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The Death Rays That Never Were
About: Martin Röösli
Author: Astrid Tomczak-Plewka,
Published: November 26, 2021
In: Horizons, The Swiss Research Magazine [CC BY-NC-ND]

Comment on the article by Admin: The article is in the first place mentioning the psychological effect of extraordinary fear for the invisible microwave rays, electromagnetic radiation on Martin Röösli, a long time ago. That fear was so intense that Martin Röösli was naming them even “death rays” but discovering after “studying” the subject, that they are [as he claims falsely] harmless. Martin Röösli is an epidemiologist, not a physicist, not a biologist, not a radio biologist, so he is ignorant, while he says the following from “The Death Rays That Never Were”-quoted words about all who warn for the effects of EMF on human health, and prove, that these “Death Rays” are indeed “Death Rays”:

“The typical alternative ‘expert’ is male, retired, and has never done any serious research on the topic”, says Röösli. Many of them can be found among the signatories listed on the website 5G Appeal, for example. “If you regard anyone with a doctorate as a researcher, then there are indeed more ‘researchers’ claiming that electromagnetic fields are dangerous than researchers who can prove the opposite”, (Martin Röösli)

This insult is based on narrow minded, because one-sided, views that make the impression of pasting, parroting, what his mind has copied from what he claims to have “studied”. The words: “….researchers who can prove the opposite” are also for 100% a pertinent lie, because these researchers do NOT exist. Unless the researchers exclude intentionally (because proving without any exception) the biological effects, what he, and all Telecom friendly “researchers” therefore do. About 5G and any kind of independent research: it has been officially admitted by Telecom-CEO’s in the hearing on the future of 5G, with Senator Blumenthal, that not any independent research about 5G exists. The hearing is from 2019, but there has not been published any independent scientific research about 5G ever since until today, but what is known about 5G is more than “just” some rays. 5G is incomparable with any other former “G” and needs many years before it is ready to become actively in use. Most likely there will be not any judge who will allow the use of 5G. Reason why Telecom is in such an insane hurry to rollout 5G and to orbit the 5G satellites (+400,000), even to allow the rollout of 5G on the ocean floor. Read more about 5G in EMF links in this blog.

“The deployment of 5G constitutes an experiment on humanity and the environment that is defined as a crime under international law.” – International Appeal to Stop 5G on Earth and in Space

Röösli’s words, about the 5G Appeal and who signed it, are slander. It is correct to accuse him for participating in a crime against humanity, and to hold him accountable for the consequences of that on human health and life in general. Read also: Interview – 5G: Lerchl, Röösli and “Mobile Telephony Germany”

If Röösli himself would indeed have studied the field of EMF, as a physicist, a biologist or a radio biologist, he would have had the right and the duty to offer comments on scientists with an opposing view than his, but Röösli did NOT study, not in depth, this field: an epidemiologist has made research about several subjects, and of course EMF and the effects on health belong to it, but Röösli is more interested in noise pollution. You can check this on the web. What he studied about EMF can only be written and published by “scientists” who reject the biological effects of wireless radiation, and who only accept the thermal effects, otherwise he would not reject the biological effects in advance, like all “scientists” do who only acknowledge the thermal effects of wireless radiation. He is an ICNIRP commissioner, the group that systematically and consequently rejects the biological effects. The term ICNIRP is, strange enough, not mentioned once in the article.

The article exposes Röösli’s false pride and unwise prejudice, his embarrassing nakedness, pretending to be dressed with the clothes of a real scientist in the field of science in general and specifically in the field of the biological effects of wireless radiation. Furthermore, the article exposes Röösli’s absolute ignorance about physics, biology, or radio biology, and the absence of shame about that: he is the 21st century’s Emperor With The New Clothes.

His religion is ICNIRP, a group, comparable with a cult[Dariusz Leszczynski]. Röösli however blames those who oppose ICNIRP and names them alternative researchers:

We are here in the middle of a kind of religious war in which ‘alternative’ researchers are enjoying boom times.

It is striking that the author of the article, Astrid Tomczak-Plewka, did not notice his false pride and unwise prejudice, his shocking scientific poverty, nakedness, his bravoure, grandeur, his ignorance of the biological effects of wireless radiation, his absolute incompetence to judge about scientists who indeed studied the field of EMF on a level he can only dream about. Astrid Tomczak-Plewka studied German literature, Germanistik [the study of German language and literature, including associated fields], and politics. Nothing else.

Additional notes:

The false interpretation – Röösli creates the idea that those who oppose 5G, or the use of wireless in general, are, like he once upon a time, filled with fear for the “Death Rays”, and that he has the answers to take that fear away. Martin Röösli, if you might read this: I had never ever fear for wireless until the newest smart meter was mounted to my apartment, end 2017. I loved it to live very near to a cell tower (then, in the Netherlands): the signal was perfect. I would have laughed if I would have heard the words “Death Rays”, in that time, before my EHS symptoms became more and more severe. Why? I seriously believed that the Dutch government, the Norwegian government, EU, WHO, knew what they were doing and agreeing with, and I really believed I was safe. With other words, Martin Röösli, you were even more sensitive than I was, but it is shocking that it is was possible that one-sided “science” could make you imagine that your own conception was false, your fear was wrong, while it was right. You are a victim of dirty science, of Telecom. You are their perfect slave. Reason: your logic is absent, has never been developed, or maybe it is there, but deactivated, or blocked.

Logic is missing – One can wonder why there is a total absence of logic, of common sense when it comes to the global acceptance of the advice from a group, where also Röösli belongs to: ICNIRP. Their irrationality, their nonsense, their failing to think logic, is welcomed, embraced, implemented and advised by WHO, EU, all governments, world wide. Because Röösli has also read a bit about the effects of noise pollution all what is caused by EMF is now categorized as the effects of noise pollution (which is of course mostly everywhere where EMF is radiating). The power of the magic of imagination of just finding another cause makes the death rays harmless. But that is simply a misleading false theory, a surrealistic imagination, created by a man who searches desperately for a proof that the death rays do not exist.

5G and Covid – That Covid is not correlated with 5G is an assumption. Science does not work with assumptions. This means that it is not according to the rules of science to disconnect 5G from Covid.

Martin Röösli comments on this correlation in the article “The Death Rays That Never Were” with the words: “utter nonsense”. However, there is coming evidence. This is the first sign of a U-turn:

1. 5G, the virus and the immune-repressing effect of long-term exposure to radio frequency electromagnetic waves
Published: April 24, 2020
In: European Parliament
By: Michèle Rivasi, Klaus Buchner, Ivan Vilibor Sinčić, Anja Hazekamp, Eleonora Evi, Piernicola Pedicini, Ivo Hristov

2. Evidence for a connection between coronavirus disease-19 and exposure to radiofrequency radiation from wireless communications including 5G
Published: September 29, 2021
In: Journal of Clinical and Translational Research
By: Beverly Rubik, Robert R. Brown

3. Researchers point out that 5G may have exacerbated the pandemic English / PDF (Comment by Mona Nilsson, Strålskyddsstiftelsen, the Swedish Radiation Protection Foundation)
Forskare pekar på att 5G kan ha förvärrat pandemin
Published: December 2, 2021
In: Strålskyddsstiftelsen, Swedish Radiation Protection Foundation

Utter nonsense – The most extreme exponent of “utter nonsense”, Martin Röösli, is to claim that it is enough to research only the thermal effects of wireless radiation, and to reject completely and systematically the research of the biological effects of wireless radiation, and the alarming results. The thermal effects do NOT show alarming results. You make constantly propaganda for your false claim that the death rays do not exist. On Twitter. In videos. In articles. In books, Everywhere. The article is also propaganda for the 5G industry. You prove, Martin Röösli, not to know what science is. It would have been better for the world, if you had stayed in front of the class room, where you started your “career”, to teach little children the abc, that 1 plus 1 is 2, as a teacher, but maybe even not that, before visiting a psychologist……..

……..because you would have been the one, without any doubt, that would have told the story of Little Red Riding Hood in a totally different version, your version, based on the ICNIRP method of misleading and turning everything upside down, turning what is black into white, and vice versa, spreading lies as truth, and therefore you would make the children believe Little Red Riding Hood is an unethical liar and the wolf is a harmless dog. You forget though that the story ends, when the woodcutter kills the wolf. In real life the woodcutter is named Truth. I loved that man when I heard the story for the first time. And still.


All what is written, all where I blame Röösli for, is based on all what I have learned, discussed and studied about EMF, tested, and experienced myself during the last five years (from 2017): I suffer from EHS. From 2017 I collect all in this blog what was/is available about the subject, published by reliable, independent, well informed masters of science, physicists, biologists, radio biologists, medical doctors, and investigative journalists, and what I can “scan” with what I experience(d) myself, with my own common sense, with my well developed and therefore excellent logic, my own crystal clear intelligence, and can analyse as truth, a lie, ignorance, a conspiracy theory, childish imagination, an assumption, science or dirty science, nocebo, placebo, or real fact.

It is Martin Röösli who dared to categorize all that as “unethical” in a tweet in 2020, when I still had the Multerland account on Twitter. You can find the article where it is used for here. It is about more than only my reaction. I have never forgotten, neither forgiven, what Röösli answered to me. This blog post is my late but well substantiated answer to Röösli, and the reason why I used the metaphor of Little Red Riding Hood, which he would blame for being an unethical liar.

Link to The Largest Unethical Medical Experiment in Human History

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Martin Röösli / Horizons, The Swiss Research Magazine CC BY-NC-ND

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