Noam Chomsky on cellphones and IoT

Updated: May 26, 2022

A short “side-road” in an interview with Professor Noam Chomsky
Published by: Ray Sewell, May 17, 2022
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If you have a cellphone, you’re being tracked constantly by Big Tech. They are collecting data about you every time you move. If you drive a car, all kind of electronic equipment, it’s going straight back to the car manufacturers, selling it off to commercial enterprises. So they steal—when we get to the IoT pretty soon, so your refrigerator has some electronic device in it, it’ll be picking up data about you, what you are doing, who you’re talking to.

Huge amounts of data are being sucked up to provide profits for commercial enterprises and means of control. It’s going to become means of controlling your behaviour, your directing into particular directions being used in/for the workforce. Now it’s simple to control them.

If you’re a driver for UPS you’re monitored every second from your […], from your truck. If you stopped too long for a cup of coffee, you get a warning. If you back up when you weren’t supposed to back up, you get a warning. UPS claims that they’ve made the system much more efficient by this constant surveillance. They have fewer drivers, more deliveries, people work like maniacs to try to maintain themselves within this surveillance system.
That’s what we’re working to generally.

Noam Chomsky on computers, internet & military (2004)

In the next video Noam Chomsky talks about MIT and computers, internet & military. In the video Chomsky is in discussion with activists in 2004 in London. The so-called Havana Syndrome might be correlated with it, The syndrome was first reported in 2016, when US and Canadian embassy staff in Cuba reported unusual symptoms, including pain, ringing ears and other issues. More and more investigators of the syndrome link the symptoms with microwave sickness. The USA government, including president Biden, play the innocent one, the surprised one, claiming they do all to find out what exactly causes the health issues, When listening to Noam Chomsky, in the following video, the link between the military and microwaves becomes clear and does not leave any doubt. The next step is very easy, because of the symptoms. The symptoms of the Havana Syndrome are exactly the same as the symptoms of those who suffer from microwave sickness.

Microwave weapons were already used the eighties of the former century, for crowd control. Barrie Trower speaks about it in the 2020 lecture: The Truth About 5G And Wi-Fi, part 3, answering person 5. For more about the Havana Syndrome, and updates about it: @MicrowaveNews on Twitter (Dr. Louis Slesin). Scroll down on the timeline to find all posts: some months ago, in the beginning of 2022, several posts have been published. All are searching for the cause, while it is known. The Big Newspapers categorize the microwave-link as a conspiracy theory. The victims are ridiculed, humiliated. Noam Chomsky does not mention the Havana Syndrome, it was not known in 2004, but he explains that the military is the same as Big Tech, and how your computer is related with military weapons.

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