leads to an increase in milk production and if the condition deteriorates again when the mast is put into operation after the break, it must be admitted that the mast has a harmful effect on the animals. The court has thus followed the expert’s recommendation.

Mayor worried about public health

Frédéric Salgues tells AFP that he hopes that his cows will now be able to recover as soon as possible. For him and his family, the court decision is a great relief and victory because they have suffered badly financially from the deteriorating animal health since the mast was erected last summer.

The mayor of the village where the farm is located, Philippe Molhérat, was most responsible for the decision to grant permission for the mast. But after understanding the serious consequences of the 4G mast for the herd, he testified in court in favor of the pet owner. He said he feared a human catastrophe and his concern was growing for the consequences for the 1,500 inhabitants of the village.

The telecom operators affected by the decision, Orange, Free and Bougyes Telecom, argued in court that there is no scientific evidence for a link between the radiation emitted by mobile masts and the impact on animal health.

Previous article: over 50 farmers affected

In November 2020, the Radiation Protection Foundation reported that many other animal owners in France had similarly suffered from dramatically deteriorating animal health as a result of not only mobile masts but also power lines and wind turbines as well as photovoltaic systems. More than 50 farmers had suffered from abnormal mortality and morbidity, mainly among cows. The cause is suspected to be increased radiation in soil, air and water caused by power lines, mobile masts, wind turbines, solar cells and transformers.

One of the affected farmers we told about is Stéphane Le Béchec from the Côtes-d’Armor region. He had lost 250 cows and calves in just 4.5 years. Significantly elevated radiation in the ground and in the water had been measured in the yard. After more than four years of research into the cause, he is today convinced that the radiation from two mobile masts, a power line, wind turbines in the neighborhood and solar cells is the cause of the mass death and the deteriorating health among the animals. This video shows the two mobile masts and the power line that is suspected of contributing to the suffering.

The animals drink abnormally little water and milk far below normal. Causes of death include heart attacks, strokes and bleeding. The animals exhibited abnormal behavior, abnormally low body temperature (36 degrees instead of 38), urinary tract infections and Stéphane Le Béchéc also noted that both birds and insects had disappeared. Read the whole article here.


Hundreds of cows fall victim to radiation from power lines, mobile masts, wind turbines


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