Book: Tesla’s Curse

  1. Intro
  2. Nina Witoszek
  3. The book “Tesla’s Curse”
  4. Olle Johansson and Nina Witoszek


1. Intro

Book: Tesla’s Curse
An eco-thriller about scientists who venture into a forbidden territory of studies on the impact of microwaves on human and environmental health.
Author: Nina FitzPatrick
Pages: 344
Published: November, 2020
Language: English



2. Nina Witoszek

I heard of the name Nina Witoszek for the first time when watching a high quality Dutch documentary, named: Light on the North / Licht op het Noorden (2013), deel 1, Noorwegen, Also her book: The Origins of the Regime of Goodness is part of the documentary.

Nina Witoszek is currently research professor (forskningsleder) at the Centre for Development and the Environment at Oslo University. She is also director of the Arne Naess Programme on Global Justice and the Environment at the University of Oslo. [Arne Næss was the first one who used the term “Deep Ecology”. [See videos.]]

Nina Witoszek is also a fiction writer (under the pen name Nina FitzPatrick). She is also a script writer of a series of documentary films about iconic Norwegian heroes and thinkers, such as Fridtjof Nansen, Arne Naess, and Thor Heyerdahl. In 2006 she was chosen by the Norwegian daily Dagbladet as “one of the 10 most important intellectuals in Norway.” From: Nina Witoszek, bio

3. The book “Tesla’s Curse”

The name “Tesla” is no random coincidence.  Nikola Tesla (10 July 1856 – 7 January 1943) was a Serbian-American inventor, electrical engineer, mechanical engineer, and futurist best known for his contributions to the design of the modern alternating current (AC) electricity supply system.

Note: Alternating current interferes with the earth’s natural current, with the human natural current, with the natural current of all life beings. It interferes with the natural electricity, the immune system, of all life beings, which is depending on a well functioning natural electrical system. This is for instance clear and simple explained in the book “The Invisible Rainbow, a history about electricity and life“, written by Arthur Firstenberg, and also explained in a very excellent educational interview about the book. Direct current goes one direction, alternating current goes forth and back: two directions.  The history of electricity and life shows the correlation between new inventions in the field of electricity, massive electricity use, and diseases like cancer, heart disease, diabetes, flu, etc.. Video series, with transcript: The Hidden Dangers of Wireless and Cellphone Radiation.

Tesla’s contribution to the development of alternating current, but also to the wireless industry, is therefore not a blessing, but a curse.

The book goes further than that:

TESLA’S CURSE is an eco-thriller about scientists who venture into a forbidden territory of studies on the impact of microwaves on human and environmental health. Benjamin Blomqvist, a quixotic genius of neuro-science, and his audacious research partner, Brita Gunnerius, have proofs that by embracing a ‘smart future,’ humanity gambles with an environmental apocalypse of unknown proportions. But are they right? Britta’s mysterious death – before she manages to broadcast her alarming findings – suggests that powerful industrial and political interests want her out of the way. Is the medical establishment conspiring with corporate behemoths to silence the whistleblowers? And are countless victims of nameless diseases that are allegedly caused by electromagnetic radiation, simply hallucinating? Source


4. Olle Johansson and Nina Witoszek

[The following text is a by Google translated Norwegian text, as it is published in the Norwegian “medlemsblad for FELO”: Strålevett, edition one, 2021.]

An ecological thriller
A conversation with the Swedish radiation researcher Olle Johansson gave Nina Witoszek the idea for the new crime novel Tesla’s curse.
Text: Lily Kalvø

It all started at an event where Witoszek heard about Johansson’s fight for the radiation case, his job and how he experienced being bullied because of his work. Olle Johansson is one of the pioneers in investigating electromagnetic radiation.

-He also talked about how difficult many electricity-hypersensitive people have in their everyday lives. Then it struck me that those who research electromagnetic radiation resist the pressure of a powerful alliance, including the big industry behind all Samsung and Nokia, the Pentagon, the pharmaceutical industry and the mainstream of science.

Radiation researcher murdered in the book
The conversation with the Swedish researcher formed the framework for an ecological thriller about dangerous science. strong women, powerful interests and big money.

– I also want to write about people who have had their dreams shattered due to their hypersensitivity to radiation, Nina says. In the novel, a charismatic, female researcher discovers new, shocking facts about the effects of radiation. But before she can present these findings, she is murdered by someone who has powerful counter-interests.

Thorough research
Nina, who is also a cultural historian, felt on “thin ice” when she was about to start her new novel. Here she tells why:

– I knew that it was scientific and literary harakiri to embark on a topic that requires professional knowledge of electromagnetic neurology, dermatology and telecommunications. But I am also a researcher, and that is exactly what came in handy.

She prepared thoroughly for the topic by reading 200 publications in scientific journals, interviewing more than 30 people who are electrically hypersensitive and through conversations with radiation experts and medical researchers. The biography of Nikola Tesla was also read carefully. Tesla, a genius born in the 19th century, invented alternating current, remote control, wireless telephony and experimented with X-rays.

– What is interesting is that Tesla became completely autistic towards the end of his life. He then suffered from inhuman headaches, heart problems and had skin rashes all over his body. It is known that these symptoms are related to strong electromagnetic radiation.

The threats that could threaten our future
The title Tesla’s Curse points to these plagues, but it also suggests our growing fear of unknown threats that could potentially threaten our future.

– Health problems are just one of the problems, Degradation of democratic values ​​is another. If every square meter on earth is to be digitized, we will not only end up under continuous radiation, but also a surveillance society that has little to do with democracy, Nina Witoszek believes.

Identifies with electrical hypersensitivity
Witoszek is not electrically hypersensitive herself, but she understands very well that life for electrically hypersensitive can be very heavy.

– I experienced a terrible fire accident in 2011 and was so injured that for three years I woke up every day to a life that felt like a slow torment. Therefore, it is easy for me to identify with electrically hypersensitive people.

The novel Tesla’s curse contains many comic elements, but ultimately this is a book about human tragedies related to the progress of science and the tyranny of rationality, emphasizes Nina Witoszek.



En økologisk thriller
En samtale med den svenske stråleforskeren Olle Johansson ga Nina Witoszek ideén til den nye krimromanen Teslas forbannelse.
Tekst: Lily Kalvø

Det hele startet på en tilstelning der Witoszek fikk høre om Johanssons kamp for strålesaken, jobben og om hvordan han opplevde at han ble mobbet på grunn av arbeidet sitt. Olle Johansson er en av pionerene på gransking av elektromagnetisk stråling.

-Han pratet også om hvor vanskelig mange el-overfølsomme mennesker har det i hverdagen sin. Da slot det meg at de som forsker på elektromagnetisk stråling står imot presset fra en mektig allianse, blant annet storindustrien bak alle Samsunger og Nokiaer, Pentagon, den farmasøytiske industrien og hovedstrømmen i vetenskapen.

Stråleforsker myrdes i boken
Samtalen med den svenske forskeren dannet rammen for en økologisk thriller som handler om farlig vitenskap. sterke kvinner, mektige interesser og store penger.

– Jeg vil også skrive om mennesker som har fått drømmene sine knust på grunn av sin overfølsomhet for stråling, forteller Nina.

I romanen oppdager en karismatisk, kvinnelig forsker nye, sjokkerende fakta om effektene av stråling. Men før hun rekker å presentere disse funnene blir hun myrdet av noen som har mektige motinteresser.

Grundig research
Nina, som også er kulturhistoriker, følte seg på “tynn” grunn da hun skulle begynne med sin nye roman. Her forteller hun hvorfor:

– Jeg visste at det var vitenskapelig og litterær harakiri å kaste seg på et tema som krever faglig kunnskap om elektromagnetisk nevrologi, dermatologi og telekommunuikasjon. Men jeg er jo også en forsker, og akkurat det kom godt med.

Hun forberedte seg grundig på temaet ved å lese 200 publikasjoner i vitenskapelige tidsskrifter, intervjue mer enn 30 personer som er el-overfølsomme og gjennom samtaler med strålingseksperter og medisinske forskere. Biografien til Nikola Tesla ble også lest nøye. Tesla, et geni født på 1800-tallet oppfant vekselstrøm, fjernstyring, trådløs telefoni og eksperimenterte med røntgen.

– Det som er interessant, er at Tesla ble fullstendig autistisk mot slutten av sitt liv.Han led da av umenneskelige hodepiner, hjerteproblemer og hadde hudutslett over hele kroppen. Det vil si mange plager som var relatert til sterk elektromagnetisk stråling.

Truslene som kan true frentiden vår
Tittelen Teslas forbannelse peker mot disse plagene, med den antyder også vår økende frykjt for ukjente trusler som potensielt kan true vår fremtid.
– Helseproblemer er bare et av problemen, Nedbryting av demokratiske verdier er et annet. Hvis hver kvadratmeter på jorda skal digitaliseres havner vi ikke bare under kontinuerlig stråling, men også et overvåkingssamfunn som har lite med demokrati å gjøre, mener Nina Witoszek.

Identifiserer seg med el-overfølsomme
Witoszek er ikke el-overføsom selv, men hun forstår veldig godt at tilværelsen for el-overfølsomme kan være veldig tung.

– Jeg opplevde en forferdelig brannulykke i 2011 og ble så skadet at jeg i tre år våknet opp hver dag til et liv som føltes som en langsom pine. Derfor er det lett for meg å identifisere meg med el-overfølsomme mennesker.

RomanenTeslas forbannelse inneholder mange komiske elementer, men tul syvende og sist er dette en bok om menneskelige tragedier knyttet til vitenskapens fremgang og rasjonalitetens tyranni, understreker Nina Witoszek.

Source: FELO, Strålevett, 1, 2021

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