Russia, a story about “5G” in the seventies

There are some misunderstandings in the media about 5G mm waves, and the mm waves used in Russia, in the sixties, and the seventies. It is very important to be exact in writing and lecturing. I have embedded a video with the respected Dr. Barrie Trower, an article  by Dr. Lennart Hardell and a comment on both by Russian Professor Oleg Grigoriev, in which he explains the use of mm waves in old data, and the use of mm waves in 5G more exact, in a short comment.

In the following video Dr. Barrie Trower mentions experiments in the former USSR, with radiation that is, he tells, comparable with the mm waves of 5G. Start at 16:00 in the video:


About this subject is also written by Dr. Lennart Hardell, on March 14, 2019, in the blog article: Russian research from the 1970’s on health effects from radiofrequency radiation:

“Already in the 1970’s Russian researchers published animal studies on health effects from radiofrequency radiation in the frequency range that is currently for 5G use: mm waves. These studies were declassified by CIA in 2012 and are now available at internet.

A whole range of detrimental effects on the nervous system, different organs, hormones and the immune system were presented.

These results strengthen the warnings to implement the 5G system before adverse effects on humans and the environment have been investigated by researchers independent from industry.

Unfortunately these appeals seem to have had little or no effect, 5G has its own track, see and”



Prof. Oleg Grigoriev

Since Professor Oleg Grigoriev has the Russian nationality, and is Dr.Sc. (radiobiology), Ph.D. (radiobiology & hygiene of non-ionazing radiation), also Chairman of the Russian National Committee on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection (RusCNIRP), publicly writing about his views on 5G: 5G May Be Like A Slow Hiroshima and clearly against the roll-out of 5G, he has not any reason to cover up eventual terrible experiments that were taking place in the USSR, according to Dr. Barrie Trower, with mm waves which are comparable with the mm waves used in 5G.

I sent Professor Grigoriev a message, via Twitter:

“Dear Professor Oleg Grigoriev, Lately I sent you a DM from here also, about the 5G tests in Russia in the seventies of the former century. You answered that this was a falsehood. Today I found an article in Dr. Lennart Hardell’s blog in which this is mentioned and also the documents related with it, are in the article via a link.”

Professor Grigoriev answered:

Dear Antoinette Janssen, the biological effects of mm waves have been researched since the 60th. But this doesn’t correct for exposure model of 5g. You cannot fully use old data. But data can be used to plan experiments with 5g and create a hypothesis, an experimental model.”


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