ICNIRP’s new chair: Rodney James Croft

In May 2020 Rodney J. Croft has become the chairman of ICNIRP, the world’s most powerful EMF safety guidelines decision maker. Too few people understand the impact of ICNIRP on their health, the essential role of ICNIRP in the difficulties to Stop 5G, to criticize wireless radiation.

“An observation one could make based on what has been discussed above, is that ICNIRP is simultaneously one of the most powerful and one of the least-known non-governmental organisations (NGO’s) in the world. Powerful, because for almost three decades, ICNIRP has enjoyed a monopoly in the regulation of exposure to EMFs through their guidelines thanks to the stamp of approval of the WHO. For the past 30 years, and currently, this advice and these guidelines, are to a large extent followed by governments all over the world. In every annual report, by any major telecom company, you will find references to ICNIRP in any discussion or statement on the safety of their mobile phones. ICNIRP garners huge influence worldwide, functioning on a modest yearly budget of around 140.000 euro, and yet ICNIRP is largely unknown by the general public.” Source: Klaus Buchner and Michèle Rivas (European Parliament) – “The International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection: Conflicts of interest , corporate capture and the push for 5G” – PDF 98 pages, published June 2020.

Their, what they claim to be “safety” guidelines, appear not to be safe at all [See for instance the article, written by Dr. Leendert Vriens]. Because of that, and the absence of research results of the long term effects of EMF, the absence of the studies of the biological effects of EMF in the ICNIRP safety guidelines, illnesses that never existed before EMF existed, are explosively expanding in numbers and diversities, all over the world where the telecom-industry is playing the most powerful role. The number one on the list of EMF related illnesses is cancer, followed by diabetes and heart disease. See: The Hidden Dangers of Wireless and Cellphone Radiation.

Rodney Croft succeeds Eric van Rongen. Time to do some digging. What can we expect? Let us first take a look into Rodney Croft’s journey from being a psychology student to the ICNIRP chair.

The journey from Psychology-Student to ICNIRP-Chair

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  • He obtained degrees in Philosophy and Psychology before completing his PhD in Psychology at the University of Wollongong in 2000
  • He then worked in the area of cognitive neuroscience as a postdoc at Imperial College, London, and then at Swinburne University, Australia
  • He has been involved in research on ELF and RF non-ionising radiation since 2000 primarily utilising the electroencephalogram as a means of observing subtle alterations in brain function
  • He participates in a variety of national and international scientific and government committees, was Executive Director of the Australian Centre for Radiofrequency Bioeffects Research (2004-2011) and is currently Director of the Australian Centre for Electromagnetic Bioeffects Research
  • Croft was appointed in 2014 an Associate Editor of the BEMS journal
  • He joined the ICNIRP Biology Standing Committee in 2008
  • He joined the ICNIRP Commission in 2012
  • Rodney Croft is the ICNIRP Chair since May 2020


Why has ICNIRP chosen for a psychologue instead of a physicist? To find an answer on that we must first understand the term:

Dictionary: Psychology is the science of mind and behavior. Psychology includes the study of conscious and unconscious phenomena, as well as feeling and thought. It is an academic discipline of immense scope. Psychologists seek an understanding of the emergent properties of brains, and all the variety of phenomena linked to those emergent properties, joining this way the broader neuro-scientific group of researchers. As a social science, it aims to understand individuals and groups by establishing general principles and researching specific cases.[1][2]

Psychology is not an exact science, while electromagnetic radiation is studied in fields of exact sciences: physics.

Dictionary: The exact sciences, sometimes called the exact mathematical sciences[1] are those sciences “which admit of absolute precision in their results”; especially the mathematical sciences.[2] Examples of the exact sciences are mathematics, optics, astronomy, and physics, which many philosophers from Descartes, Leibniz, and Kant to the logical positivists took as paradigms of rational and objective knowledge.[3]

The gap between psychology and physics, the field to which the study of electromagnetic radiation belongs, is enormous. The Bachelor’s degree of physics is the result of the three years long education at a university, followed by the Master’s degree which takes two years. If one is successful one receives the title Doctor, or PhD. In total the study lasts 5 years. That is just the start. Experience and experimenting are necessary to develop deeper insight and new findings.

My, I assume “our”, question is: how can a doctor in psychology, who did not study EMF in the way, length and depth a physicist has studied it, become the chair of a group that is the world’s most powerful EMF safety guidelines decision maker? I have tried to find an answer. I started to search on the web, of course.

PubMed publishes scientific research papers, so I ticked in the name Rodney Croft: 128 research results. Then I ticked in the name again, and added the term EMF. In total 18 research results. This is 14% of the total. These 14% cannot be named his personal researches. I have created a list, and started to analyse the names, the years of publishing, who participated in a review, and then I started to check the names, on the web, one by one, by ticking in the name, and the term ICNIRP. I got an in fact not surprising result, at the same time it did: it brought even more than what I expected. I have collected all in a PDF. This one: click the file and it opens in a new window:

Note: all names in red are related with ICNIRP. When there are more facts, like if one is a member of the ICNIRP commission or the SEG ICNIRP group, etc., it is added. Do not get shocked by the overdose of red! About 90% of the names is indeed ICNIRP-related. There is much more to investigate but now already there are enough reasons to question Rodney Croft’s position and to debunk his claim to have studied EMF in the way one may expect from the chair of the world’s most powerful EMF guidelines decision makers group.

The question why ICNIRP searched for a psychologue, instead of a physicist, is not explained in any ICNIRP article, but it is of course not a coincidence. Not one of ICNIRP’s choices and/or decisions is a coincidence.

Important detail here is that on the timeline of history psychologists have created a dangerous insight about how industrials can create products that guarantee high sales figures, by manipulating the mind of the public, of those who work in and for the media, the newspapers, the mind of politicians, of those who work in organisations like WHO.

Industrial- and marketing psychologists, are generally immoral salesmen.

During the years ICNIRP came into a growing need for such a person because the public is waking up. ICNIRP needed a mind-expert, and here he is. His 5G propaganda stunt is tailored to what the lower education crowds are able to understand. The lay-out and text is embarrassing simple, scientifically, but it has psychologically the needed power to impress the consumers of the telecom industry, the Musk fans, to make 5G a success. Illustrations are educative material. They stick in the mind. They will be remembered, they will convince the person after the assimilation time that it is good to invest in 5G and that will lead to high sales. To create capital. To boost the economy. To serve the industry. To make Musk jump into the air.

It is striking that, except Joel Moskowitz PhD, not one of the well known scientists who are familiar with the biological effects of EMF on human health, is present in the 18 research results.


Rodney Croft’s earliest publication on PubMed, about EMF, dates from 2009, followed by 1 in 2013, 1 in 2015, 4 in 2016, 2 in 2017, 6 in 2018, 3 in 2019. In total 18. I assume that he has used the term EMF in all researches he participated with, about EMF.

Educated by ICNIRP

The list shows that Rodney Croft has been educated in EMF via ICNIRP. He has been guided and controlled by ICNIRP members and ICNIRP SEG scientists, was surrounded by scientist who in one way or another have ties with ICNIRP, to become finally the perfect chair. Of course Rodney Croft knows exactly how to use his psychological skills to manipulate the human mind of those who cannot think independently and autonomously: the crowds who did not study anything, and even if they studied all about EMF, there are a lot among them who never use their brains to think deeper, and to be alert for manipulations of the mind. My thoughts go now especially to journalists who write about EMF, ICNIRP, while not having studied one page about it. All is based on the assumption that ICNIRP is infallible and that all who doubt about them, or oppose them, are pseudoscientists. It is the other way round: ICNIRP findings are based on pseudoscience. That is proved.

The 5G Industry Strawman

Rodney Croft’s ICNIRP publication on July 2nd, 2020: “ICNIRP, 5G, Guidelines & Health” see PDF, is simply a 5G propaganda stunt, which will be welcomed as a master piece by the crowds who do not think deeper, who do not know anything about EMF, do not know the difference between thermal effects and biological effects, who never read one sentence on any kind of ICNIRP paper, who are addicted to their wireless devices, longing for the promised by the industry thrilling 5G excitement, and who are searching for excuses to stop their doubt about 5G, about the 5G industry.

No EMF competence

Rodney Croft has definitely been trained for his new task, to become ICNIRP’s chairman: trained in using professional terms, that physicists use, in order to impress, in order to create a smoke curtain to cover his ignorance, in order to be able to overpower voices of protest of those who dare to ask him more, and want to dive deeper into the subject. I expect that he will avoid any kind of direct contact with scientists who could really embarrass him, by confronting him with his ignorance.

Rodney Croft has not been mentioned, in not any study of the 18 he is present in on PubMed, in the 1st place: this means that he did not lead or start any research. He is mostly far back in the queue of names, if not the last. It seems to me that he was just present to observe, to listen, to be the administrator, and to become finally the perfect ICNIRP bot. Remember the words of Professor Oleg Grygoriev, who debunked Eric van Rongen’s claim that he has been in EMF test-experiments. [See article.] The only conclusion I can make out of all the info, is that Rodney Croft’s claim that he studied EMF, has to be debunked: he studied psychology, not physics, not EMF: it is impossible to learn about EMF in some researches. It needs at least a 5 years long university study.

Rodney Croft was, like Eric van Rongen, also “learning” from sitting at a desk. What can we expect for the future? I expect the continuation of the Van Rongen Style era, but illustrated by its new chair, while Martin Röösli is making ICNIRP propaganda all over the web with tweets and other publications as if he is not aware of not any kind of ICNIRP lie, and if his own 5G swindle does not exist[1][2].

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