Does Covid-19 cause diabetes type 3 and what is the link with EHS and 5G?

This blog post is a by Antoinette Janssen into English translated and edited, originally in Dutch published article: “Zorgt het Coronavirus voor diabetes type 3. Wat heeft EHS en 5G hiermee te maken?”, written by Ria Lurvink-Luttikhold, and published on June 30, 2020, in her blog: Stralingsleed. Note: all sources are checked, the second named in the list “sources”, Niburu, onthullend en bewustmakend nieuws, is not guaranteed reliable, since there is no info in “about”, while the website exists already from 2003.


Does Covid-19 cause diabetes type 3 [is Alzheimer’s Disease] and what is the link with EHS and 5G?

In 2020, people are worldwide infected with the coronavirus. Many people die and even more people recover slowly. It clearly appears that people suffer from type three diabetes [type 3 diabetes is a proposed term for Alzheimer’s disease resulting from insulin resistance (which is the primary problem associated with type 2 diabetes) and insulin deficiency (which is the primary problem in type 1 diabetes).[1][2]].

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 1280px-alzheimers_disease_brain_comparison.jpg
Combination of two brain diagrams in one for comparison. In the left normal brain, in the right brain of a person with Alzheimer’s disease —– File:Alzheimer’s disease brain comparison.jpg

At the end of June 2020, it becomes clear that this affects people who:
– have difficult blood sugar regulation or weakened health due to pre-existing diabetes complications
– are already older
– are being overweight

There are also indications that high blood pressure concentrations disturb the functioning of the immune system.

Existing diabetes complications
Because of diabetes, the body can no longer keep the blood sugar levels in a healthy balance. Normally, the body controls blood sugar very precisely with the hormone insulin. People with diabetes are not able to produce insulin, or their body no longer responds to insulin. It depends on the type of diabetes. Due to the lack of insulin or the failure of insulin to work, the blood sugar level in a body rises too high. The symptoms related with it are not always easy to recognize and people can therefore be tired and lifeless for years, without realizing why. Symptoms such as being thirsty, urinating a lot, being very tired or / and having eye problems. Diabetes is known generally, and in the professional medical world, as diabetes type 1 and type 2.

Type 1
In type 1, the body does not produce enough of the hormone insulin, which leads to high blood sugar levels. This type, in the past known as juvenile diabetes, is less common than type 2 diabetes. Type 1 diabetes is an autoimmune disease. This means that the own immune system is the cause. The immune system destroys the cells that produce insulin. For someone with type 1 diabetes, this means checking blood sugar and injecting insulin every day.

Type 2
In type 2, formerly also called age-related diabetes, there is enough insulin, but the body reacts insufficiently. As a result, a too high a blood sugar level. With tablets and tips about nutrition and exercise, this type of diabetes tries to keep the blood sugar level stable, so to check it regularly by taking blood samples (picture). Diet, drinking, exercise and emotions have an influence on e.g. blood sugar levels.

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Gestational diabetes, pregnancy diabetes
Gestational diabetes can occur during pregnancy. It is a temporary type of diabetes that passes after delivery. A pregnant woman’s body changes a lot. For example, you produce other hormones. These hormones cause the body to temporarily respond less well to insulin, the hormone that regulates blood sugar. If pregnancy diabetes has been detected, there is a more chance of developing type 2 diabetes later on.

Type 3
If you’re having problems regulating your blood sugar levels and you’re electrically sensitive, EHS, you may have type 3 diabetes, according to a 2008 study published in the Journal Electromagnetic Biology and Medicine. A study that shows that the blood sugar reacts to electromagnetic pollution and where the reaction is classified as type 3. Caused by the electromagnetic fields of all wireless devices, such as smartphone, iPad, tablet and all cell towers required for this. Unlike true type 1 diabetics, who do not produce enough insulin and true type 2 diabetics who cannot effectively use the insulin they produce, type 3 diabetics respond to the electromagnetic fields of our wireless use.

Corona and poor glucose (blood sugar) regulation
Type 2 diabetes and hypertension (high blood pressure) are common conditions in people with a corona infection. Patients with type 2 diabetes have a hereditary metabolic disease (metabolic syndrome) and, when infected with COVID-19 virus, may have a 10 times higher risk of death. The virus appears to interconnect with the enzyme ACE 2, an enzyme that also plays a role in high blood pressure and the release of insulin. But not only diabetes patients are more at risk with an infection with the Covid-19 virus, but the infection with the coronavirus can cause diabetes type 3, as it appears to be, at the end of June 2020 when people have recovered. Internist endocrinologist Prof. Hanno Pijl (LUMC) says that people with diabetes are at the same risk of infection with the coronavirus as people without diabetes. There is no difference in that. It is true that some people with diabetes are more likely to have serious complaints from the virus, just like with infection with the flu. This specifically concerns people with diabetes with difficult blood sugar regulation or people who already have a weakened health due to diabetes complications.

What does type 3 diabetes have to do with electromagnetic fields (EMF)? Electromagnetic fields, electromagnetic radiation, are created by all devices that use wireless communication and the masts required for this. EMF is the inaudible, invisible and odourless radiation in the air on which the wireless data is carried. Data from the smartphone, WiFi, TV, smart meter, DECT telephone and all devices in the building that work wirelessly. With other words: the overdose of radiation that enters your home uninvited because you live nearby GSM and UMTS masts that are necessary to transmit the data transfer. Masts, antennas, where, when 5G is rolled out, everyone comes to live very near.

Influence of EMF on the blood sugar level
In the mid-nineties of the last century, Dr. Magda Havas already conducted research into the biological effects of electromagnetic pollution (electrosmog) and people who had complaints about it: the people with electro-hypersensitivity.

Electrosensitivity is a response of the body to the electromagnetic fields (EMF), in this case the man-made electromagnetic fields. There are people who respond to the electromagnetic fields of all wireless applications and their cell towers. EMF of all wireless applications have increased enormously around the 20th century to the 21st century. Dr. Havas has worked with diabetics and learned that those who are electrically hypersensitive have trouble controlling their blood sugar levels* when exposed to electromagnetic pollution. They need more insulin when exposed to this invisible, inaudible and unscented radiation. Ignoring or decreasing the EMF subsequently resulted in decreased blood sugar and less medication.

*The blood sugar level (blood glucose) is the amount of glucose in the blood at any given time. The body mainly obtains blood sugar from food and normally keeps the blood sugar level exactly balanced, however, in diabetes that balance is gone and treatment is needed to lower the blood sugar.

The new disease in 2020, is Covid-19 (SARS -CoV -2). The complaints resemble a cold but more serious. From:
– Cold complaints (such as colds, runny nose, sneezing, sore throat)
– Coughing
– Shortness of breath, pneumonia
– Increase of fever, to high fever
– Sudden loss of smell and / or taste (without nasal congestion)

Virus and diabetes
Viruses may play an important role in the development of diabetes. The blood contains antibodies that react to a virus infection by producing antigens. Antigens stimulate the immune system to produce antibodies that recognize viruses and / or bacteria as foreign to the body, after which an immune response is triggered and the virus is destroyed. The virus is the trigger to produce multiple antibodies in the blood, it can be the beginning of diabetes. Julian Hamilton-Shield, professor of diabetes and metabolic endocrinology, University of Bristol, says, “We have known for some time that viral infections are associated with the first time a patient has diabetes. Cases of diabetes have been identified that developed during enterovirus (mumps) and coronavirus infections.”

Coronaviruses often cause a mild upper respiratory tract infection (e.g. a common cold), but some can lead to serious and even fatal conditions such as the Corona pandemic in 2019-2020. The Coronaviruses that occurred in the 21st century are:
-SARS, 2011 (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome, caused by SARS-CoV);
-MERS, 2015 (Middle East Respiratory Syndrome, caused by MERS-CoV);
-Covid-19, 2019/2020 (Corona Virus Disease, caused by SARS-CoV-2)


The link between electromagnetic fields and the Coronavirus

                                                                  Solar Beams

The Coronavirus moves around through the air, scientists report
Researchers from the U.S. National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases and the University of Pennsylvania have shown that Coronavirus spreads through the air. The researchers visualized the drops released during talking in a cardboard box with laser light and a camera.

This would explain how people with no or few symptoms can still infect others, for example in offices, nursing homes or on cruise ships. According to the involved scientists, breath droplets during a conversation are so small and light that they spread much further and remain active in the air for up to 14 minutes. The study was published on May 13, 2020 in an authoritative American science journal.

Radiation spreads light, and mobile data
Mobile data that we transmit via 2G, 3G, 4G or 5G uses the same electromagnetic fields as light (radiation). The sun’s solar beams are even visible in some conditions. The difference between the sun’s solar radiation and the radiation of the mobile data is that the radiation of mobile data is man-made and attack the natural body systems. It is not that difficult to visualize now that the same electromagnetic waves from all wireless use in our environment carry the small droplets of viruses and spread them on everyone who works wirelessly.

Coronavirus and the 5G-network
Wuhan, the Chinese metropolis where the new Coronavirus SARS-COV-2 first appeared, also happens to be one of the first places to roll out a 5G network. China commercialized 5G in Wuhan, in November 2019. Coincidence?



Adds by Multerland:

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02. Why good mental health is vital for your immune system, how the body and the mind affect each other, and how to improve your energy
*The coronavirus pandemic is causing us to think about our immune systems, but few consider the deep mind-body connection
*Poor mental health and stress negatively affect the immune system, while meditation and mindfulness can strengthen it
Published: June 1, 2020
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