Dr. Lennart Hardell: EMF, ICNIRP, WHO and the lost opportunities for cancer prevention


In the in February 2021 published article “Lost opportunities for cancer prevention: historical evidence on early warnings with emphasis on radiofrequency radiationDr. Lennart Hardell, professor oncology and cancer epidemiology at the Örebro University Hospital in Sweden and Dr. Michael Carlberg, statistician at the Örebro University Hospital created an extended historical overview of causes of cancer, starting in the year 1700. EMF is also present on the list:

  1. Diseases of Workers (like chimneycleaner’s cancer)
  2. Asbestos
  3. Tobacco
  4. DDT
  5. Phenoxyacetic acids (herbicide, like Monsanto’s now Bayer’s Roundup)
  6. Dioxins (Agent Orange)
  7. Glyphosate
  8. Radiofrequency radiation.


ICNIRP, WHO, and their principle role in the lost opportunities for cancer prevention

In a special paragraph of “Radiofrequency radiation” Dr. Hardell and Dr. Carlberg explain the overruling role of ICNIRP and WHO in the field of RF radiation and therefore the main cause of lost opportunities for cancer prevention on page 5 of the PDF:

The International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection (ICNIRP) is a private non-governmental (NGO) organization registered in Munich, Germany. ICNIRP appoints its own members and is closed to transparency. It was started in 1992 with the biophysicist Michael Repacholi as the first chairman, now emeritus member. ICNIRP has published three articles with guidelines on RF-EMF exposure [86, 89, 90]. Only thermal (heating) effects from RF radiation are recognized, thereby excluding all studies showing harmful effects at lower non-thermal intensities. In contrast to ICNIRP, some other expert panels such as European Academy of Environmental Medicine [91], the Bioinitiative group [92], and the Russian Commission for Protection from Non-Ionizing Radiation [93], take into account non-thermal RF effects and suggest much lower guidelines for RF exposure. ICNIRP has managed to get collaborative status with WHO, as discussed previously [88]. The aim is to harmonize the RF-radiation guidelines all over the world. For that purpose ICNIRP has been successful. The guidelines are set to allow very high exposure levels so that the deployment of this technology is not hampered, in favor for industry but at disadvantage to human health and environment. In fact, the ICNIRP guidelines have never been challenged by industry in peer-reviewed articles, which must be taken as a greencard for acceptance by industry.  [Copyrights: Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License]

And in the chapter “Discussion”, on page 6 of the PDF they write:

No lessons on prevention of cancer risks seem to have been learned in spite of decades of publications on adverse health risks. In fact, early prevention is usually very cost-effective [2, 99]. The issue on RF radiation risks is ongoing and in fact increasing despite decades of research showing adverse effects on human health, plants, insects and birds. It seems as if the industry view of no risk dominates on national level [84], among many countries [85], also at EU level (www.5gappeal.eu), and even within WHO [88]. Notably such industry organizations and nations have the power and economic resources to suppress scientific evidence on risks and have access to mainstream media to propagate their views, may it be for political or economic reasons. RF radiation is a current controversy regarding cancer risks. The 2011 IARC evaluation on carcinogenesis [62, 63] has been downplayed and detracted by industry and captured agencies from the very beginning in spite of increasing evidence on harmful effects. However, IARC has decided that a new evaluation of cancer risks is top priority within a few years [100]. [Copyrights: Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License]



01. Lennart Hardell’s Blog: https://lennarthardellenglish.wordpress.com/

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04. Scientist Defends Opinion That Roundup Causes Cancer
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